Thursday , March 30 2023

Divya Mam & Me

The crowd was overflowing in the school for the parents teachers meeting. I was searching for Priya. I enquired about 4d class and went near it. Priya ran towards me and we went to meet her class teacher. He was around 40 after seeing me he enquired about Priya’s dad “dint her dad come”.
No I am his brother only. My Brother is out of station. Please dont mistake sir.
ok. This time its ok. But next time I want her dad or mom to come to parents teachers meeting
I enquired about Priya’s studies. He dint complain much about her but suggested to concentrate more on english since she had just passed.
I asked priya about her english teacher and asked to take to her.
Come uncle I will take you, she pulled me to the staff room where there were around 12 teachers and pointed me directly to her english mam -Divya.
I saw in the direction which Priya pointed. There was a lady wearing yellow saree talking with 2 persons. I guessed those 2 must be parents of the kid who stood near by. We waited for them to leave
Once they left, divya seeing Priya turned to me asked ‘ tell me sir, what are you to Priya
I am her uncle madam. My brother, her father, couldnt come so I have come for her today
ok. there are no complaints on Priya. She is very good in class
No mam. she has scored less marks in english
thats completely fine. She will improve. what priya? wont you show better result next time? (Priya shook her head like an YES)
dont worry . I will take care sir” smiled Divya.

Divya would be in her mid 30’s. Not fair as a milk but she was not dark neither. Very nice face with mild makeup, dark and thick hairs, nose fitting her face like a statue, a mole near her right upper lips, seductive eyes. The way she carried her yellow saree covered her body revealing nothing. After few minutes talks about her studies, I asked ” Mam both her parents are very busy. I am taking care her studies. Can I get your number to check her progress now and then
Ok no problem, take it” she gave me the number. we left from her desk. I turned back and she was talking to some other parent. She had a body which can make any man turn towards her. Even after I reached home, I was thinking about Divya Mam. What a face she had. what an humble talk. I felt like teacher must be like her only. Night came. Again I remembered Divya. I wanted to see her badly. Thinking the talks I had with DIvya I slept.

Next day I got up early. I asked Priya to pack the lunch box and start to school. I said to my anni (brothers wife) – “I will drop priya today at school
Why karthick, you will start to office late usually right
“No Anni, today I have an important meeting for which I am leaving now”
okok .. Priya start soon.. Karthick is waiting for you

I dropped Priya at her school gate. ok uncle I will go myself from here. you leave
No chellam. I will come to your claass and leave you
My eyes were searching for Divya. I couldnt find her. I was depressed. I left Priya at her class and climbed down the stairs.
when I came near the entrance gate, I saw divya entering the school. she smiled at me. I smiled back and turned towards her.
Her slowly dancing ass mesmerized me. Her long hair came to an end near her awesome ass made me go mad.

Before starting the bike, I took my mobile and messaged her “Good Morning Mam”
Dint get the reply.At about 11 am I checked my mobile. I had received a message from her “who is this”
“I am Karthick, Priyas uncle” I replied
“oh good morning” she replied back
This continued. more of Good morning, good evening we started to talk more. sometimes I used to call her and ask about Priya. Sametime I used to enquire about her also in the same call. Her husband is working in a bank. 2 girls. One is in 6th class and another is in 4th. She was talking more friendly manner. I also controlled and dint cross my limits during my talks.
But I couldnt control the late night dreams about my darling teacher.

One day when I returned back after picking Priya at her class , I saw Divya and greeted her. She greeted back. After reaching home, I pinged her “Good Evening”. She replied back “Good Evening”
I typed “You were looking very good in that green saree”
No reply. I waited for 2 hours. No reply. Next day I sent “Good Morning” No reply. I was afraid thinking if she had mistook me. I even thought to call her but was afraid. Evening I messaged “Good Evening” No reply. I could nt sleep at all.
It wass 11 pm. I was thinking only about Divya. I badly wanted to message her but was in dilemma if she had already slept
COntrolling all my doubts on whether she has slept, or any problem if I send the message , or if her hubby sees the message, I sent “Sorry Madam”
After 15 mins, My mobile vibrated. It was her “Good night”. I was afraid to send more replies to her and slept.

The next morning I again sent a Good Monring. I got a reply. I was at peace thanking god to make her forgive me. After leaving Priya at her class, I waiting near the gate. Divya came. I acted as if I accidenlty met her (But I was waiting for her) and said hello. She also smiled and said Hello. Her teeth were all levelled and whitish. The way she had worn her red saree made me go crazy. She also had a red rose on her hair. We talked for 2 mins and I left. I came and started my bike and looked at her. She was climbing the second floor. After few steps , she turned back and looked at me.
She caught me watching her and turned back towards the staff room. I messaged her in the after noon during the lunch hours. She immediately replied.
‘Good Afternoon Madam’
‘Good Afternoon Karthick’
‘Thank you madam’
‘Had lunch? Why thanks?
‘I am yet to have lunch.. what lunch today? ‘ ‘Just simply said madam. you have replied me , so thanked you’
‘I am just about to start Karthick. Here ladys finger sambhar with potato fry’
‘oh nice. I am hungry. no sambhar for me?’
‘hahaha.. come we can share’
‘oh thank you. your talk made my tummy full’

