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Don’t be so naughty, Brother…

I was horny boy, thinking about girls and sex all the time. I used to do all sort of pervert things, which 18 year boy could do like sneaking on girls and women around, trying to get glimpse of their luscious body. Making out what under garments they are wearing under their cloths, watching adult movies or blue films, Reading normal sex magazines etc. etc. I was lusting after older girls in the college, female teachers, women and girls walking on the street, our neighbours and even some of my female relatives.

One day I saw my sister in just bra and panties while she was changing her dress and I was delighted what I saw. First I felt ashamed that I should not look at my own sister that way. But the fact that I never felt so much excitement and tingling sensation in my body before while watching her in half nude state.

Then afterwards I started to watch my sister interestedly. One time I got one hardcore sex stories magazine in Hindi language and read it. I found so many stories about sex relations between close relatives including brother-sister. I relieved myself saying that these types of sex relations do exist in the world that I’m not only one who thinks about own sister sexually. My sexual feeling about my sister increased after that.

My sister was six years older than my 18-year-age. She wasn’t like sex bomb or knockout figure. She was typical middle-class girl with attractive face. She had figure, which would defiantly drove, me crazy and caused me to masturbate every day. Living in same house with my sister gave me every other opportunity to explore my sexual feelings without knowing her.

For my sister I was little kid brother but for me she was sex goddess! Being her only kid brother, she loves me lot. She would hug me or give peek on my cheeks every other time. I was apple of her eyes. We would play together, laugh together, and make fun together. We were very close. We were just like close friends rather than brother/sister and we even agreed about that.

My sister was treating me like small boy so she never hesitated to change her cloths front of me. I always secretly watched her in her under garments and she never noticed that I am looking at her lustfully. When she would change cloths front of me I would talk with her about something so while taking I could boldly watch her sexy curves. Sometimes She even would tell me to zip up her dress or to button up her blouse at the back.

I have done all sort of things to satisfy my desires like touching my sister’s luscious body parts while walking around the house, feeling her breast and buttock while hugging her or standing near her. Watching her secretly while she dressing or undressing to get glimpse of her bra clad breast or panty covered ass. Our house was small so everybody sleeps together in the hall. I used to sleep near my sister and in the middle of night I would slide near her. I used to feel her breast, thighs or even her pussy while she was fast asleep or some time used to hug her to feel heat of her body.

Whenever I would get chance, I used to play with my sister’s undergarments, dropping her panties over my cock and rubbing the bras over my face and body. Sometimes when I was alone in the house, I would find her used panties in the washing cloths, and sniffs them, that really made me wild. I would fantasise about touching her and fucking her and would bring myself to orgasm into her panties.

My parents or even my sister never suspect my true feelings about her. I would take care not to know anyone about my perversion. Even though I lusted after my sister and fantasies about having sex with her, I knew that fucking my own sister or intimating all sexual acts with her was just fantasy and imaginary, it wasn’t possible in real life. There wasn’t any way I could fuck my sister or she would allow me to fuck her. So I never actually made any move on her or let her know about my true feelings. I only watched her or dreamed about her.

When my sister became 25, my parents fixed her marriage with 35-year-old man who was in our relation. My sister agreed for marriage and after marriage she went to her husband’s house. I wasn’t too happy about her marriage. First thing her husband was much older than her, I doubt whether he would keep her happy. And second important thing was missing my sexy sister to be around me. But I knew some day she would get marries and would leave our house.

After that I kept my sexual desires satisfying with memories of my sister’s sexy body and some of her old used bra and panties, which she left in our cupboard. She used to visit our home occasionally for festivals or special days and would stay for week or month. All the time when she was back at home I would stay around her, talking and laughing, telling her stories and making fun. This way I was watching her secretly and touching and feeling her sensuous body parts without knowing her. After marriage she was looking more beautiful and sexy. Still, I was masturbating in the bathroom sniffing her panties and bra.

If my sister would not come for long time I used go to her house to meet her. Her husband’s house was in other town, which was an eight-hour journey from my place. I used to stay at her home for 2/3 days or one week. There also, I used to be around her all the time. Although I was talking with her or helping her with anything, my main goal was to get glimpse of her sexy body through her sari and blouse or to touch her here and there without her noticing. She never noticed my true feelings. How could she imagine her own little brother is lusting after her?

Within a year of her marriage my sister got pregnant and she gave birth to baby boy. After 3/4 years passed she never had any child and I guess she was happy with her husband and only child.

Mean time I finished my education and started working with one company. I had some girlfriends and had romantic relations with few of them. I actually fucked one or two girls and enjoyed sex life with them. But still I was masturbating thinking about my sister. I kept my lust and desire for her all this years. Throughout my life I kept hope that some day one miracle will happen and I would get chance to fuck my sister.

My sister and I used to talk about anything and everything including some romantic subjects. I came to know that my sister wasn’t happy with her old husband and their marriage life wasn’t in good terms. Her husband was more interested doing his business than her.

I always feel bad about my sister. So I always keep her cheering up. I used to make jokes with her or tell her funny things etc. I always make her laugh and keep her mood happy and pleasant. Whenever she comes to our house or I would go to her house, I always try to make her happy by taking her out for shopping, movies or picnic. We used to go to nice restaurant for dinner etc. I was doing all sort of thing to make my sister happy, which her husband supposed to do.

One time when I got back from office my mother told me there was phone call from my sister that she wanted to come for Deewali festival and asked me if I have time to go and bring her. I was always ready to go to my sister’s house because whenever I go to her house, her husband would stay in his office all the time and her son in the school. Most of the time my sister and me used to be alone in the house, which give me more freedom to watch her.

My sister would careless about her sari, pallu, which gives me enough glimps of her cleavage and buttock. She would take afternoon nap front of me while I watch television. She used to wear sari and blouse whole day and gown in the night. Once she got in to deep sleep I would watch her sexy body boldly. I would slide her pallu off her breast and watch rhythmic movement of breast while she breathing or flat belly with deep navel. Some time I would slide her sari up her legs exposing her sexy legs and ample thighs.

So when mother asked me I immediately agreed to go to my sister’s house. It’s been six-month since I saw her last time. Next day early morning I got in the bus to go to her town. By the afternoon I reached in her town. I did not inform her that I was coming because I wanted to surprise her. I reached her house and knocked the door. When she opens the door and saw me, she screamed in surprise and hugged me right there. Taking full advantage of that I also hugged her tight pressing her big breast in my chest. She welcomes me in the house and makes me sit in the sofa.

She was taking afternoon nap and her sari and pallu was disorder. She went in the bathroom to get fresh and after came where I was sitting. We started talking about news back at my house while she peeled off her sari and started wearing it properly front of me. Although I was talking with her I was observing her sexy body.

I could see how her blouse was filling her round full breast. Blouse was such a tight that button on the front was straining making gap between two buttons, exposing glimpse of her black bra and white flesh of her breast. Her navel seems to be more deep and sexy. Petticoat was hugging her round buttock tightly. God! She became sexier now.

Taking pallu on her shoulder She finished wearing sari. Then she started to make out her hair while talking with me. Every time she would raise her hands to brush her hair, her breast would giggle up and down. My cock was hard looking my sexy sister like that. All afternoon and evening I stay with my sister talking with her while she was moving around the house, doing daily house core. I asked her about my nephew. She told me her sister-in-law took him in her house for 1 or 2 weeks, as he is very fond of her kids. Her sister-in-law was living in the same town and she told me to go and visit her house if I want to see him next day.

In the Night, my sister’s husband came home from his work and greeted me. We talked about here and there; he enquired about my job, everybody, and me, back in the house. I told him I’m planning to stay their 2/3-day and after take my sister at our home for one week. He was fine about that as their son was in his sister’s house so he doesn’t have to worry about him. All the time when I was there in my sister’s house I was watching her secretly and dreaming about fucking her. I knew that wasn’t possible but that was my kink, my favourite time pass, my desire through out my life.


On the 3rd day afternoon, I was sitting in the hall while my sister was sitting beside me doing some stitching to the cloths. We were talking casually and watching TV. Since it was afternoon there wasn’t any interesting programme on the channels. I kept on channel, which was showing documentary about nearby tourist places. They were giving information about one hill station, full of beauty and nature. This hill station is situated exactly middle of my town and this town, in fact our bus route was going through this hill station. This place was famous as a picnic spot for school and collages and also honeymoon spot for married couple.

“See! What a beautiful place that is, Brother” she said.

“Certainly! Sister, I had been there”.

“When? With whom, brother?” she said smilingly.

“Our collage trip was arranged there”

“You know our bus route goes from this place. Every time when I pass from there I wish I could visit this place” she said sadly.

“What’s problem then? Ask Jijagi to take you there.”

“Your Jiju?? He’s always busy with his job.”

“Come on! You can at least ask him. May be he’ll take some time from his job and take you there.”

“I asked him so many times,” she said sadly, “but he always refuse giving excuse of his job. You know! He isn’t romantic type. You remember? We never had gone anywhere for our honeymoon even. He doesn’t like to go any romantic place. He says its waste of time and money.”

I knew from the beginning of my sister’s marriage that her husband was much older than she did and was simple guy. But she never said anything about that. I felt bad about my sister and said,

“Oh sister! If you would like to come with me then I’ll take you there.”

“Oh really? She asked excitedly but then said sadly, “but you know that place supposed to be visited with lovers or life partner not with brother or sister.”

“Who says that? Listen! As long as we are enjoying our company there, doesn’t matter we are brother and sister. We are more like close friends than brother and sister, don’t we?”

“Yes my little brother, we are!” she said happily, “do you thing we could go there together?”

“I don’t see any problem in that, sister” I replied.

“But when we could go there?” she asked me.

“Listen, sister! We are going to our house day after tomorrow morning, right! We’ll start from here then in the middle of journey we’ll get down in this hill station. We’ll stay there for whole day and then next day we’ll go further to our house.”

“And where we’ll stay in the night?”

“In the hotel, sister!”

“Hotel?” She hesitated for a moment; “There is no any other way we could go same night at our house, Brother?”

“I don’t think so, sister. Because I’m not sure there’s any bus at the night, which will go to our city. Besides if you’re visiting this place and wondering around whole day, certainly you’ll get tired and you’ll need rest. So better if we stay over night in the hotel.”

“That’s ok, brother,” she said, “it’s just bit strange to stay in the hotel with brother, you know.”

“Oh come on, sister! We’re not stranger. We are more like friends. You will be comfortable there, believe me. We’ll enjoy our time.”

“Yes! I know my little brother,” she said pinching my cheek. And I don’t like when she does that.

“Oh sister! I hate when you do that. I’m not little any more. I’m grown up now.”

“ohooo! You’re big uhhhh? May be you’re grown up but for your big sister, you’re always little brother,” saying that she hugged me closer, “just like her kid son, brother!”

“I love you, sister and I’ll do anything to make you happy,” I replied her hugging her back.

“I know, brother! I know! I love you too and I always glad that you’re my brother.”

All I can feel at that moment was firm breast of my big sister’s pressing against me.

After one day as per our planning early morning we got ready to go to our house. My sister wore one of the nice sari and blouse She put on light make-up that day. She was definitely looking beautiful and sexy.

“Wow! You look beautiful, sister!”

“You’re kidding, brother!”

‘No! Sister. You are really beautiful. I can’t believe my sister looks so much sec… I mean attractive.

“You mean sexy… hun, Brother?” she said mischievously.

“Uh… no… I mean…” I was hesitant.

“Come on, little brother! You can say that if you really mean it. Don’t shy. Remember! We are close friends, don’t we?”

“Yes we’re, sister,” I replied, “I was just…. But really you looks sexy today”.

“Thanks, little brother! Do you think I’m really sexy? Your Jijagi never paid any attention to me”.

“I don’t know about Jijagi but for me you look like just goddess, sister.”

“Don’t flatter me, little brother”. She laughed loudly pinching my cheeks, “you also look handsome now days. Any girl would love to have you.”

“I’m not joking, sister but I always wish I could marry girl like you.”

“Oh Brother, you’re so sweet! You want me to find you girl, beautiful like me?”

“Yes, sister! Just like you”

“Don’t worry! She said smiling finally; “I’ll find you girl like me, beautiful and sexy,” saying that she yank her eyes to me.

We took our bags and leave the house. We went to bus stand and got the bus, which was going to that hill station. Through out the journey I kept entertaining my sister, telling her funny things, jokes etc. she laughed all the times telling me I’m so funny and sweet. I purposely kept her entertaining to make her mood pleasant. Around 10:00 in the morning we reached this hill station.

