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Doctor Anjana – My Hot Sister

“Take care of yourself baby, study well and look after our dad properly” – Those were the words my sister Anjana told me before leaving to Delhi for her MBBS studies. She hugged me tight, gave a kiss on cheeks and then got into the car. It was a sad moment for me departing from my sister who had always been very close to me.

I am Anish living in Bangalore doing my 12th standard. My sister Anjana is a doctor now and left our home 5 years back to pursue her medical studies. From her childhood days she had always dreamt of becoming a doctor and service the poor. She is an ambitious, bold and straight forward girl. My father Santosh is a central government employee and always had regular travels. My parents got divorced when we were kids and my mother married a businessman and settled abroad. From then on, my sister and dad had taken care of me very well and had always kept me happy. My sister left to Delhi when I was in 7th standard and after that she used to spend 1 or 2 weeks at home during her holidays. Most of the time she used to spend with her friends during holidays and so we got very less opportunities to speak with each other. But still we had a lot of love and affection but never got an opportunity to express it.

Those days she used to be very homely since we are from a conservative family. She was tall, very fair and slim. I always had only sisterly affection on her and never even bothered to look at her assets. We live in a single bedroom individual house and I used to sleep with my sister on the same room on same bed. My father used to drink a lot sitting in Hall and sleeps late night on sofa.

Finally, the day arrived when my sister completed her MBBS studies and became Doctor Anjana. My father with his influence, arranged a job for her in nearby hospital and she was supposed to join within few weeks of her return.

My father and myself were eagerly waiting on the railway station to receive her. The train arrived, and we rushed to her coach and she was waving her hands standing at door step. The moment I looked her all my sisterly feeling flew away and my eyes were filled with lust. I was telling myself “Oh my god. Is that my sister? What a structure.”. Yes, in these few years gap, she had totally changed. She was wearing a tight white shirt with blue jeans and had become very modern. Her breasts have become huge melons and the way she wore her jeans just lifter her butt and gave a nice shape. She resembled south Indian actress Hansika in many angles. Especially her assets were same as hers.

Once she stepped down the train, she immediately came and hugged my dad. I was just noticing her huge boobs getting crushed on my dads chest. Then she looked at me and said “Anish my darling, I missed you soo much dear”. She came near me, hugged me very tight and then planted a kiss on my cheeks. The moment I felt her boobs on my chest, I did not know how to react and stood there as dumb. The boobs were very soft and my entire mind was concentrating on that spot. Then I got my senses back and did not want to miss the opportunity. So I said “Missed you too didi” and caught her hips with both my hand. Then she released me from the hug and I had to take off my hands. She giggled and told “Sorry baby, you need to clear off my lipstick from your cheek”. I felt a little shy and innocently replied “that’s fine didi” and swiped off my cheeks with my hands.
We drove back home and my sister was sharing all her college stories. She was also keen in knowing what are happening in our lives, like my studies and my father’s work. We reached home, continued with the conversation and she unpacked all her luggage in the bedroom. Since it was Sunday my father was off and we both helped her in arranging all her things. When I was arranging her clothes in wardrobe, I noticed her dressing style had completely changed. She had a lot of miniskirts, sleeveless tops, shorts jeans, etc. Infact, the dress she is wearing now was the most decent of the lot.

It was already night by the time we completed arraigning the house and finished our dinner. Each time I talked to my sister, I could still feel she is thinking me as a small kid. She was still calling me as baby, darling, sweetie etc which made me feel good. My father told me to sleep in hall along with him and not to disturb her as she would be tired after the long travel.

Morning we woke up, completed the breakfast and my dad started to work. Anjana also had some plans and left home to meet her friends. I was in my study holidays but was not able concentrate on my studies because of the hot sister thoughts. The only way to relieve my mind was to jerk off. So I went to the bathroom which was attached to the bedroom, removed off my pants and started massaging my cock. I was recalling the moment Anjana hugged me and those massive boobs filling my entire eye sight. To my sweet surprise, I saw my sister’s clothes what she had worn yesterday. I was very curious to see what she had worn inside, so I kept searching and finally found the treasure. It was a white silky bra with netted line in the top and a red transparent netted panty. Looks like she wanted a lot of airflow in her private parts and hard worn netted inners. Seeing that my cock stood up straight like a rock and I was in full mood. I placed the bra in my penis and the panty on my nose trying the get the smell. With my cock wrapped with her Bra and started making fast strokes imagining as if my penis is in the middle of her two mountains. And there came my load, which got completed collected in one of her boob cup. That was really a stress buster for me but my lustful thought did not fade way. I thought of quickly washing the bra with water and atleast clear off the cum so that no one finds it. But to my greatest horror, I suddenly heard someone banging the bathroom door. “Come soon, its urgent…please…soon”. It was my sister, who had another set of keys, already entered the home. Without knowing what to do, I threw of her cum filled bra and panty in the bathroom itself, pulled on my pants and opened the door. She immediately caught my hand and pulled me out and said “Sorry baby, urgent”, entered into the bathroom and closed the door.