after talking like this for some tiome , we were drowned into our work. At night my thoughts around Divya were more. The way she turned back from the stairs was making me go wild and crazy. It was around 11 pm. Although I wanted to message her, I was afraid but just send ‘Good Night madam’
After few minutes I got a reply from my angel
‘what good night at this time? still you are awake?’
‘no madam. I am not able to sleep’
‘DOnt know. you also dint sleep?’
‘I have some paper correction work. doing that’
‘Am I disturbing you?’
‘No its ok. I am about to finish those’
‘Hmmm.. then?’
‘Temme Karthick’
‘what to tell
‘these days I see you coming to school to leave Priya very frequently’
‘yes yes’
‘why? to eye on other parents is it? :P’
‘Aiooo.. no madam nothing like that’
‘To tell the truth, I keep coming to see you only’
‘whatttttt?? to see me? why do you want to see me?????’
‘Dono. I felt like seeing you’
I dint not get reply for some time. I sent again ‘Sorry’. No reply again. It was around 12 am. I got a reply ‘Good night’
I sent ‘Are you angry’
‘why should I be angry on you’
‘ok. I am feeling sleepy. good night’
‘Ok. Sleep well madam. good night’

Days went by. Divya and myself had started talking more causally. One day she asked me to get a book. I went in search at almost 3-4 shops and got it. Since it was a holiday, I went to her home to give the book. Both her daughters were studying in the hall. Having invited me and made me sit on the sofa, Divya went inside and I was eagerly waiting for her. Today is the first time I am watching her in the nightie. Her beauty in the brown tight nightie made me go into ecstasy. Those two mangoes which were not that visible in her sarees now was erect like twin towers. After seeing those, I could feel some movement under my pants. Those two cheeks behind her made me feel the hotness when she turned back and walked. The slow swaying of both her asses was making me uncomfortable under my pants. She brought me coffee and we wre talking casually. These days she used to call me ‘da’, may be I am 8 years than her. My eyes went to her fleshy boobs frequently. She was uncomfortable. While speaking only she left to her and came back with a towel on her shoulders and started speaking casually. I felt ashamed. After some I bid bye and left.

I could not sleep at night. Those assets which were protruding both in the front and the back came into my thoughts. I sent a ‘Good night’ at the midnight stroking my hard rock. No reply. Thought she would have slept and I tried to sleep turing from left and right. I couldnt get any sleep.
After half an hour, I heard my mobile vibrate. I jumped and checked it. It was her text ‘Good Night’
I replied back ‘what divya? still awake?’
‘No I slept and suddenly woke up and saw you message , so replied back. You dint sleep yet?’
‘No, I am trying to sleep. But couldnt’
‘oh what happened’
‘Dont know’
‘Tell me Karthick’
‘Today is the first day I saw you in the nightie’
‘It was nice’
‘No you were looking good in the nightie’
‘Still you are on the same nightie??’
‘yes why?’
‘Just asked. what sir is doing’
‘He is sleeping’
‘Cant he hear the message tone’
‘No he cant. I have kept in silent mode’
‘oh good’
‘I badly wanted to see you’
‘Whattttt… you came and saw at home today only right’
‘Hmmm… I wanted to keep watcing you’
‘oh my god. Am I your love? why this dialogue?’
‘Mmmmm… shall I say something? you should not anger me?’
‘First tell. Then we will see’
‘I love you’
‘What nonsense is this’
‘Sorry I couldnt hide it inside me. So only I said. really I love you ‘
‘Cha. you have showed a guys cheap mentality. I only talked with you as a friend. Bye’
‘Aiooo Sorry Divya.. sorry’
‘Please reply’

After that there was no reply. I felt I had made a big mistake. I was very sad to have a missed a good friend with my cheap mind. Next morning I sent a good monring, there was no reply. I called her, she dint pick it up. I went to school to leave priya, she avoided me deliberately after seeing me.
Two days went like that. I would have sent around 100 sorry in texts. I was very sad. Days dint go as usual. Couldnt concentrate on my work.

I again called her with my instinct. She picked the call.
‘Sorry Madam’
‘What sorry. Are you mad? do you think am I that cheap? Just because I sent you message at night, did you think I am bad. Its my mistake to have talked to you like a friend. idiot’
‘Please Divya. I couldnt hide it from you. Thats why I told. If you dint like, I am really sorry. but please dont avoid me without talking’
‘I am married with 2 girls and you are proposing me. Do you think anyone will be quiet in my situation. DOnt talk with me henceforth rascal’
‘Please Divya. Here after I wont behave like that. Please forgive me’
‘Hmm.. only this time I am keeping quiet. Next time if anything happens like this, I will not leave you unhurt’
‘ok. Thanks Divya’
She cut the call. I felt little peace at my mind. I blamed myself having made such a huge mistake. Here after I should behave good was my thought and felt bad for the situation I have put both of us into. I again texted her ‘Thank you’

After that incident we had again started talking casually. I also controlled my feelings for her and talked normally. But I nigtht the control was out of the topic and I stripped her in my dream and those nights were all wet because of her.
Whenever I see her, I could not help myself take my eyes off her boobs. She also noted it many times. Our friendship grew to another level where I used to go to her home casually. Her daughters were so affectionate on me and her husband also was very friendly with me.

Whenever I go to her house, i couldnot stop gazing her nightie covered hot body. One day She was teaching her daughter bending towards the tea table and wrote something. I was just opposite to her watching them both. The bend by Divya showed her deep cleavage. I was dumbstruck watching those cracks for the first time. Ahhhh what a beauty! My dongle grew bigger. My hands were uncontrollable. Suddenly she noticed me watching her and went inside and came back with a towel on her shoulder. she was very dull. Ashamed I left their home. After that incident she alays wears a towel when on nightie at her home with my arrival. But we grew our friendship more with more chats and calls. She used to make fun of me and jokes etc etc which will extend our talks to hours.