We got down there. I knew one hotel, which was good and bit away from the bus stand and I stayed there last time. It wasn’t far away so we just walked up to there. I asked my sister to sit down in the reception lounge and went to the reception counter. I asked receptionist to give us luxury a/c room and paid one-day rent. Receptionist called one room boy and asked him to take us to our room, which was on 2nd floor. He took our bags and we followed him to the lift. We reached on 2nd floor to our room. Room boy opened the room and kept our bag inside. I let my sister entered in the room first. Then as room boy came out I entered and closed the door behind. I didn’t forget to slip tips in the room boy’s hand.

It was nice room with double bed in the middle and attached toilet at the end. Room was decorated well and air-conditioned was cooling air. My sister was surprised to see such a nice room.

“God! What a nice room is this! It must be costly sure, isn’t it Brother?”

“Not as costly as my sweet sister’s joy!”

“How much is a rent for one day, brother?”

“Not much! Only 900 rupees.”

“NINE HUNDRED RUPEES??? And that’s not much? Are you crazy? Why you spend so much money on this? We could have take cheap room then?”

“Listen, sister. This is your first time to come such a nice place and I want you to remember time we’ll spend here forever. Besides, I really want to make my sister comfortable and relax.”

“Oh! Brother, you’re so caring and sweet!”

My sister hugged me tightly. Her breasts were squeezed in my chest and I wasn’t hesitated to hug her too. We parted and then my sister said,

“Brother, did you notice that room boy was secretly staring at me? Why was he?”

“I don’t know, sister” I replied, “may be he thought that we are newly married couple.”

“Don’t tell me that, brother! Do I look like newly married?”

“How anybody knows that we are brother and sister? It isn’t written on our forehead. Besides in this hotel couples coming are married or at least lovers.”

“Then what you wrote in the hotel register about us, brother?”

“Husband and wife!” I told her grinningly.

“What? Are you crazy? Do I look like your wife? And do you look like my husband?”

“Why not? Ok! You are six year older than me but you don’t look like older and I also look bigger than my age. So we don’t look odd as a couple, sister.”

“You naughty boy! You want to be my husband ha? What if anybody find that we are brother and sister?”

“Who’ll know, sister? The moment we go out from this room, we’ll stop calling each other brother and sister. We’ll call each other by our name.”

“You are very smart, little brother!”

” I’m not joking, sister. If we really want to enjoy this place then we have to forget that we are brother and sister. Anyway! We are always like a friend then here also we’ll act like a friends.”

“Ok then!” my sister replied me, ” if you say so then I don’t mind to forget that you are my brother. Will stop calling each other brother and sister.”

“That’s like a good girl, sis…. Sorry!”


We both laughed loudly. After that we got freshen and got ready. My sister wore now Salwaar Kamiz, which was tightly fitted on her sexy body. We went outside and started our picnic. Till the afternoon we were roaming around. I was doing all sort of thing to keep my sister happy. Whatever she named I did all that things. If she asked to go anywhere we would go. If she asked to eat something we would eat. We wonder all around, did horse riding, site seeing, etc. etc.

There was one spot where one big waterfall was there. We went there. Lot of people were there enjoying below water. As soon as we reached there immediately I went under the water. I asked my sister to come in but she was bit hesitant saying her dress would get wet. I told her not to bother about that as we could change our cloths back in the hotel. After she agreed and soon we were below the waterfall, splashing water on each other, laughing and enjoying.

After some time we sat on nearby rocky area, drenched fully. My sister was fully wet and her already tight dress was pasted on her body like second skin. She was bit embarrassed when she realised that. So many guys were looking at her and I was also ogling on my sister’s sexy figure. We stayed there for a while and hurried back in the hotel by rickshaw.

When we reached in our room my sister took out some dry cloths from her bag and slipped in the bathroom. After some time she came out wearing blouse and petticoat. I didn’t observe her much and went in the bathroom to change my wet cloths. Inside I saw my sister’s wet dress she spread on curtain rod for drying. I thought if her dress was wet then sure here bra and panties must be wet which she must have change also. But I couldn’t see it anywhere. When I lift her salwaar I found it there.

I took out my sister’s bra and panties. My cock started to spring up handling those undergarments. When I smelled her panties I was rock hard. I stripped all my cloths and started masturbating smelling her panties and rubbing her bra on my hard cock. Soon I erupted and ejaculated my semen on her bra. I rubbed her panties on my dripping cock also. As I calm down I cleaned my sister’s bra and panties and kept it under her salwaar as it was. Then I spread my wet cloths on curtain rod and wore dry cloths.

When I came out I saw my sister was doing her make-up looking though dressing mirror. She was wearing sky blue colour sari, which was tightly wrapped around her buttock that easily I could make out outline of her panties. She was looking sexier to me that day.

After getting ready we went out again and had lunch in one fine restaurant. After we went to see few remaining beautiful spots, which were full of nature and beauty. Most of the spots were clam and quite. We wonder there like a lover. Sometimes she would hold my hand innocently or pressed herself on me while watching any breath taking sight. Some times she would stand behind me pressing against me or I would stand behind her pressing against her.

She never realised that but I was well aware of that, her firmed breast were pressing on my arm. Or even I feel her crotch with my hand. My sister was thoroughly enjoying that hill station and I was thoroughly enjoying touches and caresses of my sister’s sexy body.

At the end of the day we were bit tired wondering whole day. At night we had dinner in the dining hall of our hotel. Purposely I ordered dishes, which my sister likes, and while having dinner I entertained her with few funny jokes to keep her mood alive. We returned back in our hotel room.

We entered in the room and I closed the door behind me. My sister sat on the bed and started to weep sweat from her face with pallu of her sari. After she falled back saying that she was tired about whole days roaming. I came and sat on bed near my sister. She was laying on bed spread eagle, exhausted. She had her pallu off her chest in one hand. Her eyes were closed.

Taking advantage of my sister’s closed eyes I observed her. Since pallu of her sari was off her breast, I could see my sister’s full breast clad in tight fitting blouse. Due to sweat her blouse was bit wet and I could see her black colour bra and part of her white breast through thin material of blouse. She was breathing heavily and due to that her breast were rising and falling rhythmically.

Watching my sister’s heavy breast, my cock got hard. Between her sari and blouse her stomach was visible clearly. Due to heavy breathing her stomach was also raising and falling rhythmically. I observed She had little fats around her belly just above her waist. Her navel was deep and in round shape. I got crazy watching my sister in that sexy pose. I thought to tear that blouse and bra and eat her breast or to dove my tongue in that deep navel. But I knew I couldn’t do that.

My sister was lying there few minutes and I guess due to tiredness she must have dozed off. She was spreading her hands both sides. I saw wet spot on her blouse in her armpit. I could even see black patch of her armpit hair there.

I always thought that armpit is one of the exciting parts of women, especially hairy one. I got strong urge to smell my sister’s armpit. I leaned near her and brought my nose close to her armpit. My nose was almost touching her armpit and I deeply inhaled.

Strong aroma of my sister’s hairy armpit sweat was intoxicating me. My cock was hard inside my jeans. I knew I have to get back otherwise I would end up licking her armpit and I didn’t want to do anything at that moment, which would make her alert about my desire.


I rose up and place my hand just below her breast and shook her up,

“Sister, wake up now.”

My sister stirred and murmured, “Uhhh! What?”

“I said wake up, my dear sister. Are you tired?”

“Not really!” she opened her eyes fully and looked at me, “I’m so happy today, brother. I fulfil my long time desire to see this beautiful place. It’s because of you. Thanks, little brother!”

“Don’t mention that, sister. I’m always there to make you happy and to please you.”

“Oh! You are so sweet brother!” saying that my sister pulled me down and embraced me, “you really make me happy, brother. Tell me if I could make you happy too. I would do anything to make you happy also. Just tell me, brother!”

I raised my head and looked in her eyes and said,

“Nothing, sister! All I want is your happiness. I’m happy if you are happy.”

“Oh, Brother! My sweet brother!” saying that she hugged me again.

Suddenly I realised that I’m embracing my sister. My head was just above her firm breast and my left hand was on the side of her waist. I could fell softness yet firmness of her boobs. My crotch area was touching her thighs from side.

We cuddle like that for a while, me feeling my sister’s sexy body and she feeling my warmness. My cock was getting hard and I knew it would be hard to hide that as it was pressing in her thighs.

I parted bit from her and rose up. I slapped playfully on her chicks and said,

“Come on, sister, wake up. Get fresh and then sleep peacefully after.”

I roused and got up from bed. I took out my nightdress from my bag. I removed my jeans wrapping towel around my waist and I removed my t-shirt also. I threw them on the chair at the corner. I went to bathroom to have bath. I took my time to have a nice bath. I cleaned myself thoroughly; especially my genital area and cock, hoping to get it lick by my sister. I knew it was highly impossible but still I was keeping some hopes.

When I came out from bathroom, I saw my sister was sitting in the chair covering her with one bed sheet from top to bottom. When I saw her she sat like that grinning at me. I asked her,

“What happened sister? Are you feeling cold?”

“No!” she answered me, still smiling.

“Then why are you sitting like that covering yourself?”

“Because…! Because…!” saying that she stood up and threw bed sheet at the back side revealing herself, “because of this, brother!”

I was stunned when I saw her. I saw She was wearing my jeans and t-shirt, which I removed earlier.

“How do I look, brother?” my sister asked me standing there with her hands on her waist and stretching her chest out, “do I looks modern now?”

She was showing herself to me from all sides by turning around. She defiantly was looking terrific. I mean she never ever wore jeans or t-shirt in our house or her husband’s house before. She always wears Punjabi dresses or sari only. Few times she wore long skirts during her college days. First time I was seeing her in this outfit and I really like what I saw.

I always wear body-fitting t-shirt and since my sister was healthier than me, my t-shirt was too small for her. It was stretching on her upper body like a second skin. You could clearly see outline of her bra bulging through my t-shirt as if she was wearing only bra. Her breasts were pointing out towards me. Hemline of t-shirt was stopped just above jeans belt because of its short length. When she would raise her arms, I could see white flesh of her belly skin there.

My jeans were also tight for my sister. She was defiantly 34 or 35 as my waist size was 32. She couldn’t zip up fully and button was opened but jeans were held on her waist with help of my leather belt. When I observed her crotch area, between half open zip and belt one triangular area was formed, exposing her skin. I could see waistband line of her black colour panties there.

I don’t know how long I was watching my sister boldly up and down and she was displaying herself to me.

“How do I look, brother?” my sister asked me again.

“Great, sister! But my jeans are bit smaller for you. Otherwise you wouldn’t have displayed that tri…”

saying that I directed my fingers to her crotch area. She looked down there and said shyly,

“Don’t look there, you little saitaan! Just see and tell me how do I looks?” saying that she turned and went to front of full size dressing mirror and started observing herself in the mirror.

In the past so many times I fantasies about her wearing such a tight outfit but she never wears them. But now I was getting hard watching my sister in that tight jeans and t-shirt for the first time. I went behind her and placed my hands on her waist boldly and said,

“You looks stunned, sister!”

“Only stunned? Nothing else…?” my sister questioned me rising her one eyebrow.

“I mean… you looks great! And… and… I was hesitant to say further when she cut me saying,

“And…. And what brother..? And ‘sexy’ also, right?”

“Oh, yes!” I stammered quickly, “you look sexy too, sister. In fact you looks sexier in this dress than any other dress.”

“Oh brother! You are so sweet!”

saying that my sister hold my hands, which were on her waist and pull me closer, wrapping my hands around her stomach barely touching bottom side of her breast.

Taking full advantage of her closeness I hold my sister tightly, pressing myself against her from back. Now my face was just above her shoulder near her chicks. My hands were together on her stomach, holding her tightly and in fact, were lifting her breast slightly. My crotch area was pressing against her round buttock.

“Oh brother!” my sister pressed herself back at me and said, “it was my another dream to wear jeans and t-shirt. You know very well I never wear this outfit in our house before my marriage and my husband not even allowing me to wear Punjabi dress in the house. Thanks brother! Because of you I fulfilled my another dream too.”

“I’m always there to fulfil your all dream, sister. Just tell me if there is anything,” saying that I hugged my sister tightly from behind.

“There is nothing left anything, my little brother. You have done lots for me. You tell me if anything which I could do for you. Tell me if I could fulfil your any dream.”

At that moment I thought to tell my sister about my dream, my desire, my fantasy to FUCK HER but I knew that wasn’t right moment to tell her so I just said,

“I’ll let you know my dream if there will be anything, sister. Now! Go and get fresh.”