Fear killed me that moment. I had no idea what would happen and how she will react if she see’s my cum in her bra. And as a doctor, she will definitely identify it as cum and I cannot cheat her in anyways. I quickly ran to the hall, switched on the TV and acted as if nothing had happened. My sister came out of the bathroom after 15mins. She came to hall, opened the fridge and drank some water and told me “Anish, I need to go out again. Tell dad that I would be coming by night”. It was a relief for me since she did not ask any question about the cum and I replied “Sure didi. Enjoy your day”.
Anjana: “thanks baby. Stop watching tv. Go and study. Hereafter I will be monitoring you. You cant cheat me”
Me: “Till now I was studying didi. I will take some rest and continue again”.
Anjana: “hmmm ok. Leaving now. See you later. Bye”. With that she closed the door and walked away from the home.

I ran quickly to the bathroom to see what happened her dress and it got vanished from there. I came out of the bathroom and saw it was in the basket near the washing machine. I opened the basket, took her bra and there was a shock waiting for me. She had washed my cum from her bra completely and had put it in basket for wash. I could still see it was wet, but somehow she had thought of clearing it from bathroom. From that time onwards, my heart beat increased. I was definitely sure that she will tell all this to my dad. How will I face them again. Brother jerking on sister’s Bra…yuck. All these thoughts were revolving around my mind. The whole day I was thinking about it and putting up some plans to face the consequences.

During night around 8pm, both my dad and sister came at the same time. I was confusing myself thinking that Anjana would have directly went to dad’s office and complained about me. But from their talks, nothing had happened like that. My dad and just picked up Anjana from nearby bus stand when she was waiting for auto. We sat on the dinning table and had dinner, since I was in confused state the entire day, I felt a little sick and was coughing during dinner.

Anjana “Darling, why are you coughing like this? Not well?”
Me: “No didi. Just feeling tired. Maybe the cough is due to the climate”
With a smile, Anjana: “You forgot that your sister is a doctor? You can check with me anytime. I wont charge you anything”.
Hearing this, all of us laughed and continued our talks passing many jokes.

I had got relieved since Anjana had not complained anything about her bra till now. “Baby you wait for sometime, let me change my dress and then check you”. Saying that, she entered the bedroom and locked it. My dad opened up his drinks and settled down in the sofa and I was watching TV along with him. After some 10minutes, the bedroom door opened and I heard “Anish, come here”. I went in and saw that she had changed in dress to a silky satin red nighty with the statoscope in hand. With that silky dress, her boobs got extra beauty showing her protruding nipples and even the ass curves was clearly visible. That too with the red colour dress, she looked like a Satan calling to eat me. Seeing this, I got a bulge and it was abruptly showed in my shorts. “Come here and sit” she was pointing me to the bed. Acting like an innocent boy, I went and sat on the place she showed. She then went and closed the door came near me and sat. “Remove your tshirt” she said. I was not wearing anything inside the tshirt, so removing it will completely expose my upper body to my sister who had seen it only when I was a kid. But since she is a doctor and its going to be a checkup, I went ahead and removed it. She gave a smile, fixed the statoscope in her ears and placed the other end on my chest. After listening for few seconds, she asked me to turn around and then again started listening. Once done, she asked “Do you have fever? Let me check”. She kept her hands on my forehead. Her touch gave me an electric shock, but I showed no reaction. I was just imagining how would it be if these hands touch my cock.

Anjana: “You don’t have fever. Its just cold. I will buy you some medicines tomorrow, but for now you can take this tablet and sleep. It will reduce your cold.” She took one tablet from her bag and gave me.
Me: “Thanks didi”
Anjana: “You look so weak baby. Are you eating properly? Is studies bothering you soo much?”
Me: “Yes I eat properly. And studies I am comfortable. Not much of a burden”.
Anjana: “But then why do you look weak? How many times do you masturbate?”
That sudden question, I did not even my sister would ask such a question to me. All I can do was to keep silent as if I did not understand.
Anjana: “As a doctor, I need to know all these details. You should not hide anything from me. Forget for some time that I am your sister. Now tell me the truth.” Her voice slightly had some rudeness and scared me a bit. With some pause, I finally replied.
Me: “Once a day didi. Please don’t tell this to anyone. I am sorry”
Anjana: “Hey baby, nothing to ask sorry and definitely I will be a good doctor and will not tell anyone. Trust me.”
With an innocent smile I replied “thank you”.
Anjana: “See you should not be masturbating so frequently. Its not good for your health and will affect your studies. You need to reduce.”
Me: “ok”
Anjana: “Now tell me why you jerked on my bra?”
Oh my god, I am caught. That’s the most embarrassed moment of my life. I had no idea what to reply.
Anjana: “Morning I saw my bra was filled with your cum. Why you did that?” again it was with harsh tone.
Me: “I am very sorry didi…I started to masturbate in toilet and suddenly it came out, I just took the nearby cloth and wiped it off. I was not aware it was your bra. Please I am really sorry”. My voice sounded like as if I am going to cry.
Me: “Please don’t tell this to anyone”
Anjana: “ok ok leave it. Don’t take it serious. Just like that I asked. Actually its my favourite bra and its very costly. I bought it for 2000 rupees. I got shocked when I saw it dirty this morning”.
Me: “Sorry did I really dint knew it was your when I wiped it”
Anjana: “Stop asking sorry darling. It happens. Hereafter please don’t use my bra even by mistake. And also reduce masturbating. You do it to release you from stress but don’t make it as habit.”
Me: “ok didi. Thanks a lot for understanding me”.