During an half yearly vacation, I went to Divya’s home. I also had a leave on that day. Her elder daughter had gone to her grand parents house. The younger one welcomed me with a cry. guess she would have cried last few hours. I tried to convince her with some games and but she was desperate not to stop her crying. I enquired what happened.
‘She wants to go a movie it seems’
‘Oh its holiday right. why dont you take her’
‘yeah. I already told her dad. he is too busy and asked me to take her. how will I take her alone. why dont you take her’
‘ok I can take her’.. turning towards her daughter ‘shall we leave Aarthi?’
‘No i want to go with mummy only’
‘why dont you also come divya’ she dint agree
But after her daughters cry. She obliged.

She wore a tight blueish green salwar. she had jasmine flowers on her hair. To cover the protruded twin towers from my eyes she had a shall over her shoulder which did its job to cover her melons. But she could not cover her back from my eyes. Those fleshy swaying rounded assets when walked made me hard rock. we reached the theatre in an auto. since it was movie which was released more than a month back, there was not much crowd in the theatre.
Aarthi sat in between me and Divya. After some time there were 2 men who sat in front row. Her daughter started ‘Mummy these uncles are hiding my view from the screen.Please ask them to move’
‘Aiooo.. Cant you be quiet? you come to my seat’
They both interchanged their seats. Now my angel Divya was near me with very less gap between us. I was very happy and teasing the movie. She kept laughing for my comments.

In one song sequence, the heroine was dancing drenched in the rain with her saree pallu between her boobs dashing hero’s chest now and then. We couldnt talk and there was a long silence between us. I saw her in the corner of my eyes during our silence. She was looking down. after the song she was again normal and casual. But the lust inside me had grown to a new level it has never reached. The fragrence of the jasmine flowers also was making me wild. I grew inside my pants. her shoulder was rubbing mine casually. Slowly I took her hands into mine. she took her hand forcefully and gave a anger look. I bent down my head.

After some time, I again caught her hands. My hands were shivering. she again tried to take here hand from me, but this time my force was more than hers. I held her hand very tightly. she came near to my ears “please leave” and pleaded. I dint leave. I pleaded back with my eyes. I made sure both our fingers were inside each other so that she could not take her back. I checked near by seats. There were none behind or on the sides. Aarthi was too busy with the movie. Those far also were busy with movie. The darkness in the theater increased my courage

Slowly I took my other hand and kept it on her shoulder. she forcefully shook her shoulder. Aarthi saw us immediately. we acted like we were watching the movie casually. I again kept my hand on her shoulder after Aarthi was into movie . She in low voice without making her daughter hear in anger tone
‘karthick whats this, leave my hand’
‘please listen to me. take your hand’
‘Divya Please’
‘What? idiot. leave me’
‘Please Divya. I cant control’
‘Now are you gonna leave or not’
‘No I wont’
‘idiot.. leave me’
I dint talk afterwards. I was rubbing her shoulder. she was uncomfortable me touching her shoulder and her bare skin near the neck.
I left her hand and made sure I took it to her right shoulder around her neck. she shook and pushed my hand. my hand fell behind between the seat and her back. It was more easier now for me. I kept my hand on her hip and rubbed it slowly and caught the hip muscle. she looked at me angrily. I dint look at her and saw th movie screen and pinched her hip
‘hey Please da.leave me. listen to me’
My hand went little low and touched her ass. she screamed with her eyes
‘This is too much. Please leave me. This is wrong’ she begged me
‘Sorry Divya. I cant control. please dont stop me’ I begged back
My hand grabbed her right butt and she leaned back on the chair. I gave more force into the grabbing and she was twining like a snake.
‘Chi. I thought you to be a good and started to talk with you again. But you are behaving like a rogue. listen to me da.. leave me’
‘I was good before I saw you . But now I couldnt. please dont mistake’
‘Chi. bloody Rocky. Now take your hands off me’
She in her angry voice without making aarthi hear shouted at me. I dint listen her and my hands were moving forward towards her right armpit.
After making her right hand lift I grabbed her right boob. she frowned at me. Immediately she covered my hand on her boob with her shall.
‘this is very wrong. dont ever face me. leave me idiot’

My hands were shivering but covered almost 90% of her boobs. she was begging me to leave her and was helpless. I dint leave. Those melons which cannot be fully fit into my hands were crushed like a tomato. My dick raised like a snake inside my pants. I massaged my dick with my right hand. Left hand were juicing Divya’s boobs. She was uncomfortable with my acts. i slowly went near her nipple and found it. Even above the salwar and her bra, I can feel that the nipple was erect. Started to tune her nipple. It should have given pain to her
“Karthick please leave me. Its paining” she begged me
She tried to take my hand from her melons but failed.I can feel the hotness on her body. I slowly took my right hand to her right shoulder and went inside her salkwar and grabbed her other boob. she was terified. but couldnd help herself, she covered this side also with her shall. Both her boobs were getting crsuhed by me. She bent down so that no one could see. That was more confortable for me. I can see the tears falling of her eyes. I felt bad but I was in no mood to take my hands of the long lusted Divya. My lust had eaten the kindness in me. Her opposition had reduced now. I was crushing her boobs and tuning her nipples, she was lightly moaning ‘sssss’ and was quiet now.