“Oh brother, I wish I could stay like this forever, I mean! Wearing these types of cloths all the time. But I know I can’t.”

“Don’t worry, sister. Even though you can’t wear them at our house you can wear them here.”

“It’s too tight for me, brother. Unless you increase your size.”

“Instead of increasing my size, why don’t you reduce your size, sister? You must reduce some of your fats here,” saying that I pinched her at her waist.

“Don’t be so naughty, brother,” saying that she turned and started to pinch me at my stomach.

I tried to protect myself holding her hands and then slapped her buttock and squeezed it saying,

“Or you should reduce some of this, sister.”

With mock anger my sister started to hit me on my arm saying,

“You are getting bold day by day. All you need is good wiping, little brother.”

We kept slapping each other for a while, laughing and running around and finally we hugged each other.


After that my sister took out her nightgown from bag and went to the bathroom.

While she was having shower, I wear my night t-shirt and shorts and then lay on bed, switching TV on. I flipped through all channel and settled on one channel.

Few minutes later my sister came out from bathroom, wearing her nightgown, which was pink in colour. She had my jeans and t-shirt in her hand, which she hooked on wall hook. I asked her,

“Why did you change that dress, sister?”

“Your jeans and t-shirt was too tight, brother. Besides I like to wear something like this,” saying she hold her gown on side, “loose and free with cool open air.”

“Wow! That means you aren’t wearing anything underneath other than that, sister?”

“You….! You are getting far with that, brother,” saying that she slapped me.

Even though I was just joking, I knew she was wearing bra and panties underneath. Her pink colour gown wasn’t hiding anything. When she bent down to see something in her bag, I saw outline of her dark panties on her buttock from above her gown. Crazy thought rushed in my mind to go behind her and lifting her gown stuck my face between her crack. But that was just thought.

My sister came and lay on bed on my right side, barely keeping distance between us. I took remote control of TV and checked some channels. On one channel one English movie was going on. I immediately recognised that movie and kept that channel.

My sister and I were talking about something while watching that English movie. Soon one erotic scene came on screen. As actor started to undress actress, my sister started to feel uncomfortable. Sure she was feeling awkward watching such an erotic scene with own brother. And that was also staying alone in hotel room.

“Brother, change that channel,” My sister told me.

“Why? Its good movie, sister.” I replied her without moving my eyes from TV screen.

My sister again asked me to change that channel but I refused. When actor took off heroine’s blouse, my sister couldn’t take it anymore and grabbed remote control from my hand and change that English movie channel.

I got disappointed with that. I was dying to see someone naked, be it on TV screen and my sister changed that channel. I said to her,

“Why did you change that channel? It was good movie.”

“You should not watch such a movie with your sister.”

“Why not, sister? That wasn’t anything strange.”

“Don’t you feel embarrassed watching such a erotic scene front of me?”

“Why should I, sister? You know what they were doing; I know what they were doing. We both are adult. So what’s wrong?”

“Nothing wrong! But what you know about those thing, brother?”

“I know everything, sister. I’m not a kid anymore. I know what they were doing. Ok! I never done those things practically or seen anybody like that live but I know what’s all that.”

“Ok! Ok! But you should not see these kind of things at this age.”

“Why not, sister? I’m adult now. I wanted to know everything about that. I always wonder if girl looks so sexy in the cloths then how would it be to see her without cloths. I wish I could see somebody without them, I mean fully naked!”

“You’ll know that when you’ll get married with someone,” my sister replied me silently.

“After marriage?”

“Yes! After marriage! You can ask your wife.”

“Marriage! Wife! Still I got so many years for that. I can’t wait up to that, sister.”

“Then you can ask any of your girlfriend.”

“Girlfriend! I don’t have any girlfriend, sister!”

“Don’t tell me that, brother. You’re so handsome and you don’t have any girlfriend? I can’t believe that!”

“Really, sister! I don’t have anyone,” I turned to my sister and told her.

“You mean you don’t have anybody who’s very close to you or you love very much?” my sister also turned towards me and asked me surprisingly.

“I swear, sister. I don’t have any girl who’s very close to me, except……….”

“Except whom, brother?”

“Except you, sister! You’re only one who’s very close to me and whom I love very much.”

“Who…. Me?” my sister said surprisingly, “but I’m your sister. I’m not your girlfriend, brother.”

“Ok, sister! You are not my girlfriend. But you are just like my friend. You’re the one whom I can ask frankly.”

“Ask what, brother?” my sister raised her voice.

“I mean. Like you said I could ask anybody who’s very close to me and since you’re the only one who’s very close to me. So! I’m asking you, can you show me how women looks without cloths, I mean naked.”

“What?” my sister shouted, “Are you crazy or what? How can I, brother? I’m your sister for god’s sake!”

“But we are more like a friends, sister.”

“Yes! But how would I do that? I can’t forget that we are brother/sister.”

“Oh! Come on, sister. What harm it will make you? You’ll help me to satisfy my curiosity.”

“Satisfy your curiosity? Its very strange curiosity to ask your sister, brother.”

My sister got serious after that. I kept requesting and convincing her and she kept denying me. Finally I said to her,

“See sister! I have done everything to make you happy. Just few minutes back you said you could do anything to me. Now! You are not doing what I want.”

“How can I brother? You’re asking me to do a thing which not a single sister would do in this world.”

“Ok then! Forget it. I thought you are loving me very much so you’ll not disappoint me but now I realised how you are loving me,”

Saying that I turned on my side showing my back to my sister. My sister tried to turn me back towards her but I remain firm. She said then,

“Oh brother! Why are you getting upset? Try to understand me. How can I do? How I can forget that you are my brother?”

I didn’t say anything but kept quiet. She kept telling me shaking my hand etc. but I refused to agree with her. Finally she said with sad tone,

“Oh brother! Since morning we are enjoying too much and I really don’t want to spoil that mood. You make me happy today and I don’t want to make you unhappy. Ok then! If that’s what you want then I’m agreeing.”

I was happy to hear that from my sister but I remained in same position and said,

“No sister! Don’t do that if you’re feeling sad. I don’t want you do anything unwillingly.

“No brother! It’s not like I’m not willing. Its just I feel very awkward. Now turn here, brother.”

In my mind I was feeling very excited. If she really is getting agreed for that then all my effort and expenses I did that day will be paid off. But I didn’t show any excitement on my face and turned back to face my sister. I looked in her eyes and said,

“Listen sister! Don’t get so serious about this. Its just fun! Remember how we enjoy whole day. Just think that we are still enjoying. Then only you won’t feel too awkward.”

“Ok! Ok brother! I’m not feeling awkward any more. After all I’m making my kid brother happy. He made me happy whole day, Now! It’s his time to be happy,” Saying that she smiled. I also smiled frankly.


My dream was becoming true now. I was dying to see my sister naked since long time and here time comes. Just thinking that I’m going see my own sister naked made me excited beyond any limit. My cock started getting hard thinking about that. I knew if I don’t do anything at that moment to cool it down, I would shoot cum in my short on the spot. So I decided to go in the bathroom.

I told my sister that I’ll be back in minute and went to toilet. I lowered my shorts with my underwear and my hard cock spring out. I hold it in my fist and stroked it up down. After only sixth stroke I shoot my semen. I kept stroking my cock few more second, milking it. Then I clean it and pulled my underwear up. My cock was still semi hard but I tugged it in my underwear and then pulled my shorts up. Quickly I came out from bathroom.

I came and sat on the edge of bed looking to my sister. We remain quite for few minutes. She was lying on her right side, watching TV. Occasionally she would look at me, smile shyly and then look again to TV. I was waiting for her to get up and remove her cloths but she wasn’t moving. Finally I said,

“Sister! Are you ready for that?”

“Ready for what, Brother?”

“Ready to show me how nak…. I mean how women looks without cloths.”

“Yes! I’m ready, brother.”

“Then show me, sister.”

“How can I, brother?”

“What do you mean that, sister? Just now you got agreed.”

“Yes! But dump head, how can I get naked front of my brother?”

“Oh! Sister, don’t puzzle me. Tell me what you want to say clearly.”

“I mean! Brother, how can I get naked front of you. I’m feeling shy to do that. If you want to see me naked then you have to do it yourself,” saying that she smiled with bright face.

“You mean! I have to take off your cloths?” I got excited. My sister nodded her head with approval.

“Ok sister! If that’s what you want then,” saying that I moved forward and sat at her feet.

“No! Not me. That’s what you want, brother.”

“Ok! Ok! That’s what I want. Now shall I start now, sister?”

“If you want to, brother,”

saying that she turned flat. Now she was lying middle of double bed on her back. I could see mischievous smile on her face.

I kept my both hand on my sister’s feet above her nightgown. Slowly I started sliding it up. It was stuck under her leg so she raised her knee a bit and I slide her gown past her knees. I got up and sat near her waist.

All the time when I was sliding my sister’s gown, she kept her eyes closed. I asked her,

“Sister! Why are you keeping your eyes closed?”

“because! I’m not Shameless like you, brother!” my sister replied, still closing her eyes.

“what do you mean, sister?”

“I mean! How can I see that? my own little brother is making me naked. I feel ashamed.”

“oh sister! If that’s the case then I don’t want to see anything. I don’t want you to be ashamed,” saying that I pulled my hands back.

My sister opened her eyes and looked at me. and said,

“its ok, brother! I’m not actually feeling ashamed but its just embarrass feeling that my brother is seeing me naked,” saying that she laughed, “Don’t get upset with that. I don’t mean to upset you. carry on, brother!”

I put my hands again on my sister’s gown, above her knees and she closed her eyes again. I slide it up past her thighs. I was sliding it up spreading my hands on her thighs purposely so that I can get good feeling of my sister’s smooth thighs. I gathered her gown about her waist.

Now! My sister got exposed from waist to down for me. I quickly observed her. I can see her milky fare thighs, her crotch area. She was wearing dark blue colour panties. Panties were stuck between her pussy lips bit. I could clearly see her puffy pussy lips bulging out through her panties. I would have loved to observe her like that forever but I knew that isn’t my main goal.

I tried to slide my sister gown above her waist but it was stuck under her buttock. So I just said ‘sister’ and she got hint. My sister raised her buttock and quickly I slide her gown up from under her buttock. I slide it passed her navel and stomach.

Now if I have to take rest of my sister’s gown off, I have to get her up in sitting position. She must have realised that. still closing her eyes, with mischievous smile, she raised her hands pointing them towards me. I got a hint and hold her hands and pulled her up. She got in sitting position now.

I grabbed the gown from both sides and pulled up above my sister’s breast. She raised her hands and I removed gown completely from her body and thrown on bed corner. I pushed her and she lay again on her back, still closing her eyes.

Now! My sister was half naked front of me, wearing only her bra/panties. She was wearing black colour bra. On her fare skin, that black bra and dark blue panties were looking very sexy. I was observing her bra clad breast and panty covered crotch area long time.

“what happened? why are you taking so long?” my sister asked me with her closed eyes.

“nothing, sister! Just observing you in these undergarments. You look so sexy in those black bra and dark blue panties.”

“I think you’re more interested in to look what is under them, brother. Don’t you?”

“yes! Certainly, sister!”

“then what are you waiting for, brother? Just remove them and satisfy your curiosity,” saying that my sister turned and lay on her stomach, giving me full view of her backside.

She was looking even sexier from back than front. I could see her full milky white back exposed with only 3 thin strips of her bra, one horizontal and two vertical coming from her shoulder to top of horizontal Strip. That bra must be too tight as her skin was bulging out from side of bra strip. Bottom I could see my sister’s full rounded ass chicks clad in her panties. Her backs of thighs were looking full and firm.

I placed my hands on my sister’s bra hook on her back. As my finger touched her skin her body got shocked. I inserted my four fingers in her bra strip from either side of hook and tried to open it. Bra was too tight that I found difficulty to open it. Some how I managed to open and bra strip fall both sides of my sister’s back.

Again I got up and sat back at bottom of my sister’s leg. I inserted my fingers in waistband of her panties from her sides and started pulling it down. As I pulled it down, gradually, her full rounded ass exposed for me. Wow! What a lovely ass chicks my sister has got! I slide her panties down further passing her thighs and removed it from her legs.

Now! My sister was lying on her stomach, fully naked, front of me. I took her panties making its right side up and observed it. Immediately I noticed one wet spot on front of her panties. I was sure that wet spot wasn’t there when I first observed her panties. At first I thought my sister peed in it but when I touched that area, I felt it bit sticky. Suddenly I realised, that is my sister’s pussy juice! I knew when women get excited they produce this pussy juice.