With few other talks my sister told she needs to go out early in the morning so going to sleep now. She asked me to sleep with her on the same bed. I agreed and lied down beside her, but had no guts to face her. So as soon as she switched off the lights, I faced the opposite direction and acted as if I slept immediately. But my mind was fully thinking about my hot sister. The way she questioned me about masturbation. Even though it was an embarrassment for me, now if I recall the situation, its more erotic. I somehow wanted her to speak more on the same topic. I started imagining removing her red nighty and sucking her nipples. The complete night was full of dreams having sex with her, but I never turned her side and looked at her.

Morning I woke up and could hear the noise of dad and sister in the hall. I went out and saw they already finished breakfast and ready to move out. “I will be back in the afternoon dear” she said, waved her hands and went with my dad on his bike. Again its few hours of loneliness for me and my inner devil raised. I finished my breakfast and directly went to the bathroom to jerk off. Again I saw my sister had left her clothes in the bathroom itself. I could not really control myself keeping my hands away from those addictive piece of cloth. This time I did the opposite, placed her panty on my cock and kept her bra near my nose. I was able to smell her perfume along with her sweat and suddenly a great idea struck my mind. I had agreed to my sister not to cum on her bra. What if I cum on her panty? Will she scold me? Ofcourse yes, but that would start off with the masturbation topic. Too risky, but surely it will be a good try. With all the guts, I splashed all my cum on her transparent netted panty and kept it by side without washing it.

With my job done, I started studying like a good boy though all my concentration was still on my sister. Afternoon came and my sister opened the door with her keys. She said “Hey anish, studying like a good boy. I thought you will be in bathroom so I opened the door myself”. That’s definitely to tease me, but I kept silent and just gave a smile. “Let me freshen up and serve you dinner” saying that she entered bedroom and closed the door. Within few minutes, I heard the door open and she shouted “Anish come here” with an angry voice. I know what that call is for, so slowly I went inside the bedroom and saw my sister holding the panty in which I cummed.

Anjana: “What the hell? I told you not to cum on my dresses. And you are doing it again and again. I thought you are a small boy. But you have become such a nasty fellow”
I kept innocent face and replied “Sorry didi… you told not to masturbate on your bra, that’s why I took your panty”.
With a quick pause and angry look “Bra or panty, its my dress. Cant you use any of your clothes?”
By now I got more guts and replied “Sorry didi, actually your panty was netted material and it was nice to touch. It gave me some tingling feeling. That’s why I used it. I am sorry”
My sister started laughing “What you said? Tingling feeling? So you actually used it like a sex toy to jerk? You nasty fellow. I am your sister and you are using my clothes to get that feeling”
Me: “No No..its just the material of that cloth…promise”
Anjana: “ok ok…whatever…you are spoiling my clothes. Anyway I will gift this panty to you. Use it whevenver you masturbate and get that tingling feeling. I will wash it and keep it in your wardrobe.” She smiled and told.
I smiled and replied “thanks for understanding me didi”.
Anjana: “ok now tell me how do you masturbate?”
Yes. That’s what I want…I want more discussion on this topic. I replied with a pause “hmmmm…with hands massaging my penis”
Anjana: “idiot..I know that..but what you will do to get that feeling? Do you watch some magazine, watch porn and read any stories…or will you just imagine things”.
Me: “I just imagine things..”
Anjana: “OK…that’s actually bad. It will be good for now but will affect you married life. You will start getting feeling only when you imagine things and not when a girl stands in front of you. Got what I am trying to tell?”
Me: “Yes didi. But I don’t have a choice will take years to get married. Till then I am not able to control it”.
Anjana: “Don’t control. At some point of time you need to release it. But do it with your girlfriend. You don’t have a girl friend?
With a sad face I replied “No didi”
Anjana: “Poor brother, I cannot help you in all this. Better find a girl friend, stop doing it yourself, and do with her. This is your sisters advice…see what a great sister you are having, advising such things.”
Me: “Yes yes..I am lucky to have such a wonderful sister”.

But deep inside, I was just thinking I am lucky to have such a hot and sexy sister. We then had some generic talks about life and evening our dad came. He had some emergency meeting and told he need to leave Hyderabad immediately and will come only after 3 days. Night we sent him off and completed our dinner. It was sleeping time and I was very curious what can be done tonight. We I speak some sexy topic with her, or would I get a chance to see her nude? Or with some miracle, would I be fucking her? Everything was running in my mind. But my bad luck everything got collapsed. My sister said, “Anish, can you sleep in the hall today? I have some personal calls to speak and it will take a lot of time”. With total disappointment, I still managed to reply “Sure didi..I will definitely not disturb you. I will sleep in hall. Good night”. She came near me, kissed my cheeks and said “Thanks baby. Good Night”.

I was in no mood to sleep and was curious to know what my sister is doing inside the bedroom. Is she masturbating? Definitely she is doing something wrong or else why would she need privacy. All these thoughts were running in my mind and I kept my ears wide open. Then I found out that she was speaking with someone in mobile. Though I wasn’t able to hear the full conversation, I heard bits and pieces like “love you too dear”, “miss you”, “ummmahhaaa” and lots of laughter. It was very obvious that she was speaking to her boyfriend. I got little bit upset that my sister is having a boyfriend and felt possessive. With all the mixed emotions, I slept off.