I slowly went near her ears and kissed her neck under her ears. She saw with more fire now and checked behind to see if anyone had seen. But none saw us in that light.

‘Aioooo… Karthick.. please… leave me’

There was light in the theater. Interval. Suddenly I took my hands of her. She also adjusted her shall over her shoulders.
‘Thank God’ she said which I heard and dint see her eyes. I had no courage to face her and turned towards Priya

‘priya, what do you want’
‘I want ice cream Uncle’
‘What do you want Divya mam’
‘I want nothing’. I can feel the angerness in her tone.I went and brought 3 ice creams for us. But Divya did not take it.
‘I have an head ache. Come we will leave’ stood Divya.
‘No I want to see the movie. SIt mummy’ was reply from priya
Divya saw Priya with so much of anger , sat and slowly said within her ‘Because of you, I am losing my respect ‘
The movie started. My game also In another half an hour, Divya was in control by me.

On the way home from theatre divya was very silent. she dint even reply her daughter. I left them at their place and came to my home.
I called her at 6 PM. she dint pick up. I messaged her. No reply. The next day i went to school and waited for her. SHe came but ignored me.

It was more than a week now. She dint respond me nor return any of my calls. I started to hate my life. I was thinking like I should have controlled myself. But what is the use of thinking about it now. It was all over. It was more than 10 days since we had talked with each other. I also had to stop the texts with no other help.

One night, I was thinking about her and massaging my bro. he was very hard. At midnight, I messaged her
‘Divya. I am sorry. please talk with me’
There was no reply. I went to sleep.

After an hour there was a message tone. I was in half sleep, took my mobile and saw.
It was her. My sleep disappeared and I was thrilled. SHe had scolded me.

‘Rascal. Get lost. Dont ever message me’
‘Sorry Divya. What I did is wrong. please forgive’
‘Stop it. You cheated me acting like a good guy. I hate you’
‘Please Divya. I am sorry. Forgive me’
‘Whatever you did is not forgivable’
‘I know.. Divya… Please’
‘Dont talk to me.. bye’
‘Sorry sorry please’

After that there was no more messages. I dint get any sleep. At around 4 am early morning I sent another sorry message. There was a reply after half an hour

‘Aiooo… I asked you not to message me. Cant you even listen me’
‘Sorry Divya’
‘Idiot. what you want now’
‘I want you to talk to me asusual’
‘I cant’
‘ok tell me’
‘hmmm…for this thanks and all you do correct only’
‘Dont laugh rascal. I will kill you’
‘ok sorry’
‘Tell me rogue’
‘Hey tell me what was that’
‘Tell me you idiot. what you were about to say’
‘No.. you will get angry’
‘I am already very angry. tell me’
‘You are making me go ferosious. tell me idiotic Rocky’
‘You are scolding me a lot’
‘As if for the things you did, I should pamper you.. is it?? what you were about
to say.. tell that first’
‘Nothiing much… I wanted to badly see you’
‘for what?’
‘Donoo.. but i want to see you’
‘What is there to see at this time’
‘Dono.. but last 10 days I was thinking only about you’
‘hmmmm… as if you wont.. rascal’
‘You dint think about me at all?’
‘Why should I think about you’
‘No.. that day in theatre….’
‘Hey.. dont remind me that and make a killer’
‘Cha.. how dare you? At a public place with my daugher near.. I should have slapped you. It was very wrong that I left you’
‘Sorry Sorry’
‘That was an unforgettable day in my life’
‘That was the first time I toughed a woman’
‘Dont lie’
‘I swear’
“It was nice’
‘why it wont? If I had slapped you would have known’
‘why dint you slap? you should have slapped na’
‘At a public place, I dint want to spoil both our respect. else I would have killed you’
‘Mmmm… Sorry Divya’
‘ok leave it. Tell me the truth, was that your first time?’
‘Yes Divya… Its the truth only’
‘Hmm… how was it’
‘which ?’
‘chi… tell me’
‘Mmmmm It wa svery good’
‘Aye… chi.. stop it’
‘You are one rogue’
‘hmmm… how was it for you’
‘I was shocked you did all those’
‘Dint you like it’
‘No I dint’
‘Is it?’
‘Chii… get lost’
‘Tell me Divya’
‘I felt like crying and would have cried’
‘I came home and cried… you know that????’
‘Mmmmm..why did you do that rascal’
‘I couldnt control my affection towards you.. thats why’
‘for that you will do like that? it was paining for 2 days ‘
‘which was paining?’
‘Chi… as if sir doesnt know anything’
‘seriosuly I dono… please tell’
‘Hey go… noting.. leave it’
‘Please tell Divya’
‘Mmmmm… what you grabbed only pained. Even in theater you did so rough. Rascal’
‘Ohh. Sorry Divya’
‘Yeah… asking sorry after doing everything. Sorry Poori.. chiii’
‘Dont laugh. Whwy were you so rough da’
‘Then what to do when a long awaited is got into your hands. How will I leave it simply?’
‘Oho… Too much of affection for Sir?’
‘Yes Madam’
‘Idiotic rascal. My stomach is buring. except my hubby, no one has touched me. But you as if I am married to you, you took rights on me and did everyting. you are one pervert’
‘Hey Divi. It would have been nice if you were my wife’
‘whatttt? Diviii???? where has respect gone?’
‘Sorry.. I want to tell you something’
‘Tell me’
‘I love you’
‘Hey shut up’
‘why you dont like’
‘Shut up Karthick’
‘tell me Divi’
‘No I wont tell’
‘dont you like me?’
‘if I dont like, would I be talking with you early morning’
‘Then what tell me’
‘what to tell’
‘Do you love me?’
‘Aioooo… Please.. is this the age for me to love?’
‘I love you Divi’
‘Tell me’
‘what to tell’
‘Tell me ‘I love you”
‘No are you mad? I am not a college girl. I am married. mother for 2 girls. Please understand’
‘Hmmm… you dont love me’
‘I dint tell like that. I dono’
‘Then tell me’
‘I cannot tell Karthick. Please understand’
‘Hey Diviiii’
‘Tell me di’
‘whatttt? di????’
‘Yes di… tell me’
‘I cant I cant’… Go da
‘go di’
‘What di laughing.. Please say once ‘
‘What da? too much of ‘Di’ being used’
‘why you dont like?’
‘ok tell me di.. please’
‘what to tell’
‘how many times to tell? Say I LOVE YOU’
‘getlost you dumbo. You cant understand If I dont say’
‘I understand. But if you tell it will be nice na’
‘I will tell you another day. leave now’
‘Hmmm ok.. i will leave now. where are you now?’
‘in bedroom. why?’
‘He is sleeping nearby’
‘OMG. cant he hear the message tone?’
‘No he cant. Mobile in silent mode. Also I am inside the blanket, so light also wont go out’
‘hmmm.. why dint you talk last 10 days’
‘I was very angry. I cant digest what you did. But the truth is after that I was thinking about you only. But still I made up minde not to talk with you’
‘Then why you talk now’
‘I am not able to be without talking with you karthick. I know its wrong. but I couldnt control thinkning about you. getlost rascal’
‘why di?’
‘dono. I like you so much. You are younger than me about 7 years, but still you call me di. I like that. even my hubby dont use so much of “di’s”‘
‘Then what else’
‘tell me di.. what dress are you wearing’
‘why? its nightie only’
‘hmmm…. nothing’
‘Tell na’
‘I was guessing about it in nightie’
‘which one’
‘the one which I was holding in theatre.. your…..’
‘Chiii.. get lost.. I am leaving’
‘why you dont like it’
‘Hey its already 6. Have lots of work there. elder one will wake now. you go sleep’
‘hey please dont go diiii’
‘Aiooo its already getting late da’
‘ok.. one minute’
‘tell me’
‘I want one’
‘one kiss’
‘what????? chi getlost’
‘Please give me diii’
‘Aiooo keep quiet Karthick.. dont play’
‘Please dii… only one’
‘I feel shy da.. please nooo’
‘Give mee diiiii’
‘Ummmaaa.. ok?’
‘so sweet..’
‘ok bye… I love you’
‘hmmm bye dii’