That means! My sister is excited! She got excited as her own brother was making her naked. If that’s the real case then I thought its very easy to get her to do what I want. I mean! I can make her agree to have sex with me.

Slowly I turned my sister from her stomach to her back and her frontal view was opened for me. she was still shutting her eyes. as I turned her she covered her pussy with her one hand and put her other hand cross on her breast. Still! Her breast were covered with loose black bra.

I hold strip of my sister’s bra on her shoulder and pulled it. She raised her hand, which was on her breast and I removed her bra and thrown aside. She again covered her naked breast with cross hand. I removed her hand to take look but again she covered that. This happened 2/3 times and finally she gave up covering her breast and place her other hand also on her pussy.

I can see now my sister full rounded breast clearly. It has sag little bit but still it seems like firm. I could see big dark brown areola with fat nipple on top of that. nipple was erect! Like pencil eraser!

I was sure now that my sister was excited. Who wouldn’t? getting naked front of any guy, be it brother or anybody, sure would make anyone excited. I thought that as a good sign for my planning.

Now I turned to my sister’s crotch area, which she was covering with her hands. I tried to remove it from there but she kept it firmly over there. Finally I said to her,

“oh sister, come on! Let me see that main spot. I’m dying to see that part of women.”

My sister didn’t say anything but nodded her head to ‘no’, with teasing smile on face and closed eyes. I pleaded her few more times and forcedly removed her hands from her pussy. This time she didn’t put it back and remain silent.

As I look up and down my sister’s naked body automatically word came from my mouth,

“wow! Beautiful!”

“Shameless Animal!” My sister said with mock anger, “don’t you feel embarrassed watching your own sister naked?”

“why should I, sister?” I said laughingly, “if you don’t embarrassed laying naked front of your brother then why would your brother feel embarrass to look your nakedness?”

“youuuuu… Bastard!” saying that my sister turned on her stomach.

Quickly I turned her again on her back saying, “sorry! Sorry! Sister! I was just joking.”

My sister remain lay as it is now. I again started observing her nakedness. Again I said,

“you’re beautiful, sister! why don’t you open your eyes, sister? anyway you are already naked front of me.”

“yes! But I told you brother, I feel embarrassed knowing that my brother is watching me naked. Besides! If I open my eyes and look at you, you would probably feel embarrass to watch my nakedness freely. That’s why I closed my eyes, So that I feel like nobody watching me. like the Cat’s story, who’s drinking milk closing eyes and thinking that nobody watching her…” saying that my sister laughed.

“thanks, sister!” I said to my sister, “I know! no sister in this world would get naked front of their brother on their request. But you did that. only for me! and I’m grateful to you for that. thanks!”

“oh brother! You are so sweet! I’m glad that I made you happy. Today you have given me so much joy and some how I’m making it up with that. take your time and satisfy your curiosity. you can watch my nakedness freely now.”

Saying that my sister got relaxed. She kept her one hand above her head and spread her legs little bit making room between her thighs. She was closing her eyes and her face became red, may be due to excitement or embarrassment. Her nipple became more erect now. Areola around nipple became hard. her breast were moving up and down as She was breathing heavily.

Her flat stomach was beautiful with deep navel. As I looked between her open legs, I became very hard! She had black hair just above her pussy. From where I was, I could see her pussy slit with her clit protruding out little bit. her thighs were full. Her long slender legs were sexy.

My sister was looking Goddess, Laying naked there! I don’t know how long I was watching her up and down and drinking her nakedness with my eyes

“So Brother, when will you finish your observation?” My sister asked since there was no any movement from me long time.

“I don’t know…” I said.

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“I mean I’m not getting enough of your nakedness, sister… I wish I can watch you like this forever…”

“Hmmm… If you watch me like this forever… will you afford the rent of this hotel room forever?” She said mischievously.

“Oh Sister… Don’t take my line practically. See the meaning behind that…”

“My dear Brother… I had enough of your meaning. I’m getting cold because of A.C.’s cool air…”

“Oh sorry, sister… I didn’t realize that. I’ll better switch off that A.C.!”

After I jumped from bed, went to switch board and switched off the air condition of the room. After I came to bed again and lay down left side of my naked sister. After leaning to my right side holding my head on my hand, I started watching my Sister’s face. She realized that I’m sleeping her left side. She slowely opened her eyes and looked at me. I smile back at her mischievously! She quickly shut her eyes with shame. I leaned forward and murmured slowly in her ear,

“Oh sister, can I kiss your lips?”

“What??” She almost shouted!

“Please, sister… only once…”

“Hey… you said you want see me naked. You never said anything about kissing?”

“Yap… but now I feel like kissing you, sister! Please allow me…”

“Are you mad, brother? Sometimes you feel like seeing me naked, sometimes you feel like kissing me… what’s this??”

“But that’s what I feel, sister… I can’t help it!”

“Why? Why you feel like kissing me??”

“Because… seeing you naked make me… make me hot! I’m getting excited!!”

“Excited?? Seeing your own sister??”

“Yes… And why not, sister? You’re so beautiful and sexy! Even though I’m your brother, I’m a Man… Seeing beauty like this I’m excited. Even you’re also excited!”

“Who me?? Why do you think that I’m also excited?”

“Oh come on, sister… I know that… I can make out that…”

“Make out from what? What you know? How can you say that??”

“I have seen your that Panty… ‘That’ place it was wet…”

“Panty?… wet?… where? What are you talking about, brother??”

“Oh come on, sister… I know that when woman get excited, she gets dripping down there…”

“You filthy boy… who told you that??”

“I read in the book…”

“Which book?”

“Sex education related book…”

“You dirty boy… you reading dirty books like that? That’s what you studied in the college?”

“Hey, sister… I didn’t read this type of books in the college. Just recently I read it. I’m getting older now… so reading this type of book I’m getting some knowledge.”

“What else you learned from that book?”

“I learned that when woman get excited, their vagina get wet and started dripping white fluid.”

“That’s not true, brother… this white fluid all the time coming out from our pus… vagina… that doesn’t mean we get excited…”

“Ok, agreed! But just some time before you’ve taken bath and make yourself dry. When I saw first time your panties ‘that’ part it was not wet. But when I removed your panty it was wet at that spot. That means when I was removing your cloths and making you naked you got excited with that… am I right?”

“What logic, brother… I must salute you…” my Sister said laughingly.

“But tell me frankly, sister… don’t you got excited?”

“Well… I got little bit… after all I’m also woman so will get little excited…”

“Exactly! The way you got little excited same way I also got excited… and that’s why I feel like kissing you… So please sister… Let me kiss you once… quickly… only once…”

“What’s this, brother? You’re demanding more and more…”

“Oh sister… it’s only one kiss… you’re not going to loose anything against that… by this time I could have finish it.”

“All right… you can kiss me once… but quick kiss hmmm…” finally my sister got agreed!

“Oh thanks sister! Really thanks you very much!!”

“First kiss me… then say thanks…” She said mischievously.

After that she closed her eyes and lay their quietly. I got very excited now. I dreamed about having various types of sexual relations with my sister thousand times. But now I’m going to do one thing with her practically in reality. I leaned forward. My lips were just inches away from her luscious lips. She realized my breathing air next to her lips. I’m not sure but she must have moved her lips upwards to receive my lips.

Leaning forwards I touched my lips to her full lips! As if like electric current passed through my body I shivered! Automatically I started pressing my lips to her lips and started kissing her passionately…

For few moments my sister was quiet. But as I started pressing more on her lips she started responding. Few more moment I just kept kissing her lips and then parted my lips. I took out me tongue and touched her lips. I guess it was unexpected to her as I realized she got bit shivered with that. I kept pressing my lips on her and started licking her lips with my tongue slowly. Initially she kept quiet and didn’t do anything. But as I started getting bolder she started parting her lips. At last my sister parted her lips and with her tongue touched my lips

Yes! Finally I broke my sister’s resistance! Because of the excitement she forced to open her mouth and touched my lip with her tongue. I also touched again her lips with my tongue and she didn’t close her lips. Taking it as signal I inserted my tongue in her lips. For a second I saw resistance from her. But next moment I saw her relaxing. She even touched her tongue to my tongue. And then I started playing with my tongue to her tongue.

I kept pressure of my lips to her. We brother-sister were kissing like that first time. We’re kissing like we born for this kissing session. My sister was responding to my kissing in deferent daze. We were kissing like lovers at that moment. I don’t want to stop it but some how I have to end this to keep my word. If I don’t keep my word and don’t stop then she’ll not allow me to do anything further. So reluctantly I moved my lips from her luscious lips.

My sister was still in deferent daze as she was still keeping her eyes closed. I was watching her lovely face. After two minutes she opened her eyes. When she realized that I was watching her face she got flushed.

“Now at least I should say thanks to you, sister… Please accept it!” I said to her for that she just smiled and nodded her head.

“So… how you felt that, sister?” I asked curiously.

“Should I tell you truth or lie?” she said mischievously.

“Whatever you feel is right…”

“OK… then I’ll tell you truth! Initially I was feeling ashamed… But after sometimes I got carried away. You really kissed me very nicely! My dear Brother… I’m your sister but even I got melted with your kiss… if you wouldn’t have moved your lips, I don’t know what would have happened after that…”

“Oh really? Then let me kiss you again like that, sister… then we’ll come to know what would have happened after that…” I said to her winking.

“Don’t be so naughty, Brother… and tell me one thing… you said you’ll take quick kiss… then why have you taken so long? I mean kissed me so long…”

“Hey come on sister… I also got carried away… once I started kissing you I lost myself in your luscious lips. And you also were responding me nicely…”

“Off course I would respond… why did you slide your tongue in my mouth? Where you learned all this technique? You must have learned if from that dirty book I guess…”

“Oh come on, sister… that was not dirty books… It was book of sex Education…”

“Hmmm… Sex education… And what you learned from that book? What knowledge you got from that book?”

“Many things… How to excite the woman… What you have to do to make woman more excited… how they get satisfied… etc.”

“Hmmm… I see… that means you know all of this…?”

“Off course… should I tell you?”

“No no… I don’t want to increase my knowledge…” she said laughingly.

“Increase??… you’re saying as if you have some knowledge already…”

“What? What did you say, brother?? Do you think you’re ‘Vatsayan’ or what? for your information… I’m married woman Mister! now only you’re getting matured and you talking as if like you’re very experienced guy…”

“Hey sister… I agreed you’re married woman… But that doesn’t mean you know everything about sex…”

“Is it? You think so??… Then tell me now… what sex knowledge you have, which I don’t know… I’ll shed my dignity and listen to you shamefully…”

“Ok… If that’s what you insist then I’ll sure teach you one or two things about sex, which you don’t know…”

I said and looked at my sister proudly. She was just smiling mischievously. Sure she wasn’t feeling shy or ashamed asking me that…

“Ok… now you have to answer me honestly… Tell me… do you know how woman get satisfy thoroughly in the sex?” I asked her.

“No, I don’t know!” She replied quickly.

“I said answer honestly… not jokingly…”

“Yes… I’m answering honestly… not joking!” she said shyly.

“Oh come on, sister… you don’t know how woman get satisfy??” I asked disbelief.

“I told you honestly… now if you want to believe then believe it. Or leave it and close this subject!”

“Ok… I accept that! even if you know or don’t know I’ll tell you now… and one more thing… I may use some dirty words, which you would feel inappropriate. But I have to… without those words I cannot explain you…”

“Ok ok… I don’t mind… you start telling me…”

“Good… now… do you know woman’s vagina has one small part called ‘Clitoris’? Just above the Vagina… like knob…”

“Is these words are dirty? Who’ll say these are inappropriate words??” saying that my sister started laughing loudly.

“Don’t laugh, sister… I’m telling you seriously…”

“Ok ok… go ahead…”

“so this clitoris gets rubbed while having sex… woman get excited more and more… she get pleasure out of it… and finally reach to the highest excitement level and get climax after that… that’s how she get satisfaction with sex!’

“You’re lying… It’s not the truth! That’s not the fact… woman doesn’t get any pleasure with sex act… she get only pain… trouble…”

“See… that means you don’t know this… otherwise you wouldn’t have said this…”

“May be… I don’t know that…”

“Sister, really you don’t know this? You never had pleasure like this??” I asked surprisingly.

“No! Never… I don’t believe what you said…” she said frankly.

“Oh Sister… How can I convince you? Ok… If you don’t believe then I’ll show you that practically!” I said and got up. Then started going towards her legs.