Morning I woke up and saw the bedroom door was still closed, so I switched on the TV and started watching. Then suddenly I saw the door open and my sister came out. Damn hot she was, wearing a very short blue jean which showed her entire smooth thighs. A white top which was tight till her boobs and a little raised up after that, showing her complete hip area and navel. I have seen these types of dresses worn in TV by some Chinese babes. This is the first time I am seeing it live and that too on my sister. She was absolutely hot and for a moment I thought if I can hug her and start kissing her sexy lips. With I these evil thoughts, I still acted as an innocent boy.

Anjana: “Good morning dear. Hope you had a good sleep. I had made some breakfast for you. Brush your teeth had have it”. Saying that, she took juice from the fridge poured into a glass and started sipping.
Anjana: “I am going out now and will return late. You have any plans of going out today?”
Me: “No didi”
Anjana: “Friends house, movie…no where?”
Me: “No didi..all are studying for exams”
My sister with a little sad face “hmmm ok..actually I am going to meet my boyfriend after along time..thought of bringing him home if you are not there”
Me: “oh can bring him didi…I will go out somewhere”
Anjana: “hey no no…that’s fine…I will manage..just thought of it if you had some plans of going out…but not really need”.
Me: “are you sure?”
Anjana: “Yes dear. Absolutely. And one more thing. Don’t ever tell I have a boyfriend to anyone. It’s a secret between you and me”.
Me: “Sure didi. Are you going to marry him?”
Anjana: “hahahaaa…don’t know dear..I might, but mostly I wont..lets see”
I thought now it’s the time to start off some erotic topic. So I started.
Me: “Lucky he is”
Anjana: “Why dear”
Me: “He is having a beautiful girlfriend, and he need not masturbate”
Anajana with a surprised look “ your trying to find out if your sister is sleeping with someone”
Me: “No No..I was just telling”
Anjana: “Anyway don’t think too much. We just have some foreplay”
Me: “Whats that?”
Anjana: “You don’t know what it is?”, I immediately nodded my head telling no.
Anjana continued “Its like kissing each other, hugging, touching everything…you know what, its everything except fucking. Now don’t ask me whats fucking. I know you will be knowing it”.
I giggled and said “yes I know didi”
Anjana: “I cant believe I am telling all this to my brother. See, don’t think bad of me ok. MBBS is very stressful, you need to keep studying. For that you need to release your stress, that’s why we do all these things. Just like how you masturbate. ok”
I replied “I know..I know didi..I will never think bad of you”.
Anjana: “Hmmm..I normally spend time with him in the college. We used to do all sort of things, but very rarely got opportunity for private moments. He is leaving to Canada tomorrow and will be back after 2 years. So I thought I will give him some best time today. It’s going to be great time for both of us” she told with a lot of excitement.
She had finished her juice and will leave anytime, so I wanted push this erotic topic a little more.
Me: “Didi, if you don’t mistake, can you tell me where you have kept that panty you had given me”
Anjana: “Oh that masturbate panty…let me think…oh no..I am sorry dear. I washed it yesterday and by mistake I wore it now. I am sorry baby”.
I again giggled and replied “that’s fine”.
Anjana: “Really sorry baby, I will give it to you tonight. I have no time now to change my dress. Today you manage with something else. Ok”
Me: “That’s fine didi. I have developed some self control now and decided to masturbate only with that panty. In that way I can reduce it”
Anjana: “Wow…that’s my boy. What a will power you have. Good job dear. So you wait till I come back at night”
Me: “Thanks Didi”
Anjana: “Ok I am leaving now…see properly”.
She came near me, gave me a kiss on cheek, opened the door and stepped out. I wished her to enjoy the day for which she winked at me with a smile and walked away.

The complete day I was very restless imagining about how that lucky bastard would be fucking my sister. Looking through the window near door, I kept watching outside and waited till evening, but my sister did not turn up. I started becoming tensed since it was becoming very late and even my dad was not in town. My sister’s mobile was also switched off and I had no means of reaching her. It was mid night 12 and the entire colony had settled down and the roads where complete dark. The only light that showed some brightness was from the bulb in front of my house.

Suddenly I saw a Mercedes Benz car stopping in front of my home. The back door slightly opened and I could see legs of a lady touching the road. Then I saw the hands reaching the legs with something. Oh shit, that’s a panty she is trying to wear and it slowly raised up. Within few seconds, the hands again reached legs with the short blue jeans. By now, I confirmed its my sister and finally the door opened further and she came out. The car back window opened and I saw a guy peeking out of the window. My sister bent down kissed him in his lips and said “I will be missing you so much dear”. The guy replied back something to her and the car slowly started moving away. My sister holding some plastic bag in hand, turned towards the house and started walking. Her walks clearly conveyed that she is fully drunk, but she managed to reach the door and ring the bell. Opening the door I asked “Didi I was so much worried…was waiting for you from evening”. With a drunkards tone she replied “Really sorry baby..we partied so much and I completely forgot about our home”. Saying that she walked towards the teapot, placed the bag and landed on the sofa with hands widely spread and legs parted. I noticed that she had not even zipped and buttoned her shorts and it was showing off her panties. The top was very loose and showed enough cleavage and her face looked exhausted with eyes half closed.