I felt releived. I had an hardon. I tried to sleep but could nt coz of it. Went to bathroom and caught my bro in my hand.

The whole day I was very happy. I couldnt do any work at office. I was thinking my darling every second. We texted and called each other frequently that day. I badly wanted to see her. It was 5 pm . I went to her home after putting permission at office.

That day I was on full josh. I was not able to concentrate on my work.I was thinking about Divya. Frequently we had calls and messages. I felt like seeing her. I asked permission to my boss and left office at 5 pm. I went to her home directly. I didnt tell her that I was coming to her home. She dint expect me. I rang the bell. She opened the front door. Her eyes went big and opened with surprise. But she feared which also seen in her eyes. she welcomed me and made me sit on sofa. Both her daughters were studying for their exams. Divya was wearing a dark green printed nightie. The nightie was so fit that it showed her curves and made me go mad. She went to kitchen. Even after 5 mins she dint come back. I couldnt wait to talk to her, so I folled her to kitchen. she was preparing coffee. After seeing me she smiled at me. I could feel her shyness in her eyes. I was near her and talking to her. My eyes were on her bulky boobs and her rounded ass.

‘Nightie is very good’
‘It is awesome’
‘Chi.. getlost’ She turned back with shyness. I grabbed her hip from behind. she shiverred.
‘hey whats this.. leave me’
I tightened my grip on her body such that it was sticking to mine. My bro which was already erect was touching her bum. My hands slowly went up from her hip to grab her milky boobs. I tightened my hand. Her cheeks went red. She shivered.

‘Sssss.. Karthick.. what game is this.. leave me.. pleaseeeee… my daugters might come .. please leave’

I did nt leave. I started to massage her boobs in up down movement. Kissed her neck. I could see the goosebumps on her hands.

‘Pleassssseeee karthick.. leave… nooo…. they might come and see us’
‘They wont come.. studyin…. even if they come, we will know… you keep quiet’
‘Aiooo… No da… this is very wrong.. leave me…and listen to me’
‘Diviiii… please…. I cant control… keep quiet for some time’

The fruits under her bra were crushed by my hand. she begged me
‘Karthick… no pa… this is wrong.. listen to me.. please’

Suddenly there was an anklet sound. we seperated. It was her daughter. we acted and talked very casually. DIvya was sweating. she dint turn back to see her daughter.
I picked the coffee and came to hall and was talking with her daughters. she brought milk for them and saw me, showed her anger in her eyes.