“WHAT??” Sister shouted surprisingly, “Brother, What are you doing?? You’re getting out of hand… come here… Stop! why are you sitting in my legs? Leave me… Don’t hold my legs… What you doing?? Why are you spreading my legs?? sheee!! Why you putting your mouth there?? aahhh… please Brother… Stop that! what’s this disgusting thing you’re doing? I’m your Sister for God sake! Leave me… Leave from my legs… Please…”

I ignored completely what my Sister was saying and went straight to her legs. I spread her legs and leaning down directly put my mouth on her pussy lips!! Wow… I was kissing my Sisters pussy!! The very same pussy I dreamed many nights. I was holding her legs spread and kissing her pussy. She tried to free her legs from my grip but I was strong. She tried to take away my mouth from her pussy but he was weak. So I kept kissing her pussy and she was like helpless there…

I first licked her pussy slit from top to bottom and above. Then on top of her pussy lips protruding out was her clit, which I started licking with my tongue. She was begging me to stop, she was trying to take way my mouth by holding my hairs but I was not moving my mouth from her sweet pussy. When she realized that she cannot take my mouth off from her pussy she sat quietly like helpless. After that I started licking her clit and pussy more eagerly and with more interest.

For some time my Sister just sat quietly not responding anything. But as I was licking her pussy with more intensely finally she started responding to my licking. And why not? After all when women’s clitoris gets rubbed or licked sure she would get excited. I knew that with practical experience. I tried that on my college girlfriend many times and given them sexual pleasure by sucking, licking there pussy and clit. Whatever my sister said I can realize that she’s not experienced this pleasure from her husband. My Jiju might have not licked my sister pussy. Off course! One cannot expect this type of sexual act from conservative guy like him. I was sure he might have not even asked my sister to lick his lund (dick). Well! I was about to find out that in few minutes…

I hold my sister’s erected clit in my lips and started licking it with my tongue. While doing that I was pressing my lips to her pussy lips so that her clit would get good pressure and massage. Now excited with this licking my sister started moaning lightly. She was whispering in between like “Oh brother, don’t do this to me… Leave me… why are you doing this… It’s not good brother… to lick sister like this… leave me…” But she was not attempting to stop me or take way my mouth from her pussy. I knew that she would not oppose me doing anything because she was now sexually got excited. Her inner most sexual urge got released and she cannot control it.

Slowly my sister started moving her waist with excitement. She started moaning and humming bit loudly. I looked up to her face while sucking her clit. Her eyes were shut and she was moving her head here and there uncomfortably. May be she was trying to control her sexual urge but was unable to hold it. Suddenly she opened her eyes and looked at me down. I can see pure sexual desire in my sister’s eyes! Her eyes were half closed as if like she’s drunken. One moment she looked at me and she cried out loudly. Holding my hairs firmly she pressed my mouth on her pussy and started humping raising her waist desperately, as if like she was fucking with me pushing from down.

My sister was doing that with full force and because of that I was not able to keep my mouth on her pussy firmly. I was barely able to keep my mouth on her pussy and was able to lick her clit properly. Her force was so strong that I could feel her bone above pussy was poking me making me uncomfortable. My mouth was on her clit so my chin was pressing and brushing to her pussy clit. Her pussy was licking with her pussy juice and my chin was getting wet with her juice.

She started moaning more loudly. Her humping got increased with more force and push. Some strange sound and words started coming out from her mouth. “ohhhh… yahhh… uhhhh… aaaiii…. bro…th…or…” saying that she shouted lastly. She kept pressing my mouth on her pussy for few moments not moving or doing anything. After that she started calm down slowly reducing her movement. Finally she let go my hair and lay back tiredly.

My sister came forcefully and had nice orgasm! It was from me, her brother! I was feeling as if like I have done something great! I was still licking her pussy lightly and observing her condition. She was getting calm and was recovering from her fantastic sexual experience. She was feeling tired and her body was sweaty with this wonderful sexual encounter. After when her orgasm subsided she tried to push away my mouth from her pussy. Lastly I ran my tongue on her pussy slit for last time and raised my head. Her pussy was dripping her juice and some of it was there on my tongue. I was feeling very content by drinking my sister’s pussy juice. Lovingly I licked my lips and sour her pussy juice from it.

I got up and lay back again beside my sister. I was looking at her face and then was looking her naked body up and down. From top angle I can she her naked body looks deferent. Her face was first as if like she’s tired but then slowly its got changed and it became very fresh. I watching her face very closely and was seeing the changes.

After few more minutes my sister opened her eyes. We looked each other. She smiled sheepishly and I also laughed mischievously.

“How you felt, sister?” I asked her.

“Very nice!” she said shyly.

“You ever got pleasure like this??” I asked.

“Never! It was very deferent! very Nice!…” she admitted frankly.

“Jiju never gave you this type of pleasure? He never done this to you the way I did??”

“Naa… He never did! You may not know this…”

“And you, sister? You ever know about this?”

“Well… I only heard some times that people take oral satisfaction.”

“If you heard then you never feel like telling Jiju to do it?”

Some times I used to feel… But I knew he would like it. So I never asked him.”

“Means you were wishing he would do something like that but your wish was not fulfilling, right?”

“Kind of…” my sister admitted.

“That means your wish became true now… One of your dreams has fulfilled now!” I said laughingly.

“Yes, it did! And I’m satisfied fully! Where you learned all this? You’re like ‘Chupa Rustam’ hmm…”

“Well… from where else I can learn? From that sex education book only! I was only having ‘reading’ knowledge but now I got ‘practical’ knowledge also…” I said laughingly.

“What else you learned from that book, brother? Sister asked jokingly.

“Well… I learned many things… If you willing to give me practical experience then I’ll happily tell you everything…” I said to my sister winking my one eye.

“No! Absolutely not, brother… I’ll not do anything. We already crossed boundary of our relation. Now we cannot go any further. I’ll not allow you to do anything.”

“Tell me, sister… the pleasure I gave you, the pleasure you got from me… Have you ever got it from Jiju??” I asked here.

“No, never… but still…”

“This is what, sister… This is what lacking in your married life.”

“What do you mean??” she asked with big question mark on her face.

“Means Jiju is very conservative so he may not know how to give full satisfaction or to get satisfaction in sexual life. He doesn’t know how to enjoy sexual life. That’s the reason after one kid he lost his interest in you. He might be thinking after giving you one son his duty as a husband got finish. But it’s not like that. Marriage Life is not just earning money, giving shelter, food, cloths, jewelry etc. he should keep you sexually also satisfied. That’s also his duty. He’s not performing that duty that’s why you’re always unhappy, sister!”

“Well… what you’re saying might be correct, brother… But in our sexual life he’ll not do anything like this. So I have no choice but to accept that fact and live with It.” my sister said sadly.

“No, sister… To get full sexual pleasure as a woman is your rights. And if Jiju not able to give you that then I’ll give it to you. As a Brother it’s my duty to give satisfaction to my sister, be it sexual satisfaction or anything else. I want to see my sister happy in her life, be it sexual life or any other matter.”

“Are you mad, brother? It’s not allowed brother to give sister any sexual pleasure. Our Culture, our Society not at all allows it.” Sister said.

“I know that, sister… we don’t need to tell anybody about this. We can do this without knowing anyone. Rather you can enjoy this without anybody’s knowledge.”

“But still, brother… our brother-sister relation is like that. We’re not allowed to enjoy with each other. We can’t have sexual relations!!”

“Why not? Since morning we’re enjoying like Lovers, like married couple… that time we weren’t Brother-Sister? We feel comfortable with each other. We don’t hesitant to enjoy with each other. We love to give pleasure to each other… then why not to enjoy it again and again??”

“Oh brother… how can we do that? How can I explain you its wrong??”

“Tell me, sister… what we did few minutes before, haven’t you enjoyed that??”

“Not we… you did, brother… I was protesting… but you hold me tight…”

“Ok… I agreed… I did… But after you also co-operate with me…”

“When did I co-operate with you??” She said mischievously.

“Oh come on, sister… I freed you later on… But you never push me aside. Moreover you were pushing from bottom and enjoying my licking immensely.”

“Then what else I could do, brother??” my sister said shyly, “you were holding me tightly not leaving. On top of that you’re doing ‘that’… you know licking me down there, which was fueling my excitement. Then how long I would hold myself? Agreed I’m your sister and you’re my brother doing that but after all I’m women. I also couldn’t hold back my feeling and urge. And then I started participating in that act…”

“Exactly! that’s what my point is… Few second you might have felt guilty but after you might have started enjoying it. If you really enjoyed it then why not to get that pleasure again and again??”

“Tell me one thing; brother… you’re licking me ‘down’ there… what pleasure you got from that? What joy you felt doing that with your sister??” she asked me suddenly.

“Well… to tell you fact… Men don’t get any practical pleasure licking women’s ‘that’ part… that’s the reason most of the men don’t do that. But after all it’s his duty to satisfy women completely. So he must do this act. If you ask me, I’ll be always ready to do that with you! It’s my pleasure to give you pleasure. It’s my joy to give you happiness of sexual life!”

“You didn’t fell disgusted?” she asked interestingly.

“Not at all… How would I feel disgusted?? In fact! I enjoyed it lot. Especially it’s your pus… I mean that part, which gave me immense satisfaction!”

“you know, brother… you always talk sweet like this… that’s why I can’t say ‘no’ to you… that’s why I don’t feel like disappointing you…” she said laughingly.

“if that’s the case then do what I say, sister… the way I licked your ‘pussy’ and gave you pleasure, give me also similar pleasure…”

“Brother!!!!… My sister shouted, “you shameless boy!!… How can you utter dirty word like ‘pussy’ front of your sister??”

“What’s big deal in it, sister? I said laughingly, “In fact! Talking in such dirty language gives more pleasure… just look at you… you also just said ‘pussy’ very easily… it’s so much tern on hearing it from your mouth. So we should talk dirty from now onwards…”

“Shut… Never… I’ll not utter such dirty words again…”

“Oh come on, sister… using these dirty words, dirty language is more fun and excitement. Initially you’ll feel bit Awkward but later on you’ll get used to it and fluently you’ll talk dirty…”

“No way… I feel shy…” she said.

“Initially… but not later on… come on, sister… you just try… after you’ll get used to…”

“Ok… I’ll try… anyway you already made me shameless women… what else it makes different if I talk dirty with you… why I should shy further!”

“That like a good girl, I mean women, sister… so what I was telling you? ya… the way I lick your pussy and fulfilled your one dream, I also have one dream, which you can fulfill…”

“What’s that?” she asked eagerly.

“I used to dream that someone is licking my ‘LUND'(dick) and sucking it nicely…”

“No way… I never did that…” she said laughingly.

“I knew that, sister… Jiju never asked you to lick his lund… But at least you know that if a woman licks man’s lund it gives him immense pleasure?”

“ya, I told you before… I heard about oral sex…”

“Then you never felt like giving Jiju that Pleasure?”

“I wish few times but I knew that He would not allow me to do that…”

“Then now don’t you feel like fulfilling your that wish?”

“Well… I don’t know… I never did that before so I don’t know whether I can do that right or not…”

“You can do that… I’m sure… It’s not hard… you just start I’ll guide you…”

“Hey GUIDE… How do you know that? Have you done that before? I mean did anyone suck your…” she couldn’t utter word LUND (dick).

“Well… Practically I never did… But only read in ‘that’ book.”

“Hmmm… I’m really curious about your ‘that’ book, Brother… Will you give me that book to read? Let me see if I can gain some knowledge with that book.”

“Sure, Sister… Sure I’ll give you that book to read. But now will you listen to me? Will you suck my lund, sister??”

“Hmmm… how can I say no to you, my brother? Today you’re pleasing me many ways! You’re fulfilling my wishes. Then I bound to fulfill your wish. Tell me now… from where I can start?”

The way I was talking with my sister, I was damn sure that my sister will be ready to suck my Lund. I started getting excited with the image of my sister sucking my lund (dick). Thousand times I dreamed about that and that dream was turning in to reality. I got up hurriedly and move above reclining half the body on the pillow. Then I told my sister,

“Sister, will you please take my cloths off?”

“Why would I? I already fulfilled my wish of seeing man naked.” I knew that she was teasing me saying that.

“Oh please, sister… remove my cloths… you have not problem doing that.”

“No way… If you want you remove your own cloths.” she said it looking mischievously to me.

“Ok leave it… If you don’t want to do it then I also don’t want to do that…” I said with disappointed voice.

“Oh my lovely brother… you got upset hmmm… don’t be upset! Don’t you understand I was just kidding…” she said laughingly.