She looked at me with one eye closed and said “Come baby sit here”. Looking at her in such a condition motivated me that anything could happen tonight, so without missing the opportunity I went and sat beside her. Putting her hand around my shoulder, she asked “Do you drink?”
Me: “Yes didi..sometimes…with friends”.
Anjana: “Wow..thats my brother..we are going to celebrate tonight. You are going to drink with your sister. I am too tried and cannot get up. Can you bring the glasses please dear”

I went to the kitchen, got two glasses along with a bottle of water and kept on the teapot. From the bag she had brought, she took a whisky bottle and started pouring into the glasses. She filled very little in my glass and a normal limit in hers. The remaining she filled with water and handed over one of the glass to me.

Anjana: “Cheers baby”
Me: “Cheers didi”
Taking the first sip, I do not want to waste any time. So I started
Me: “ was your day? You enjoyed?”.
Anjana: “Yes dear. Very much. Had a great party”
Me: “Managed to do anything with your boyfriend?”
Anjana: “hahahaa…you are so curious to know such things. Bad fellow. Yes we had some good time. We did not get any lonely place, so we went for a long drive and he fucked in the car itself. Hehehee”.
With a shocking face I asked “How did he manage to do that while driving?”
Anjana: “No No…his friend was driving…we sat in the back seat and had fun”
Me: “Oh…then his friend would have enjoyed seeing you both having fun”
Anjana: “You know what. His friend also fucked me. He is a poor guy, got ditched by his girlfriend. He was very sad and very emotional. So my boyfriend requested me to help him. How else can I help him? I just allowed him to fuck me.”

Telling this she immediately kept her hand on head and said “Oh my god. I am fully drunk and confessing everything to you. Shit.. hey don’t ever think bad about your sister. It’s just to help him get out of his sorrows. He is also going to Canada tomorrow. So wanted him to leave happy. I did the right thing only. What you say”.

Me: “Yes yes didi. You have a good made someone happy”.

But I thought myself what a bitch my sister had become. She is treating her pussy like a common toilet and allowing everyone to use it. This made me very horny as well and I was waiting for a moment to fuck her.

Anjana: “Is anything there to eat?”
Me: “Nothing didi. Only some fruits are there in the fridge”
Anjana: “Please get them baby. I am hungry, lets have healthy side dish.”
I went back to kitchen, took some apples, bananas and gMolestations from the fridge and kept it on the teapot.
She took one apple, had a bite and asked “So did you masturbate today?”
Me: “No. I was waiting for you didi”
Anajana: “For me?? For what??”
With innocent face I replied “For panty”
Anajana: “oh yes baby. Sorry I completely forgot. I am not going to make you wait any further. Just close your eyes for sec”.

Telling that, she immediately stood up, turned opposite to me and dropped down both her shorts and panty together. I did not even blink and kept my eyes wide open and cannot believe what my sister did just now. Her ass was very white with perfect shape and I could see some red finger marks on it. Maybe it’s the marks from the previous fucking session she had with those two idiots. She separated her panty from the shorts and then pulled back her shorts. But again, she did not bother to zip or button it which exposed the top portion of her wildly grown bush. She sat back on the sofa, handed over the panty to me and said “Here dear. From now onwards the panty is yours. Go jerk off and come. I will wait for you”.

Why would I want to masturbate now when I hot sult is sitting just next to me? So I replied “No didi. Lets complete the drink, I will masturbate before I sleep”.
Anjana: “ok whatever…what you are planning to imagine today?”
Me: “Don’t know. May be some nude girl”.
Anjana: “Its pathetic to hear my brother is still imagining things. Have you not seen any nude lady in real till now”.
Me: “No didi..never got a chance..all that I have seen till now is a lady’s ass and some top portion of pussy bush?”
Anjana: “What? Who was that? When was it?”
I giggled and replied “just now”.
She bent down and realized that she had kept the zipper and button open.
Anjana: “You perverted guy. Watching your own sister. I never thought you will become such a nasty fellow. Anyway you keep watching it, I am not going to cover. Get aroused seeing this now, but later you are going to feel guilty and worry a lot for seeing your own sister”.

I would definitely not feel even if I fuck here 100 times. A sister so hot, deserves a good fuck. But I do not want to show any reactions now and wanted her to make all the move. I kept a sad face and replied.

Me: “Sorry didi..I was just kidding”
Anjana: “ahhh..see how my brothers face got changed”. She plucked my cheeks saying “I know my baby. I know he is a good boy”.

By now I was 100 percent sure it’s going to be my day and just few minutes away from an amazing fuck. Just like playing chess, till now I made each move very cautiously. But now, it’s time to make some bold moves. So I started

Me: “Didi, now you tell me.. have you masturbated anytime?”.
My sister started blushing and did not expect such a question from me.
Anjana: “To tell the truth, I masturbate very rarely dear. Sometime during bath or if I do not get sleep at night. Most of the time someone would be there to satisfy me.”
Me: “What about tonight?”
Anjana: “I don’t think I will.. but who knows… suddenly I might get mood and do… but don’t worry, I will not invade your privacy. You do in hall and I will do in bedroom”.
Saying that we both started laughing. I replied her “But I have never masturbated in Hall”.
Anjana: “Then you do it in your regular place…take the bathroom and I will do it in bedroom”.
Me: “Or both of us can do it in bedroom itself, but lets face opposite to each other and sit”.
Anjana: “hmmmmm even that’s not a bad idea”.
Brining all the guts in me I said “Even we can see each other and do. That will also be good”.