I saw her with lust in my eyes. She showed her anger on her daughters
‘Tomorrow you girls have exams and laughing now. I will slipper you. study’
her daughetr started studying. She turned towards me
‘If you are here, they wont study. go upstairs’
I also took my coffee cup and went upstairs. The evening red sky was making me feel the beauty of nature. After 10 mins Divya came and directly started scolding me’Idiot. rascal. you have too much of guys. coming to my home and doing all nonsense. what if my daughter had seen’
‘will I do anything making everyone see :P’
‘so what? you will do with them at home?’
‘what to do Divi. After seeing you I couldnt control myself.After seeing you in nightie, my hand started itching’
‘Oho.. I will cut your hands’
After taking the clothes which she had put for drying she started to go down. I was
mesmerized after seeing her swaying butt and was standing in a corner. Then I went near the stairs and was waiting for her. She came. After seeing me near the stairs
‘why you came here’
‘Nothing, just like that’ was my flirty reply
She dint understand and saw me innocently. She tried to cross me tp go down.
I caught her and hugged her tightly. she alarmed immediately.
‘Aiooo please leave me. LSiten da’ – she saw down the stairs to see if someone is coming. No one was there.I hugged her against my chest and grabbed her bum.
I crushed those fleshy slowly. she tried to release out of my hug. she couldnt.

‘Karthick… what is this… no da… this is too much’
‘Leave me..pleaseeeeee… I am married and this is very wrong’
‘Sssssss… Ayeeee… Kaaaa…r…thick… Mmmmm… some one might see.. please leave.. Pleaseeeee’

Her boobs crushed my chest. My hands were busy with her butt grabbing, pinching, slapping those two speed bump like fleshes. I slowly took my lips on hers. she tried to let go off me. SHe tighted both her lips . I bent my head, slowly bit her lip and pulled it such that I could find a gap between her lips. Immediately I pushed my tongue and tasted her saliva.

‘mmmmm.. no da… leave meee…’
she was murmuring slowly and caught my lips tasting it. I pulled her tongue using my teeth. Both our mouth had more saliva generated. I pushed her on wall and grabbed her boobs. she was not trying to avoid me now nor push me. we both tasted each others lips. she pulled my lips and sucked all my saliva. both of us were eating each others lips like an hungry lion. I pinched her nipple amd tuned it. her hands surrounded my neck.

‘hey karthick… its paining … slowly da… pleaseeee’
I pushed her nightie zip down. she blocked my hand
‘Aiooo.. what are you doing… come lets go down’
‘Diviiii please… some more time di’
‘No… no… listen to me… its enough..’

I dint hear her and opened her nightie zip completely. The two fleshy boobs under her black bra smiled at me. Both her boob were toughing each other under bra. I kept my face between her boobs and kissed it. she had goosebumps.

‘Mmmm… ahhh.. ahhh… no da… its enough… pleAseeeee… someone might come.. i am going…. Mmmmm’

I bit the fleshy part of the right boob outside her bra. Slowly licked it. Used my tongue to massage it. She was very high. There were no more NO’s, no more pushes. She was silent enjoying my touches. she grabbed my head tightly. Bit her left boob.
It should have pained

‘Ssssss… Ahhhhh…. Aiiii… paining da…. slowlyyyy… Mmmmmm… Karthickkkkk.. I love you daaaa…. rascal…. leave me pleaseeeee’
She tried to massage my hair. I looked up. her face has turned red with sweat. She saw me with shy and smiled
‘Pleaseeee da… come we will go down.. Its time for my husband to come’
‘Lil more time di plzzz’
‘Chi…I have taken so much risk only for you.. understand da… its enough’
‘Come .. lets go down’.. she closed her zip
‘Aiiii.. Divi… tats all?’ begged her with my eyes

She smiled back at me. ‘what da.. you are asking like this’ and kissed me on my lips.
I pulled my tongue out. She grabbed it with her lips and started tasting it. It was some what a long french kiss. we were both very hot now. My hands automatically went to her boobs and grabbed it.

she duddenly let go off me.
‘chi… rascal.. dont start now from the beginning.. come lets go’
she turned back and started going down. I beat her left bum slowly showing my lusty anger. she was startled ‘Ahh.. ahhh…’ and turned back and scorched me with her eyes. massging the place where I beat her, she went down.

After some time, her hubby came. Talked with him for sometime. Divya was involved in cooking. We talked with our eyes frequently. The naughtiness on my eyes made her shy.she avoided seeing me. Then I left their home at about 8pm. It took 2 more hours for me to freshen up and had dinner. I came to bed. I sent a text to her. No reply.I heard the message tone at about 12 am.

