Friday , December 9 2022

Don’t Bet on It!

Angela was lying on the bed, her legs spread wide for the next man to enter her. Brad was watching from the chair. His hands were tied behind the chair with Angela’s bra, her panties were stuffed in his mouth, and his pants and underwear were pulled down to his ankles.

Two hours ago, they had received a knock on their door. Brad knew it would be the casino, wanting to know how he would pay his losses. He had no idea. He had won over $10,000 the night before and Angela and he celebrated big time!

They felt sure that they could take the $10,000 and double or triple it. Earlier that day, they were doing well, up over $5,000. They felt so confident that they bet it all on a chance to double their winnings.

They lost. Because they had done so well earlier, they were able to get house credit to add to the $3,500 they were able to advance from maxing out their credit cards. The afternoon went up and down, and they kept getting in deeper, just knowing they would be able to get ‘just a little luck’ and regain some of their losses.

Then came the final hand and they lost all, all their winnings, all their credit, all their cash, to sum up, everything they could scMolestation together.

The house terms were to pay up when they cashed in. Problem was, they had nothing to cash in. In fact, they owned the casino $27,569. They were packing to leave when the knock came.

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