I didn’t say anything and still behave like I’m very upset with that…

“Ok… ok… Don’t do acting, brother… I know that butterfly must be flying in your stomach.” She said again with smile.

When I heard that I couldn’t hold but laughed loudly.

“See… you’re laughing frankly… I knew that…”

My sister said and got up. Then she stands on her knees. She signaled me to get up. I got up and sat properly. She holds my T-shirt at the bottom and started raising it above. Slowly but with swift movement she removed my T-shirt and throw aside. Then she pushed me back and forced me to lie down. Then she moved back walking on her knees and went to feet. Then she bends down and inserted her fingers in the elastic of my short. Hold it she started pulling it down. She inserted her fingers such a way that along with my short my underwear also was pulling down. Holding both she was pulling it down.

My lund was half hard and was bent down towards my legs. So my sister was not having difficulty pulling my short down. When public hair above my lund area started showing she started laughing. But somehow she holds her laugh and kept pulling my short down. As soon as my lund started getting expose my sister’s smile was fading away. Now my sister’s going to see my lund and thought of that started getting me excited more and more. I was getting hard thinking that. My sister pulled my short up to my thighs and finally my full lund was naked front of her eyes! She removed my short fully and throws it away.

Now I was fully naked front of my sister! Her eyes were glued to my semi hard lund. My sister’s looking at my lund, I’m naked front of her, these thoughts started boiling my lust in my excited mind. Within a moment my lund got full hard. It hardened as if like he’s own living creature! As my lund started getting hard and stand like iron poll, my sister’s eyes got big with surprised! She’ was looking surprisingly to my lund and to my face. I realized that she must be amazed how my lund got hard quickly.

“Brother, what is this? How fast you got hard!! I never saw like this before!”

“Really? sister, you never saw Jiju’s lund getting hard like this?”

“Never! I mean I always used to feel it when he insert in me. But never saw it how it gets hard… I never knew that it’s get hard such fast!” she said amazingly.

“Well… It’s all your magic, sister!” I said.

“My magic? What I did? I not even touch it!”

“Ya… Practically you’ve not touch it but it’s all your effect. I’m full naked front of you. I’m naked from of my sister… That fact makes me so excited that I got hard instantly! You can’t imagine your affect on me!”

“Well… I don’t need to imagine because I can see it practically front of me!” she said surprisingly.

“Hmmm… you like it, sister…” I said proudly.

“Off course! Hey Brother, can I see your lund bit closely? I have that desire since long time, to examine the lund closely…”

Saying that my sister spread my legs and sat in between them.

“What are you saying, sister? You never examine Jiju’s lund?” I asked surprisingly.

“I never had courage to ask your Jiju. You know how he’s conservative. He was not allowing me to even touch it. Most of the time we had sex in night lamp so I never got chance to see his lund properly.”

“Hmmm… That’s why you wanted to examine the lund properly.”

“Yes… but not any lund… Only your Jiju’s lund…”

“Oh I see… But then this lund is not Jiju’s…”

“Ya… I know that… Ok it’s not my husband’s lund, it’s my brother’s lund… I have to fulfill my desire with your lund, brother…”

Hearing that from my sister’s mouth I started laughing. She looked at me surprisingly and asked,

“Why you laughing?”

“See how casually you’re speaking word ‘lund’… just few moment before you were complaining about it as dirty word… remembering that I laughed.”

“Now it’s your effect, brother… You spoiled me!” She said laughingly.

“Not yet, sister…” I said slowly.

“What did you say?” she asked surprisingly.

“hm?… Nothing! are you examine my lund? I’m dying to see that…” I said changing the topic.

After I asked my sister to lay down between my spread legs. She lay down on her stomach and brought her face very near to my hard lund. She observed my lund from top to bottom few moment and then raise her hand and hold it.

“ohhhh sis…” When my sister touched my lund I got excited and sigh with pleasure!

“What happened, brother? you got pain?” She asked worriedly.

“No pain, sister… it was gain… gain of ultimate pleasure!” I said closing my eyes happily.

“What do you mean by gaining ultimate pleasure?” she asked.

“Sister… It was my long desire that you touch my lund with your lovely fingure.”

“Who me?? You had desire ‘me’ touching your lund??” she asked surprisingly.

“No… You mean girl… any women…”

“Oh any women… That’s what I was thinking… how come you have desire that me touching your lung…”

Well, what would I tell her? That not only I have desire that she would touch my lund but she would take it in her hole, any hole, every hole… off course! I didn’t say anything. I just lie there quietly and watch her examining my lund. She holds my lund in hand and examine it from front to back. After she pressed my lund towards my stomach and examined my balls. She pressed my lund down with one hand and with other hand hold my balls. She caressed my balls with her fingers and pulled the hairs above that. When she pulled my hair, skin of my balls got stretched and she was amazed seeing that!

Now my sister pulled my balls skin up and started observing part below my balls. I spread my legs further and pulled it up so that my sister can see that part properly. I jumped with shock when I realized my sister touched my anus hole. I was sure that she could see my ass hole but I never imagined she would touch there. When she saw me jumping with that touch she laughed and let go my lund taking her hand from it. As she released my lund it stand like iron poll again!

After few moment my sister wrap her fingers around my lund just below it’s mushroom like head and pulled the skin down from it’s head. My lund’s supada was shining with light and it looks like very smooth. She couldn’t resist herself and ran her one finger on it. Also she ran her finger on the slit of my lund’s supada and felt it. Keeping her two fingers either side of slit she spread it and observed the pissing slit carefully. When she took out her fingers that slit got closed and pre-cum drop came out from that.

That pre-cum drop was like water and was shining with light. She was amazed to see that drop and she touched it with her finger. That pre-cum drop got on her finger and she rubbed other finger on it and checked how sticky it was. Whole time I was seeing what my sister was doing with my lund and I was very excited seeing that! After he let go my lund and sat up properly.

“Well… This part of men is really very deferent!” my sister said smilingly.

“Why men… Even women’s ‘that’ part is very deferent… unimaginable! Like mystery…” I said to her.

“Which women’s ‘that’ part you saw, brother? Sure not mine!” she said.

“That why I’m saying… unimaginable… mysterious… I saw your ‘that’ part only from above… But wanted to explore that mystery if you allow me…”

“No way… I’m not going to show you mine and explore that mystery!” she said laughingly.

“That we’ll see later on… now please start… Start giving me pleasure by sucking my lund…” I finally said.

“Ok… Tell me how I start… you’re my ‘GUIDE’ so tell me how I should do…” she said.

“Ok, sister… Now you lay don between my legs, just like before… yes… like that… Now hold my lund straight up… yes, that way… now… bring your lips closer to my lund and touch it to my supada… ohhhh… yaa… Like that… God! few moment just kiss it like that… yes… yes… Now take out your tongue and lick my supada… yes, that way… just like you lick the candy… right… like that… Ahhh… wow… you doing well, sister… Now… can you see that slit above supada? lick it with your tongue… dig it with point of your tongue… that way… yesss… oh god! What feeling! Like that, sister… you’re doing fine… keep doing that… keep licking my lund…”

I was mesmerized with site front of my eyes! My Elder sister was lying between my legs. And I was guiding her how to suck my lund. She was licking my lund’s supada and in between she was licking slit of my piss hole. It’s was very deferent sensation! I couldn’t control and my lund got twitched. Because of that one watery drop of my pre-cum came out from my piss hole. My sister looked at me mischievously and looking in my eyes she lick that drop with her tongue! She took her tongue inside her mouth and tasted me pre-cum drop. She must have like it because she winked her eyes with happiness!

When I saw that I felt like my life has made! My sister tasted my cum! And she like the taste of my cum! That gave me assurance that if I ejaculate in my sister’s mouth she’ll not object it and swallow all my juice! realizing that I started telling her further what to do…

“Now sister… You open your mouth and take only supada of my lund in your mouth… yess… like that… ohhhh… Now hold my supada in your lips… now inside your mouth run your tongue on my supada… suck it with lips and lick it with tongue… yess… that way… yaa… I like it! Great! Keep doing… Don’t suck it strongly… Suck it gently… suck sister… suck your brother’s lund…”

While suking my lund my sister started smiling. I was not knowing why she was smiling. So I asked her,

“What happened, sister? Why are you smiling?”

“nothing, brother…,” My sister raised her mouth and said, “You were asking me to suck it gently and I remembered just few minutes back you were sucking my pussy strongly… That time initially it was hurting me and now I got chance to take revenge of that! Now I’ll suck you strongly.”

My sister said that with devilish smile and started sucking again my lund strongly. I said to her,

“Don’t suck it strongly, sister… Sure it will be painful for me. It’s very sensitive part! It’s not like your pussy…”

“Oh don’t get scare, brother… I was just joking! How can I give you pain? rather I’ll give you pleasure… I’ll suck your lund gently!” and she started sucking me gently.

“Thanks, sister! Ahhh… Like that, sister… I feel very happy with that, sister… Now try to take my full lund in your mouth… yes… like that… go down… more… take it more in your mouth… breath through your nose… so that you’ll not feel suffocated… take your mouth further down… yess…”

Almost 75% my lund was gone inside my sister’s wet mouth and I was feeling like I’m in heaven. Rather my lund was in heaven! Still 25% lund was yet to go inside her mouth and I could feel back of her throat to my lund’s supada. I kept my hand on her head and ran my fingers in her hair few moments. Then slowly pushing her head down I started telling her,

“Breath with your nose, sister… Now take more of my lund in your mouth… take it… more… go down… take your head further… yes, like that! so that supada of lund would sleep in your throat. yes… like that… let it go in your throat. let it… more… more… right! little more… yess… That’s it! Great… You’re great, sister!

I couldn’t believe my eyes! My sister has taken whole of my lund in her mouth! Supada of my lund was gone inside her throat! her lips were touching at the base of my lund and I was getting tickling sensation on my public hair. She was breathing loudly with her nose and she was exhaling hot air on my public hair.

“Oh, sister… My Dear Sister… You’re great! You took whole of lund inside your mouth… Thanks! Thank you very much! I love you, sister! I love you very much!”

I was thanking my sister with bottom of my heart as I never imagine she would take my lund in her mouth! At that moment I felt like she was best sister in this world! Who took her own brother’s lund in her mouth. to get more pleasure from her I started telling her further what to do…

“now… sister… move your mouth up and down on my lund… like that…,” and holding her head I moved it up and down few times. She started doing that! “Yes… very good, sister… you’re doing fine… like this… keep doing… In between sometimes lick my lund taking it out from your mouth… yess… like that… yes… ohhh… yaa… Ahh…”

My lund was hard like iron pole! My sister was sucking my lund with all her glory. It was very deferent sensation, very super natural feeling! Which I never experienced! My sister quickly acquired techniques of sucking man’s lund. She was applying all techniques, method, which I taught her. She was licking my supada, she was licking my piss hole. She was licking my lund up and down and from top to bottom. In between she would take it fully in her mouth taking supada in her throat. Some times pressing her lips in my publich hair blowing hot air there… My sister was happily sucking own brother’s lund!

“Now, sister… lean your head down and lick my lund up and down with your lips… yes… like that… absolutely right… now slide your lips on my lund down… go down… go down to my balls… now suck my balls… lick it nicely! God, you’re doing nicely, sister! Now open your mouth and take my balls in your mouth… slowely… it’s very sensitive part of man’s body. so take it slowely… take full of my balls in your lovely wet mouth… oh yaa… like that… oh yess… suck it slowely… right… look at me, sister… look in my eyes and suck my balls… while sucking your brother’s balls look in to his eyes… Wow! What a sexy you looks, sister! Mind blowing!”

I would never forget in my life that scene! I was pressing my lund on my stomach and below that my sister was sucking balls taking it in her mouth. On top of that she was looking in my eyes with love and lust. I was surprised with my own stamina that how come I lasted so long. The fact that my own sister’s sucking my lund and balls was too much for me. I should have shot my gun in to her mouth. My balls should have erupted in her mouth. But some how I was holding it back. May be earlier I shag my lund in the bathroom, which was giving me room to hold it back.

First time in my life any girl or woman was lovingly sucking my lund! And who was she?? My Dream Girl! My Kaamadevi! My lovely elder sister! My didi… Thousand times I dreamed that my sister’s sucking my lund and now that dream cames true!

With all of these thoughts I got excited beyond my limits! My will power to hold it back has got finished! I started feeling like any moment my Lund’s going to erupt! any moment I was going to ejaculate my semen in my sister’s mouth! My sticky juice going to fluid in my sister’s wet mouth.