There was a message tone. It was around 12 am

‘Hi Karthick.. sorry… too much of work, thats why dint notice your message. at 11 only I saw’
‘He was awake. so only i dint reply’
‘Mmmmm.. what doing?’
‘Lying da’
‘what is your hubby doing?’
‘he is lying near me. he slept da’
‘No risk?’
‘I think no risk da.. I am lil afraid and am inside the blanket’
‘If you think its risk, then sleep dear. we will talk tomorrow’
‘Nono its ok.. you talk’
‘Hmmmm…. I miss you di’
‘Me too darling’
‘Shall I tell you something else’
‘I need you’
‘Chi..’ (shyly)
‘I need you badly Divi’
‘For what?’
‘For everything’
‘rascal.. keep quiet’
‘I am telling the truth only di’
‘If I think about you, here its going up di’
‘what are you saying?’
‘I told its up’
‘which ?’
‘Dont you know?’
‘No you tell me’
‘Aiooo.. chiii… getlost.. I am leaving’
”hey wait di ”
‘Go.. I am going to sleep’
‘Good night’
‘Diviiii’, ‘ok go. Good night di’
‘are you angry?’
‘you said you are going to sleep right. then go’
‘then what? if you speak like what should be done’
‘you only asked na?’
‘for that? like that you will say? dirty fellow…’
‘ok. sorry’
‘Dont ask sorry and all. talk normally’
‘tell me da’
‘Today it was awesome di’
‘your plumpy fleshy boobs’
‘Oh my god’
‘not only your boobs’
‘please stop’
‘your butt was like a jack fruit.. too sexy’
‘hey karthick.. what? you are talking like this?’
‘dont you like?’
‘dont talk like that’
‘If you dont like , tell… I will stop’
‘Mmmm… your wish… whatever you talk and go… as if you are going to listen to me’
‘Hmmm.. what is it doing’
‘which is it?’
‘your two fleshy boobs’
‘chiii…. rascal’
‘tell me na’
‘its doing what it has to’
‘where is it?’
‘its there where it have to be ?’
‘inside bra?’
‘does it not search for me?’
‘keep quiet karthick’
‘tell me dii’
‘Mmmmm/… what is your boob size di’
‘go.. i wont tell’
‘tell me di please’
‘why you need that?’
‘tell me Rockygie’
‘what Rockygie eh? dai you are going too much’
‘ok tell’
‘I wont’
‘Please darling tell me’
‘why ? as if you dono?’
‘how will I know?’
‘Aioo… as if you know nothing… that day at theater and today at my home. you measured everything na… now you are asking me’
‘hahahaha… size and all I am not aware dear.. but it was biggggg.. that I know’
‘tell me di’
‘Aiooo… 36 inch.. enough?’
‘Butt size?’
‘Aioo getlost idiot’
‘tell di’
‘Karthick.. its enough… please talk something else’
‘no you tell me’
‘Hmmmm.. it would be 38 I guess’
‘what wow?’
‘I love your big ass’
‘Chi.. rascal…. enough.. I am leaving… Good night’
she said but she dint leave. It was till 4 am we talked thro SMS. I crossed my limits..she could not control me… I described all her assets thro chat and tasted her fully in text. whatver she did , it wetted my shorts and releived my lust on that day.

Next day… she dint talk with me properly. I was feeling bad. I called her mobile at lunch. her voice was very soft.

‘Hello… temme Karthick’
‘what doing’
‘Just now had snacks.Now no class. Just sitting simply’
‘You had food?’
‘no not yet’
‘what happened? you are very dull today’
‘no nothing like that’
‘Please tell me’
‘Nothing karthick. I am feel bad.. thats all’
‘why? dont you tell me?’
‘No leave it’
‘Tell me di.. what happened’
‘Why? dont you know?’
‘No.. you tell’
‘Yesterday what we did is very wrong. Morning I was not able to face him nor my children. I cant even speak to them looking their eyes. I felt like crying’
(I could feel she was crying on the other end of the call)
‘No karthick… here after we must not do or talk like that’
‘Please understand me’
‘I understand Divya’
‘We will be good friends. okay?’
‘Mmmmm.. I can get what you feeel. Its your wish to think me as your friend, but I cant. But I wont force you. so henceforth I wont talk anything wrong’
‘Thank you Karthick’
‘Hmmmm’After talking some more time, I dropped the call. I also felt bad. I was feeling like to eat. 2 days went. we behaved very normally. I was making sure that no matter what I must not hurt her feelings. I controlled everything for her. One day I got a call from her after I reached home from office.
‘Karthick.. Tomorrow My younger daughters bday. Could you please help doing a favour’
‘oh super. tell me Divya’
‘He has an important meeting at his office. Every birthday we used to go temple. She also dint get leave. she has got permission only’
‘ok.. so what?’
‘Tomorrow I need to take her to temple and drop her at school again. could you come after putting permission???’
‘is that all? I will come for sure’
‘Thanks da’

The next day I started early in the morning and reached her home after getting a gift. Her daughter opened the door. she smiled beautifully in her new red salwar. I wished her and gave the gift. she was very happy saying ‘thank you uncle’.
‘mummy is taking bath. You sit here’
I sat on sofa. heard divya from the bathroom

‘who is that dear?’
‘Karthick uncle mummy’
‘ohh… give hime cake and make him sit. I will come ‘
‘ok mummy’ said and ran towards kitchen.
I was on cloud 9 after hearing divya’s voice from bathroom. I was dreaming about how she would be inside the bathroom. It gave me an hardon. I had the cake which her daughter gave me and was dreaming about the completely wet Diviii.
After some time, divya came in a yellow nightie. She would have had an head bath. she was drying her hair and looked at me. My eyes were grazing over her.

‘Sorry da… had too much of work from morning. thats why got late. wait for some more time. I will come now’
‘ok. no problem’

she again went into the bedroom. I was mesmerized by her swaying ass. After some 15 mins, she came back in a orange cotton saree. she saw me and smiled at me. I was watching her with my wide opened eyes. she went inside with shy and came back with mild make up. she was very beautiful. she was having fresh jasmine flowers on her hair, a mild sandol line on her forehead below her bindi. I was ashamed thinking the fact that I was dreaming about this lady beauty nude some time back.
‘come lets siva. Its already late’
we started. after locking the house, divya and her daughter sat behind me on my two wheeler. I was driving towards the temple which she told me about.

