Wednesday , May 31 2023

Dominant pleasures

Watching the train come into the platform, slowly making its way up the track, another day, another meeting, he thought. He quickly ran a mental check list that he had everything, briefcase, presentation case, minutes of the last AGM, and of course his lunch. Cheese and tomato sandwiches, the same sandwiches he had been having for the last ten years. Martin had of course mentioned to his wife on various occasions that he just might just like something different in his sandwiches, and her retort had been ‘make them your bloody self”, or she had really pushed the boat out and given him cheese and onion sandwiches!

Martin had been married to Mandy for what seemed like an eternity. But she was a good wife, had given him two beautiful kids, and didn’t seem to want too much in life. He had tried his best to be a good husband and provider, and that’s all he could do. However, he often missed the heady days of their early romance when they could not keep their hands off each other. It was all very different now. Sex was a distant memory, birthdays and anniversaries if he was lucky.

It was not up until recently he wondered if he was missing out. His mobile phone had died on him in between going to a client meeting, and as he was trying to find a cab in Baker Street, he popped into a phone box to phone his M.D. How tawdry the phone box was, littered with chewing gum and prostitute’s calling cards, but one caught his eye, he picked it up and put it firmly in his briefcase, this was totally out of character for Martin, but he felt totally compelled to take the card.

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