Her face completely changed and with a rude tone “Dirty pig, you want to watch your sister and masturbate. Your thoughts have become very bad Anish. Your flirting with your own sister. But I still see you as a small boy”.
I got very tensed and thought I made a very bad move and collapsed the plan. But she took a small banana from the table which would be around 2 inch and said “What, your penis will be of this size? But your thoughts are so criminal”
I kept silent and face down.
Anjana lifted my face touching my chin with one hand and banana in the other hand and said “Tell me if it will be in this size or bigger. Have you ever measured”
Me: “No didi”
She laughed and told “Daily you masturbate, but never bothered to know about your penis. That’s life”.

I definitely know that my sister is in fucking hot mood. But something is holding her back. She is hesitant in getting fucked by her own brother. Do I need to directly tell her that I don’t mind anything. Or is she still thinking that I have a very small penis and could not satisfy her. All these thoughts, running in my mind and I suddenly noticed the gMolestations in the teapot. Yes, now I got a new plan which might work out. I took one black gMolestation from the table, showed it to her and said.
Me: “Didi your nipples will be in this size?”
With a sexy smile, she kept looking at my eyes. Even I continued to stare at her and smile and our eyes looked eachother for few seconds. She suddenly took her right hand, put behind my neck and pulled me forward right before her breast. With her other hand she holded the bottom of her tshirt and with one pull, brought both her tshirt and bra upto her neck. This exposed the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life. Two huge melons, juggling due to the force of her pull. Her breast were milky white and her nipples, so sharp and hard. Infact, what I guessed was right, her nipples were close to the size of the gMolestation. With this my sister told “See it yourself now”.

This kind of moments are not worth for talks, I jumped even close to her right book and took as much as I can, inside my mouth. I kept sucking it vigorously moving my head up and down and with my left hand started squeezing it left boob. I never bothered to see my sister’s reaction and kept doing it for more than 5 mins. My sister still had her hand behind my neck without resisting and now pulled me to her face. With the same sucking spree, I quickly caught both her lips in my mouth. Then I tried to leave my tongue, for which she slightly opened her mouth. From then on it was a wild smooch with our mouths getting sinked in our salivas. Our tongues rolled over and we bitted eachothers lips. The passionate kiss continued for long time and suddenly my sister pulled me away from her face.

Why did my sister pull my face off the kiss? Is she feeling guilty for kissing her own brother? For a second, these questions passed by my mind. But I was completely wrong. My sister got so erotic, transformed into a horny sult and said “My boy… go and lick my pussy. These guys fucked me without even arousing me. But now I want to make sure we both get complete satisfaction”. I obeyed my sister, sat near her legs and removed it slowly from her ultra smooth and soft legs. She also took this chance to remove her tops and bra completely. My beautiful hot sister, lying down fully naked. Entire body was very fair and even after removing her dress, her shape was perfect.

She spread her legs, showing me her pussy which had hair grown like a forest. I have to accept this is the first time I have seen a pussy in real and most of the porn videos I have seen had cleanly shaved pussy. But now what I am seeing is completely different. With my right hand middle finger, I slowly started caressing from bottom to top of her pussy line and saw my sister. She was smiling at me and said “Sorry about the bush baby. Your sister is too lazy nowadays”.
Me: “Don’t worry didi. Hereafter your pussy is in my control. I will maintain it”
Anjana: “That’s so nice baby. I am blessed to have a brother like you. Its time for your desert now. Start eating it”.

I used my thumb and index finger and slowly opened the pussy and finally saw the red gem in the bush. Took my mouth very close to her pussy and all I could feel was nastiest smell. It was a mixed smell of her alcoholic urine, cum of guys who fucked her earlier and ofcourse smell of her orgasm juices as well. Though it saw awful smell, it made me more erotic and also this is the first task my sister had given me and I wanted to fully satisfy her. I took out my tongue and started licking the red hot pussy. The taste was bearable and my mouth generated a lot of saliva. I kept licking her pussy as if I am eating a cone ice-cream. My eyesight was blocked with my sister’s legs and pussy and suddenly I heard from my sister “Get deep baby…please get deep”. Saying that, I could see her body and legs slightly started shivering. I took out my tongue as much as I can and inserted deep into the pussy hole. I could feel moisture in my tongue and the feeling was as if my tongue was inserted in a bottle of jam. To simulate my sister, I tried all kind of tricks with my tongue, rolling around her pussy, deep inserts, sucking all the juices, flapping very fast and many more. All I had in my mind was to make my sister happy and pleased. I kept doing it for a very long time and my sister caught my hair with both her hands and pressed towards her pussy. My nose got squeezed on her bushes and mouth locked in her pussy. I was even struggling to breathe and it looked like a fetish. But still, I did not show any kind of discomfort and acted as if I was happily eating her pussy.