There was not much rush in the temple.she prayed for more time and brought prasadh. we sat near by and ate it.
‘what Divya you were praying for more time?’
‘yeah. its all for these girls. to study well’
‘he also has sugar, BP and suffering a lot. All should be fine was my prayer’
‘Dint you pray for yourself?’
‘what for me? I am good only na’ and smiled
‘If he is good, I will be good tooo’
‘Mmmmm… this saree suits you very well’
‘ohoo.. thanks karthick’ and smiled

We three started from the temple. We dropped her daughter at her school and came back. She was keeping her hand on my shoulder sitting behind me. I was feeling shy. I dont know why. she gave me a address and we reached there. It was an ashram where there were many children who were left abondoned by their parents.

She took me also in. A lady welcomed her with a big smile. she also responded back asking ‘how are you madam’ and went to office room.There was a middle aged man who welocmed her and made her sit. After talking she took some money from her bag. Then she took me inside the place.There were many children of different age group playing here and there. Few were studying. after seeing her, few children came running and wished her. She also gave them chocalates and asked about their studies. I was shocked.

‘Sorry karthick. I think its very late for you. Come lets move’
Both of us left the place. On our way she herself started.
‘We dont celebrate our kids bday very grand. I dont like that. In that money, we give those who are in need and come every year to this place to see these kids. Initially he dint like it, then he started to like it very much. Frequently we come here with our family. I give the money which is required for their food for today. I get happiness in that’

I was very proud of her. her heart was more beautiful as her. Her house came. Havinh seen new slippers near the gate I said ‘someone had come’

She got down from bike and said ‘My mom in law has come.. every birthday my in laws used to come. They said they will come by noon. But guess they would have come soon. you come. I will introduce you to them’

‘No its ok. I will come another day. Its very late for me’
‘Mmmm… yeah.. take care’….’many thanks da’
‘Hello.. why thnaks and all.. see you.. bye’
‘Ok bye karthick’

I got drowned into my work. I had thoughts about divya frequenctly. Felt like talking with her. She would be busy with her in laws thought me and dint call her. At night I was dreaming about her. Had no guts to send message at this time. But I was missing her badly. Half heartedly I messaged her at mid night

After few minutes I got a reply from her.
‘what da… still awake?’
‘No divya. Not sleepy’
‘Mmmm.. why text at this hour?’
‘sorry. Am I disturbing you?’
‘no nothing like that. tell me. what?’
‘Noting. i was thinking only about you. thats why felt like talking with you’
‘Ohooo… whats the matter da’
‘No you leave it and sleep’
‘Hey temme what’
‘Nothing Divya. Today the time spent with you cannot be forgotten’
‘Hmmm why’
‘Dono why.. But I miss you a lot’
‘What tell me’
‘I feel like talking with you’
‘what? now?’
‘are you kididng? how can I talk now?’
‘Please divya… few minutes only’
‘what is this da? you are starting again?’
‘only for few minutes, feel like listening to your voice’
‘No chance… you know how much of risk in sending SMS. then how to have a call. If he wake up, thats all’
‘Please Divya’
‘Are you mad… go and sleep.. Listen to me’
‘Wont you talk?’
‘No chance… Good night’
‘Sorry.. good night’
‘mm.. good night’

I was embarassed. I felt I should nt have sent her messages. Kept my mobile and tried to sleep controlling my hardon. After some seconds, there was a message. It was Divya ‘Call me’

I was shocked. I was happy. I could not explain How I felt after seeing the message.I called her immediately.She talked in a very low soft voice. After hearing that sexy voice, my bro grew up. I can sense a fear in her voice.

‘Hey what happened da? what at this time you wanted to talk’
‘From where you are talking? is he not near?’
‘Yeah.. as if I am going to talk with him near by? I am in bathroom. tellme fast’
‘If I tell you must not mistake me’
‘what temme’
‘Till yesterday, like you said I behaved and like a good friend but today I dont know why, I like you ver much’

‘whatt????? ‘

‘Really I love you so much’

‘Hey karthick.. what is this? I should have known when you asked me to tlk at this time. No da. this is very wrong. I had already told you. We will be very good friends’

‘Even I tried to be like that. But I could nt. Daily I only think about you. I could nt even sleep properly. Please understand me’

‘Aioo… I understand your feeling.. But you should think about me. I think its wrong to talk with you at this time.Its a back stabbing for my husband. Please cut the call’

‘Heyy Divya… wait di… dont go’

‘what tell? to be truth, after a long time you are using ‘di’ on me. very happy. but whatever we do is wrong. please lets stop. I am going’

‘Hey hey.,… wait .. 1 minute’

‘what tell? I am really very afraid karthick. what if he comes? tell fast’

‘I will ask you one.. dont mistake me’

‘tell me’

‘I have 1 wish. you will have to fulfill it’

‘If its doing anything that breaks his trust, I wont do’


‘tell me what’

‘you should not get angry’

‘ok.. tell me da’

‘I want to see your belly button’

‘Chi.. whats this wish?’

‘Yes di.. I havent seen till now. you dont wear low hip also. Please only once’

‘Chi.. I wont do that and all’

‘Please di.. after that I wont ask anything else.. please for me’

‘Hey.. what is this.. you are asking like this’

‘Wont you do atleast this for me Divya?’

‘ok tell me.. what should I do?’

‘Tomorrow when I come home, you should fulfill this wish’

‘How da?’

‘That and all I dont know.. pleasee’

‘Ok I will try for you.. come tomorrow.. lets see’

‘Oh thank you DIvya’

‘Ok now i will drop the call.. you go sleep.. bye’

‘ok Divii… bye’

She cut the call. Her low husky voice and the fact that she was talking with me without her husband aware was making me go mad. I started to massage my erected brother

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