Tuesday , March 21 2023

Don’t Envy Your Neighbor

Hello, friends, this is my story when I was at Vadodara, I am sharing with you best moments of my life. As I was not married that time, I was looking for a girl or better call her my dream girl.

I still remember the first day I saw her outside my apartment; I stepped out from my flat and was going out for my office meeting. Suddenly she came out from her flat with a bang on the door and was drying her hair with a towel; it seemed she just took her bath.

She was looking damn gorgeous with wet hair, beautiful face, red sari oh god what a stunning look she had, I kept on staring her till the moment she caught me. I meekly smiled at her. She made her face as if not knowing me.

She was right they were new to this apartment. I kept looking at her beauty and tried to whisper something, the same time she responded with a smile. I am Prakash, staying over here, I said. I earnestly asked her, you came with your luggage yesterday 11 am, right?

She said, yes. I said, sorry I could not stop to help you that time because I was late for the office. I said, I would have sure helped you if I could have spared little time to help my neighbors. She widened her lips and her face glow showing her pleasure at my pleasantries.

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