Off course, my sister was sucking my balls and soon she started again sucking my lund. After few moment I pressed her mouth on my lund and asked her to take it deep while doing her mouth up and down. I slowly started moving my waste up and down and started humping her mouth with my lund, as if like I was fucking my sister’s mouth.

“Oh sister… Oh Dear… I can’t hold it back… I’m going to finish now… ohhhh… Ahhh…” ssying something like that I pressed her mouth on my lund.

My sister tried to take her mouth off from my lund. She wanted to say something but I was not allowing her to take her mouth up. I knew that she was indicating me to let her take mouth off from my lund but I ignored her signal. I was like animal out of control! I was feeling heat in my ears and my whole body. I was holding her head steadily and moving my waste fucking her mouth. I was moving my waste frantically and fucking her mouth with strong push.

Suddenly I jerked and semen erupted from my lund! That moment supada of lund was at the entrance of my sister’s throat. So the first erupted spray landing in her throat. When she realized that she struggled to take her mouth off. But I was in influence of devilish power so I didn’t leave her. With every twitch my lund was pouring my sticky juice in my sister’s mouth. She was not able to get herself free from my hold so she got no choice but to swallow all my semen. Slowly my ejaculating power got faded and I started calming down. I let loose little bit her head so that she could take it inch or two up and breathe properly. Till last drop of my semen shot in her mouth I hold her and after I leave her.

As soon as I freed her my sister rose up and sat properly. She started coughing keeping hand on mouth and when she was unable to control she got down from bed and ran to the toilet. I could hear that she started water tap and taking water in the mouth she was gargling. With Coughing and gargling she was trying to take my semen out from her throat and mouth. After some times I heard she got calm and came out from bathroom.

Actually was completely lost when I was ejaculating in my sister’s mouth. My eyes were closed and I was purely concentrating to unload my gun in my sister’s mouth. So I haven’t seen her condition after when she took her mouth off from my lund and ran to the toilet. When she was gargling then only I came in to the sense and realized what I did. I started feeling ashamed how I behave with my sister. She wanted to take her mouth off from my lund but I didn’t allow her to do that. I was damn sure that she would get upset with that.

I started thinking about how I’m going to convince her and make her calm down. She came out from toilet and sat on the bed near to me. Her face was expressionless so I couldn’t figure out what’s there in her mind.

“S… Sorry, sister!! I was lost and out of my mind when that happened. This was my first time that someone suck my lund so I couldn’t hold it back and behaved like crazy! I’m sorry, sister!” I said it with uncertain voice.

“It’s ok, brother… Never mind! I can understand that it was your first time. But you should have realized that I was getting suffocated…” quietly saying that she lay down on the bed beside me.

“Oh I’m extremely sorry, sister… please forgive me!” I was relieved that she was not sounding upset. I said further, “You’re so nice, sister! With big heart you fulfill my wish, which no sister in this world would have fulfilled. And I have taken advantage of that. you were struggling to free from me but I hold you back.” I said with guilty tone.

“It’s ok brother… no need to feel guilty…” she said.

“No sister… I must get punished! You have to punish me for troubling you so harshly!” I told her.

“Oh come on, brother… no need to punish you. I’m not angry or upset with what you’ve done. I was only bit shocked when you ejaculate your ‘that’ in my mouth. It was unexpected so I was not prepared for that. That’s all… if you would have hinted me before that I would have been prepared for that.” she explained me.

“No sister… I must get punishment… If you’re not punishing me then I’ll punish myself! I must please you some deferent way… I must give you some deferent joy to make up my fault.”

“Hmmm… Now what deferent joy you want to give me?” She said curiously.

“well…,” Thinking something I said, “Gentle romantic love… I’ll shower on you some romantic love…”

“What’s that? Sure it must be something from that sex education book… isn’t it, brother?”

“Not really fully… I mean some from that book and some of my own thought!” I said.

“Leave it! Now I’m not going to do with you anything…” saying that my sister turned and lay on her stomach looked facing away from me.

“You don’t have to, sister…,” she was laying on her stomach so touching her ass I said to her, “You just lay back and relax. I’ll do myself what needed to do…”

She didn’t say anything laying there. I lay down beside her started caressing her body and said with gentle voice,

“Tell me, sister… should I start? Making gentle love to you… I’m sure you’ll like it. I’m damn sure you must have not got this pleasure from Jiju.”

I kept asking her and finally she said, “ok… ok… Do what you want to do…”

“Oh thanks, sister! I’m glad you allow me!” I said happily.

My sister was still fully naked lying on her stomach closing her eyes. Her face was away to her left hand side and I was lying on her right hand side. I got up and stand on my knees near her. Then keeping my both hands either side of her shoulder I bent down on her. Slowly I took my mouth near her ear. She sensed my breathing sound near her ear. She opened her eyes and look at me. She smiled and again closed her eyes. Slowly I touched her earlobe with my lips! Takign out my tongue I touched her earlobe and started slowly licking it.

My sister got tingling sensation to her earlobe and she wiggled her head smilingly. I kept probing her earlobe with my lips and tongue. I was kissing her earlobe, holding them sometimes between lips. Then licking it with tongue or playing with them. Sometimes I hold her earlobe in my teeth and mildly bite it. I was playing with her earlobe and she was lying quietly allowing me to do that. Initially she wasn’t responding but slowly she started getting excited with that. Her breathing got faster and her body started shaking.

“Sister… You’re very nice! I like you very much!” I murmured in her ear moving my tongue on her ear.

“I also like you, brother!” She replied with closed eyes.

“I’m very lucky to have sister like you… Who’s doing anything for brother…”

“Ya… And I’m also lucky to have brother like you… who make his sister naked… and do something like to her…” she said mischievously.

“But you like that, don’t you, sister?” I asked.

“Yes! That’s why I’m continuing and allowing you to do this…”

“Oh sister… I love you! I love you very much!!”

Saying that I kept my lips on her chicks! I started kissing her face after. While kissing her I slowly got down and put my body weight on her. Even though now my half body was on her body weight of most of my body was still on my hands. While kissing her face I went to near her lips and kiss the edge of her lips. I started playing with side of her lips. I was kissing her lips, hold them with my lips, biting them gently with my teeth or licking them with my tongue. But I was able to do that only left side of her lips because she was keeping her head down to one side.

After I stopped playing with her lips and started kissing her towards her neck. I kept kissing her neck from left side towards her right side. When I reached to her right side, which was facing down she turned her head and brought her mouth to her right side… I continued kissing her from her neck to right side of her lips. Now I played with her right side of lips same like left side. I kiss them, lick them, hold them on lips and bite them with teeth.

After kissing my sister’s right side face I got up and started kissing her right shoulder. I kept weight of my body on my hand but still pressing and sliding on her naked body. After kissing her shoulders alternatively I moved to her right hand. After kissing her right hand from shoulder to ankle I moved to her left hand and kiss it same like right hand. From moving left to right or right to left I was brushing my lips to her naked body, sometimes licking it with tongue.

Like that I kissed and licked both of my sister’s shoulder, hands and whole naked back. All the time my sister was laying there enjoying my kissing, licking of her upper naked body. Sure she was getting excited with that! Her naked body was twitching and shaking with excitement! Sometimes she was shivering and her skin would get rough with excitement. She was moaning and gasping with mild sound.

After that I got up and went down to my sister’s legs. I spread them enough to make room in between. Then I sat between her spread legs on my knees. I was sitting just below her knees and if I lean down my face would land on her ass chicks. I could see my naked sister’s sexy body from bottom to up. Legs bit spread with two globe of her rounded ass, flat fair naked back and rounded shoulder. Her lovely face was down sideway with scattered black hair above her shoulder area. She was like goddess in her naked glory!

I observed my sister’s nakedness for few minutes and bent down to kiss her rounded ass. I placed my lips on her left ass and kissed it gently… When my sister realized my lips on her ass she let go sigh of joy and relief! Slowly I started moving my lips on her soft rounded ass chick. I was kissing them as well as licking them with my tongue. I was tracing full roundness of her ass with my lips leaving my salvia trail on him.

After her left ass I moved to her right ass and kissed, licked it same like left ass. Initially I was kissing her ass without touching it. But after I placed my both hands on her both rounded ass and started caressing and kneading it. While kissing upper part of her ass I was kneading bottom part of it with my hand. Her fair ass chick started getting red with my kneading and squeezing. I was fully concentrating only both of her ass globes.

After playing sometimes with has ass I moved above her waste just beginning of her ass slit. I kissed there and licked there gently. I knew that part is very sensitive and kissing there sent shiver in my sister’s naked body! While licking there I inserted point of my tongue in to the beginning of her ass slit. I pressed both of her ass chicks sideway and make the ass slit wider. Her ass slit was shining in the light and was tempting me to put my mouth in to that! Just below in the slit I could see my sister’s blackish puckered ass hole! Below that I could see beginning of her pussy slit.

With hard and pointed tongue I started licking my sister’s ass slit and started kneading her ass globe passionately. From top of her slit I moved down and brought my tongue on her puckered ass hole! Not even wildest dream I ever imagined that I will put my tongue on my sister’s ass hole and actually would lick there. But here I was licking my sister’s ass hole! Her body twitched with excitement when she realized that! She never said a word about that and allows me to continue doing that.

I kept kissing, licking my sister’s ass slit and her ass hole with great joy and passion. It was giving me immense pleasure and excitement that my own body was shaking with happiness. My sister’s body was also shaking and shivering with excitement. She was whimpering and moaning with excited sound. With that I was sensing that she like what I was doing and she wanted me to continue doing that.

After that I lay down completely on my stomach and kneading both of my sister’s ass chicks I eagerly started sucking her ass slit. Putting my mouth on her ass slit, sticking my nose in it I raised my hand and kept on side of her both boobs. She was sleeping on her chest so her boobs were swelling out from side. I caressed them for a while and then inserted my hands below that. Since her weight was on her chest my hands were not going inside. Finally she raised little bit on her hand and allows me to insert my hand below her boobs. I hold my sister’s soft but firm boobs and started pressing them eagerly.

It was the position, which I dreamed hundred times! My sister was lying naked on her stomach spreading her legs. I’m lying between her spread legs sucking her ass crack. My hands are above below her boobs and I’m pressing them passionately. I was sucking her ass crack, licking her ass hole. While coming down I used to take my tongue up to her pussy slit. I was doing that almost around 15 minutes.

Finally I stopped that and got up from my place. When I saw inner thighs of my sister where her pussy was touching to bed, I saw bed sheet was wet with her pussy juice. That confirmed that she was excited with what I was doing. I hold my sister’s one leg and started moving her from her stomach to her back. She quietly turned and lay on her back. Her eyes were closed and I could see her flushed face. I could see her sexy naked boobs, her flat belly with rounded deep navel, wide waste area and sexy pussy with black public hair.

I went up and lay down beside her. Then I placed my lips on her forehead and kiss there lightly. Then I started kissing her forehead area moving to each of her eyebrow. Then I move down and kissed both of her closed eyes. Then I brought my lips on her nose and kissed there gently. After kissing both of her chicks I started kissing her whole face. I bite lightly on her chin sucking that area. I caressed my face on her face feeling softness of her chicks. Then finally I placed my lips on her full swollen lips.

I kiss lightly on my sister’s eager lips and ran my tongue on it, licking and tasting. Then I inserted my tongue between her lips touching to her teeth. She kept her lips closed not opening it or responding to my kiss. I ran my tongue on her teeth and gum tasting it and licking salvia from it. Finally she couldn’t hold back and opened her mouth. She touched her tongue to my tongue and after we brother-sister started having deep passionate French kissing!

The whole time when I was French kissing my sister I was running my hand on her naked body feeling each and every curve of her sexy body. I pressed her boobs and pinched her erect nipple. I caressed her flat belly inserting my fingers in her deep navel. I move my hand up and down on her thunder thighs. I moved my fingers on her wet juicy pussy and public hair. I move my fingers on my sister’s naked body like magic stick! She was getting more and more excited with that. She was caressing my hair lovingly while kissing me.

Suddenly holding my head tightly she pressed my mouth and started kissing me passionately. I brought my hand on her boobs and started pressing, squeezing them eagerly. Intensity of our passionate kiss was getting high and our bodies were getting more excited. Leaving her boobs I embraced her holding tightly. She also holds tightly my neck and pulled me on her. I moved on her body and kept kissing her passionately. She spread her legs little bit allowing me to lay between them. My crotch area was below her pussy area and I was feeling heat of her hot pussy!

