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Dirty Shoplifter

I will never know how I got into all this. I was an eighteen year old senior in high school ready to graduate in a couple weeks. My grades were good, my ACTs and SATs were great. I had applied to three really good colleges and been accepted by all three. I had chosen the very best, Brighton University, an excellent, small private school. My parents had set up a college fund for me years ago and I had added two very attractive scholarship packages. My life was about as good as it could get.

I was very popular, well dressed and coddled by over protective parents. I did not come from a broken home. I did not do drugs, nor smoke, nor drink, nor hang out with trashy kids.

I had only one concern about leaving for college in the fall, my new boyfriend. For the first time I actually had a boyfriend. My parents had always been very overprotective of me. I am an only child. All through grade school and the first two years of high school they really discouraged my dating in any fashion; even in a group. I was always popular, had lots of friends, but my relationship with boys had been very limited until recently.

About four months ago, I had started to date Kyle Wainright. This was a big step in my young life. Kyle was an all round good guy: top student, president of our senior class, and a good soccer player. We knew one another very well. All through high school we had been together in classes and in the same group of friends. My parents, and Kyle’s parents, knew one another as well and approved of our dating at this point, but it was clear they were trying to discourage any real intimacy between us.

Looking back, it was so obvious: we were both only children and our parents were live vicariously through us. They had all these great plans for our futures, but really these plans were their plans. We were to avoid all pitfalls and really achieve something with our lives.
So Kyle and I had been good friends for a long time, but nothing more until the last few months. Now we were actually “going together”.

We were the cute couple. He was tall, handsome and in very good shape. He had nice longer, light brown, hair, and dark eyes which were striking. We looked good together, but it was our personalities that were the real winners. You could tell kids at school wanted to be in our group. Even adults, like our parents, found our relationship attractive. Kyle liked my friends and I liked his, which seemed unusual at my school. He was one very nice guy to hang out with. We had fun together.

As time passed and we actually started to date exclusively, the question of sex came up, of course. He began to make it clear he wanted to move our relationship in that direction. He talked a lot about commitment and I did feel committed to him, but I had very strong opinions about sex. I had watched too many kids my age make some very bad life decisions, and sex by far was the most common mistake. Sex was not going to happen for me until much later.

First, I have to admit to you, I was aware of a very strong sexual curiosity deep within me but I assured that it never surfaced when Kyle was around. I knew my limitations when it came to intimacy and heavy petting was out of the question. I worried that I could not handle tempting situations.

My virginity was very important to me. First, I had a very strong moral issue with sex before marriage, but also, my sexual innocence was such an important part of my persona as I viewed things. I was the cute virgin and I liked playing that role.

Now put on top of that, health class had really scared me. The thought of disease or unwanted pregnancy really bothered me. The pictures were terrible and the text so vividly portrayed all the bad stuff that could happen. Frankly, health classes in high school had scared the crap out of me. I wanted nothing to do with sex at this age.

So Kyle and I had kissed and hugged some, but I was not going let him go further. From time to time, he would get all over me to move even part way to the next level, but I skillfully and emphatically resisted. Sex was not going to happen and I needed to avoid the temptations that I knew I could not handle if things went too far.

I liked my image. I liked who I was. I was the cute, sweet, innocent virgin; and I liked that. I was the consistently happy, carefree one in our little crowd and I was always the center of attention.

None the less, it was going to be hard to leave Kyle and go to college in the fall.

My family was also a consideration when leaving for school. I could not have a more loving and supportive mother and dad. They were both very busy with business, activities, and friends, but they found time to be involved in my life as well.

My Dad was a wonderful guy. He was doing very well in a very large international trading company, Aronow & Associates. He made tons of money but he had to travel a lot. He had business friends and associates all over the world and was constantly in contact with someone, somewhere.
He and I had always been close and as I grew older it was obvious how proud he was of me. As I move through my high school years our relationship had just grown stronger. My world was changing and he was traveling internationally more and more, but he still made time for his Caroline.
I was no longer his little buddy, but I had become a young woman he clearly admired. Our relationship was about perfect, he was always there for me, but he knew when to step back a little as well.

He bought me a new Ford Mustang for graduation; cute, blue, I love it. He gave it to me early in my senior year so I could get used to driving it while still at home, but that was just his excuse. He really wanted me to have fun with it while I was still in high school. I had a great dad.
Mother was also very much on my team. I was still her little girl. She had not been able to see me as an adult yet, but she could not have been more supportive. She just flat doted on me. She arranged everything from my hair to my shoes to make sure I was always looked my very best.
Here is something very important to this story. My parents were very active socially and like to include me a good bit. Looking back that is another way of saying…they liked to show me off. There were many times around their country club friends, when they would just brag on me to the point of embarrassment. I have to admit it was a thin line for me, because up to a point I found all the flattery very exciting. I know I glowed with embarrassment, but also appreciation. They made me somebody very special in their circle of friends, and I was the cute center of attention in many conversations.

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