Finally my sister said “get up dear, its my turn now”. Saying that, she got up and sat on the sofa and asked me to stand in front of her and take off my tshirt. I pulled off my tshirt and stood bare body within a second. She then holded my hard erected cock on the shorts and said “Wow.. its bigger than I imagined. Its time now to open the screen”. She pulled down my shorts and my cock, rocked right in front of her face. I could see she was surprised seeing such a big cock. I will not over exaggerate the size of my cock, its just 6 inches, but could definitely satisfy any girl.

Anjana: “My dear brother. The last time I saw your dick was when you were a kid. It was so small like that banana. But now… oh my god. It’s become a monster. Infact, it’s the biggest I have seen today”.
That kind of compliments you get for your cock will flatter any men. With a joyful face I replied “thank you didi”.

Anjana: “ a doctor let me first examine it first”.

My penis was fully covered with the foreskin. She holded my penis head and slowly pealed my foreskin.

Me: “Didi, its uncomfortable and painful if the foreskin is retracted. Is it a problem”
Anjana: “No dear. Its just that you are still a baby you are feeling the pain. Once you start fucking, everything will be normal”.
Me: “so it will be alright today”
Anjana smiled and replied “So you are eagerly waiting to fuck your sister is it? Let’s do it slowly dear. I am enjoying every moment. Now let me taste the lollipop.”
Still holding the retracted foreskin, she kissed my penis head and inserted it in her mouth. As if she is eating lollipop, she started sucking only my dick head and then her tongue rolled around it. This went on for few minutes, after which she slanted her head sideways and licked my penis from top to bottom. She guided her tongue right from my balls to the dick head. After some 20 strokes, she went down and took charge of my balls. With the balls inside her mouth she made some small and playful pulls. I got aroused so much, that I have never seen my cock so big, so hard and so erected. It looked like the ones in the porn film and I couldn’t believe its mine. All credit goes to my sweet sister who is unleashing the manliness in me. After covering the ball area, came the best part. She started sucking my whole cock again, but this time my entire cock went inside her mouth. My cock started dripping with her saliva and I could feel the hotness of her mouth on my penis. With her mouth filled with my cock and eyes watching me, that conveyed the message she wants me to take charge now. I holded her head and moved my butt to and fro at very fast pace to mouth fuck her. Her face changed a bit and I felt that her mouth started paining. But I was in fully aroused state and continued to mouth fuck her. Being my first ever experience, I was not able to control much and was about to come, so I said to my sister “didi, I am about to cum”. She replied “not so early dear” and immediately took off her mouth from my penis and with her hand holded the end part of my penis tight. I released just a small amount of my precum, but some how my sister controlled me from ejaculating.
Me: “How did you do that?”
Anjana: “That’s doctor’s secret baby. Now come here”
She laid down on the sofa again and made me kneel down between her legs. With her fingers she spread and pussy and said “come on baby. Fuck me hard”. Getting the green signal, I placed my cock on her pussy and started slowly inserting it. Her pussy was very well lubricated and my penis slided in smoothly. My penis went half in and then I did a push to fully insert it. My sister immediately reacted to that push by giving a sound “aaahhhhhhhh”, which gave me motivation and started making strokes. I started slowly and then increased the pace. She kept reacting by giving sounds “aaaahhh…hmmm” and her body was shivering. It was 1.30am and silent across the place. All I could hear was my sisters moaning sound, the sound of our thigs beating each other and heavy breathing sound of us. My sister got fully aroused and started saying “faster baby..faster..”. I fucked her as fast as I can, even my penis was fully paining since this is the first time I am doing anything with my foreskin pulled back. Finally I was about to cum and no matter what happens, I wanted to push every bit of my cum into my sister’s pussy. So when I was about to cum, I fully inserted my penis deep inside her pussy and I made a sound “eeehhhhhaaaa” and splatted everything inside. My full energy drained off and I laid above my sister and we both started to heavily breath.
Anajana: “enjoyed?”
Me: “yes didi. It was awesome, thank you so much”
Anjana: “it’s my pleasure to serve my dear brother.”
Me: “Sorry I cummed inside your pussy. Now only I reliase that you might get pregnant”.
Anjana: “hahahaa. Don’t worry dear. I have pills”
Me: “That’s good. I am felling dead tired didi”.
Anjana: “Oh.. not so soon baby. Let me give you a finishing touch”.

Saying that she repositioned herself to face my penis and saw my shrunken small penis. The cum was still on my penis but she did not bother about it and started sucking it. This time it was easy for her as my penis was tiny and she fully got it in her mouth. She made fast strokes and vigorously sucked it. Her hard work of sucking, ofcourse gave output in few minutes and my cock got erected fully. Though, she did not leave it and was sucking it as if it was her favourite ice-cream. This time, due to the pressure she applied with her mouth and her fast strokes, I got into mood instantly and was ready to cum. “Didi I am going to cum”, I wanted to splash my cum on my sisters face, but she had different plans. She kept stroking it hard with her hands with my penis head inside her mouth. Once my penis started to split the cum, she sucked with more pressure and my entire cum was released in her mouth. For few seconds, the continued with the suction action and then finally released my penis. Smiling at me waved her tongue out showing that nothing is in her mouth.
Me: “you swallowed completely?”
Anjana: “Yes baby. Its my brothers tasty cum. Why would I waste it?”
She came forward and started to deep kiss me. I could smell and taste the remains of my own cum in her mouth. We both laid on the sofa hugged each other tight and continued to deep kiss. Our legs over each other and complete body crushed, gave us good warmth and while kissing itself, we both fell asleep.

Morning I woke up and saw my sister sleeping fully nude besides me like an innocent baby. I did not want to disturb her as yesterday was a tired day for her with three fucking sessions. I got up, put on my dress and decided to make the breakfast. I took a bedsheet and covered my sister and went inside kitchen for cooking. With the little cooking knowledge, I prepared bread toast, omelette and coffee. In a tray I brought everything I prepared, kept it on teapot and said “Good Morning didi”.
Stretching her hands, my sister woke up and was surprised to see I had prepared breakfast.
Anjana: “wow dear. What a surprise. You have learnt all tricks to satisfy a girl”
Me: “yes didi. All because of you. I really enjoyed last night”
Anjana: “Yes dear. Even I enjoyed. But see. You are my brother. So we need to avoid fucking as much as possible. But don’t worry, we can do all other things like kissing, oral blowjobs and all. But fucking alone we will try to limit. What you say”.
That really did not concern me in anyway. As long as we both are satisfied, I was ok with anything. So I replied.
Me: “Yes didi. Whatever you say will be correct”.
Anjana: “Good boy.”
I took a piece of bread and omelette and started feeding my sister. She took a bite and asked.
Anjana: “Ok now tell me which part you liked the most?”
I actually liked everything my sister did to me, but still I wanted her to feel that I love to satisfy her.
Me: “I liked your pussy didi. I loved eating it.”
Anjana: “hahaha… even I enjoyed giving you blowjob…. And your tasty cum as well..hmmm…yummy”.
We both started laughing and suddenly she saw the clock and told “hey baby. I need to meet some friends now. Only few days left to join job. After that I cannot meet anyone. I am going to take bath now. Joining?”. Who will say no for bathing with a hot sister, so I immediately replied “My pleasure”.

I stripped off my clothes and we both entered the bathroom and still we both had after effects of lastnight session.
Me: “Didi, your pussy is in my incharge now. I am going to shave it now.
Anjana: “yes baby. Do it carefully”

She sat on the small stool in the bathroom, spread her legs wide open giving me complete access to her pussy. I took my dad’s shaving foam, applied all over her bush and then took shaving razor and slowly started to remove her hair. I did it as slow as possible to make sure I am not putting any cuts. The beauty of her pussy got slowly revealed and once all hair got cleared, it was really awesome. After completely washing off her pussy hair, the position she sat made me very erotic and I started to lick her pussy. “Morning itself you are in mood baby. But I need to hurry up, so I will continue with my bath”. While I was busy licking her pussy, she applied soap everywhere on both of us and continued bathing. Once everything was done, she asked me to stand up, applied soap on my erect penis and washed it. My loving sister, did not want me to leave unsatisfied. So she took my penis in her mouth again and started sucking it. Within few minutes, I cummed inside her mouth and again she did not want to split it out, swallowed everything and said “That’s cum shake for my breakfast”.

After bath, we both dried out with towel and I sat on the bed watching my sister getting dressed up. She took pink bra and panty from wardrobe and wore it. Then she took a pink top and a white mini skirt seductively wore it playing acts to impress me. She applied perfume on her underarms and chest then kissed me on my lips and said she will come back soon, waved her hands and left the house.

In my entire life, this is the happiest and satisfied moment. My very own sister had shown me sisterly love when I was small and then she had shown motherly love after my mom passed away. Now she had shown love as if she is my wife. What else do I want in my life. From then on every day we had sex and lead a happy life. Daily nights we used to lock our bedroom and have happy time, while my dad was busy watching TV and having drinks in the Hall. Both of us like oral sex very much and hence most of the time we slept in 69 position. It was better for me to lick my sister’s pussy now since I maintain it giving it regular cleans and shaves. However, still sometimes I notice my sister brining home her pussy with cum on it. Maybe she is still having her active sex life in her hospital with patients and doctors just like her college life. No matter what it is, I fully love my sister and I am enjoying my life to the fullest.

From now on, the story will be narrated by Anjana.

Nobody knows how your life will change. I never expected I will sleep with my own brother. Before I left for my MBBS studies, he was just an innocent kid. But now, he is a fully grown man and completely satisfies me. Infact he is more into satisfying me than fucking me. It has never been the case with other guys, they just wanted to get satisfied themselves and only intention was to fuck me. But my dear brother, always pleases me. He likes my pussy very much and likes to lick it all day. Maybe that’s because I keep it clean and fresh and he feels like tasting a fruit. Daily night I enjoy sleeping with him and now he is more like my husband than a brother.

My doctor profession is also going great and I joined a hospital which is very close to my home. To get more close with other senior doctors, I had used my very own technique of letting them fuck me. This had helped me a lot and I always get good name and recognition from my senior doctors. My only concern in life was my dad. It has been more than 10 years since my mom passed away and he had struggled very hard to settle me and my bother. Now I am a doctor and started earning, so it’s my duty to look after both my dad and brother. My brother is already happy with me enjoying his sexual life, but I had no idea where my dad’s happiness lies. He just goes to work, comes back home and spends all night with TV and drinks. He is spoiling his health and I need to talk to him somehow and understand his situation.


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