Long time we were kissing like that and embracing each other tightly. After I released her and slide down. She doesn’t want to leave me but I slide down so she forced to leave me free. I Slide down and placed my mouth in the valley of my sister’s both big rounded boobs. I kissed there and licked there with my tongue. Then I brought my mouth on her left boob. Taking my tongue out I move it circling areola of her boob. She shivered with excitement with that and skin of her areola got hard.

Then I started licking my sister’s erect nipple. She was breathing heavily and because of that her chest was moving up and down. Her body was wiggling and she was pressing up her crotch area on my stomach. I was kissing her nipple, licking it with tongue and biting it with my teeth. Sometimes I was holding them only with my lips I was pressing them with that. While sucking her one nipple I was eagerly pressing her other boob. Alternately I was pressing, kissing, sucking her both boobs.

I do not want to leave my sister’s lovely boobs but I had to move down for further action. So reluctantly I slide down further. I started kissing her whole stomach area. I licked her navel area and inserted my tongue deep inside… Her stomach was shaking with excitement and moving it up and down frantically. Then I moved down and planted kisses on her waste area. From waste I moved to her one thigh and started kissing there. From front thigh to her inner thigh I was kissing everywhere. From one leg to another I kissed and lick both of her legs.

Finally I moved towards my sister’s only left out most intimated part! That’s her hot and wet pussy! I raised both of her legs and moved back bending in the knees. I spread it so that her pussy area opened front of me like flower. I lay on my stomach and placed my mouth on my sister’s eager pussy. First I kiss that whole pussy area with gentle care. After that I started licking it with my tongue passionately. I was licking from top of her clitoris to bottom of her ass hole. Because of that she got more excited and started moving her waste with light stroke.

Same time holding my head my sister was trying to press my mouth on her hot pussy. But hold tight my head I was not allowing her to press it on her pussy. I was teasing her with that keeping her unsatisfied. I was more concentrating on my own pleasure so I was licking her pussy lips and clitoris. I was sucking light her clit and probing it with pointed tongue. Sometimes I was inserting my tongue in her pussy slit licking inner part of it and tasting her pussy juice. But everything I was doing very lightly not giving her full pleasure.

Suddenly I stopped and got up from my place. I went up and lay beside my sister. She was enjoying my mouth shaking body with closed eyes. When she realized that I was no more licking her she opened her eyes and started looking at me with bog surprise on the face! I could clearly see disappointment in her eyes. I could see her eyes were red and full with wanton lust. I smiled realizing that I can excite my sister such level only kissing her body.

“How you feel, sister?” I asked her proudly.

“Why you stopped??” She asked me disappointed voice.

“Just casually… I thought about asking you how you feel…”

“You scoundrel! You heat me up and left unsatisfied and asking stupid question?”

“Oh… Don’t get upset sister… I’ll start it again… Only tell me one thing frankly…Have you ever experienced such sensation, such excitement??”

“No… Never… Your Jiju never did anything like that to me. Now I can realize that what pleasure I was missing in my married life.” She admitted it frankly.

“That’s what I wanted to show you, sister… What you were missing…” I said.

“Now please, brother… Keep doing that again to me… Whatever you were doing… My body is in the fire… I cannot control it but same time I wanted it more…”

“Ya sure, sister… But likewise my body is also in the fire… I also want some satisfaction from what we do…”

Saying I got up and asked my sister to slide down on the bed… She slides down from pillow. After I got up and placed my knees either side of her head above her should. My hard lund (dick) was dangling above her face. I said to her,

“Sister, I hope I don’t need to tell you what to do…”

Saying I bent down and kept my hands either side of her waste. After holding my body weight on my hand I placed my mouth on my sister’s pussy. When I bent down I lund touched to her face. Taking hint she holds my lund and put it in her mouth. After that we brother-sister started sucking each other with great eagerness and uncontrollable lust. I was sucking my sister’s hot wet pussy and she was sucking her brother’s hard lund. I was so excited that my lund got more bigger. With my sister’s soft and wet magical mouth it became hard like iron rod!

I took my hands front from below her thighs and spread her pussy pulling both side of her lips. Then I started licking inner labia of her pussy. Because of that I moved forwards, which cause my lund to slide out from my sister’s mouth. So she pressed it towards my stomach and started licking my balls with eagerness. I purposely move little more down, which cause her tongue to slide on my ass hole. She got hint with that and started licking my ass hole happily. She kept sucking my balls and licking my ass hole.

She knew how I sucked and licked her ass hole and she was using same technique over my ass hole. She was also circling her tongue on my puckered ass hole. What a sensation it was Man!! The part between balls and ass hole normally is very sensitive part of human body. And if someone licks that part with tongue then man get out of control and can shot his semen quickly. But I was not getting out of control. Or we can say I was forcing myself not to get out of control.

Down there I was fully enjoying my sister’s hot pussy. I inserted my middle finger on her pussy and started doing it in and out to excite her more. That was having wild effect on her and she started moving her waste to get more pleasure. I was sucking her pussy clit and fucking her pussy with my finger. Above her was wiggling her head trying to control her lust, which was getting out of hand (or getting out of her pussy). In between she used to take my lund deep in her mouth and suck it passionately. Sometimes she was sucking my balls as if like she’s sucking gulabjam. She was holding tight my ass and sometimes was moving her hands on my thighs. Finally she couldn’t control and her lust spilled out from her mouth.

“oh brother… Ahhh… Uhhh… I can’t bear it… Do something… Down… There… I’m burning down there… Please… Do something there… Don’t tease me further… ahhhh… ohhh… Brother…”

I knew what my sister wanted. But I wanted to hear it from her mouth. I wanted my sister to say it clearly. So I said to her,

“Sister… Tell me… Tell me clearly what you want… What you want me to do??”

“You Scoundrel!! I knew that you’ll say something like this… I knew that you’ll ask me to say it shamelessly… OK… If that’s what you want… If you want your sister to say shamelessly… then I will say it… FUCK ME! FUCK ME, BROTHER! Fuck your sister… Put your lund in my choot (pussy) and fuck me hard! Fuck your sister’s hot pussy and satisfy her…”

Yes yes yes!! Finally my sister said it!! I was dying to hear it from my sister’s mouth! Perhaps many years I waited to hear that! I dreamed it thousand times that my own sister would ask me to fuck her. That my dream was becoming true! And I was more than eager to fulfill that!!

“Sister… gets up and come over me…” I got up and said to her eagerly.

“Come over? Where??” She asked surprisingly.

“Over me, sister… I’ll lay down…”

Saying I hold her hand and pulled her up. After I lay down on my back and pulled my sister on me. She asked confused voice,

“What are you doing, brother? Now what’s this position??”

“Oh sister… With this position you’ll get more pleasure…”

While pulling her I hold her one leg and put it on left side near waste. Then she placed her other leg on my right side near waste. She realized that position and smiled with happiness. Now she was sitting on my waste and my hard lund was pressing in to her ass crack. I pulled her down and started kissing her lips with lust. While kissing her I hold both of her ass chicks and raised her above my lund. Taking my lund forward I placed her below my lund so that back of my lund was pressing against her pussy slit.

Wow! First time my lund was touched to my sister’s hot and wet pussy! I was dying for that touch and feeling. The fact that my lund was touching my sister’s pussy was enough for me to shot my load. But I was holding it back somehow. I do not wanted to get more excite and ejaculate prematurely. Off course! My sister was also ecstatic to feel my lund on her pussy. “ohhhh…’ she sighed with great relief!

My sister pussy was licking so much of her juice that my lund got wet instantly. Holding her ass I moved her on my lund 2/3 times to rubb her pussy clit with my lund. When I couldn’t hold it any more I raised her buttock and placed my lund at the entrance of her pussy. Locating my sister’s fuck hole I tried to insert it in. But it wasn’t going inside… I struggled 2/3 times but it wasn’t going in. Finally my sister came to help me! She holds my lund and raising one of her leg little up. Then she placed my lund’s supada at right spot of her pussy and sank down…

Slowly my lund started to get disappear in my sister’s wet pussy! She was so wet that my lund was going inside like knife in the butter! One last thrust from me and I was fully implanted my lund in my sisters sweet hot and wet pussy!! Now my whole lund was inside my sister’s pussy. She lay down on my body taking own brother’s lusty lund in her juicy cunt. Her wet and juicy cunt was engulfing my lund so much that I was feeling as if my lund trapped in some hot machine tightly!

For few moment we brother-sister just lay down like that enjoying the feeling of each other’s genital. But that feeling was too much for me! That fact that my lund was actually inside my sister’s pussy and I have to fuck her hard was not letting me lay quietly. So I started moving my waste trying to start fucking her. When she realized that she got up and eased her weight from my lund and waste. Holding her ass chicks I started to move her on my lund fucking her. She also help me started jumping up and down holding my shoulder.

“No no sister… You don’t do anything… Otherwise I would get more excite and finish soon… You just try to rub your clit on upper part of my lund. With that you’ll get more excitement and you can reach to climax… yes… like that… rub it… rub it nice… keep doing that…” I started guiding her.

I don’t know whether she knew it or not but she realized that with this position and movement she can get more pleasure… She increased her tempo and it only confirmed that she liked it was she was doing! I was laying flat on my back keeping my head on pile of 2 pillows. My sister was sitting on my stomach having my full lund inside her pussy. Moving back and fort she was rubbing her pussy clit on my hard lund. I was observing her looking from town to up. Her fece was tense and she was shutting her eyes tightly. Biting her lips she was trying to rub her clit more vigorously and was trying to take more pleasure out of it.

My sister’s heavy boobs were bouncing back and fort and up and down. I was mesmerized watching their lovely movement! I was caressing her full rounded ass chick or sometimes moving my hand one her smooth waste. If I feel like touch her boobs then I used to hold it with both of my hand and used to squeeze it with passion and lust. Sometimes I even pinched her nipple holding it in my fingers and she was showing her approval by increasing her speed!

Suddenly my sister increased her speed. Now she was moving very fast back and fort and was rubbing her clit on my lund with more force. To give her good support I inserted my fingers in her hand and hold her hand tight near my chest. From shoulder to elbow my hand was flat firmly resting on bed and I was supporting her force. Holding my hand tight she was moving now freely back and fort trying to achieve her climax. I was not moving now and keeping my waste steady to give her rubbing firm base. Now she was able to rub her clit on my steady firm lund with full force and passion.

When my sister started moaning and gasping loudly I realized that she was close to her climax! ‘ohhh… ahhh… uhhh…’ words were coming from her mouth and she was on the verge of getting orgasm… Suddenly she cried and her body got stiff!! Though she was moving little but her body was shaking like anything! Animal like grunting was coming out from her mouth and she was experiencing her orgasm… I realized that she got climax! My sister got climax on my lund. Because of her brother she got orgasm. Fucking her brother she got finished!!

Slowly she reduced her movement and got calm down… Finally she let out a sigh of relief and felled on my body. After having powerful orgasm from own brother, my sister felled on me and I embraced her with love and passion. She also snuggled to my naked body. My lund was still hard inside my sister’s satisfied pussy. For sometime we lay like that quietly not moving or not doing anything. After I placed my hands on my sister’s ass chicks and raised her little bit. With that she raised up freeing my half lund from her pussy.

Then from bottom I started moving my pelvis thrusting my lund in and out of my sister’s pussy. I started fucking my sister with great passion and full of lust. Now I was not worried about her orgasm or climax. All I was concentrating was to unload my juice in my sister’s sweet pussy. I was holding her ass up and was fucking her from bottom to up. She was also keeping her buttock and waste up allowing me to fuck her hard. With my every thrust her body was moving back and fort grinding her heavy boobs on my chest. Her erect nipple was squeezing between her boobs and my chest. I was getting good massage from my sister’s lovely boobs.

I was fucking my sister such a way that her pussy bud was getting rubbed nicely. Because of that slowly my sister started getting hot again. She got up and holds my hand just like before. Then she started moving back and fort grinding her pussy on my lund. I also kept fucking her from bottom with a same pace. For few minutes we kept doing that but then I stopped. Because she was using strong force while moving back and fort and I was feeling uncomfortable with that. So I stopped and lay down only holding my waste steady. I thought when I’ll fuck my sister going go on top of her I’ll take my revenge!

Same like before my sister started increasing her speed. This time she was using more force and was making noisy sound. I was thinking to finish myself along with her so that we both climax at the same time. But I was holding somehow and wanted her to give one more orgasm before I empty my lund in her pussy. I wanted to take my sister down below my body and wanted to fuck her from top and then only unload my gun in her target pussy.

Again she cried out and grunted like wild animal! Making ‘ohhh… ahhh… uhhh…’ sound she got hard orgasm and reached to her climax! Again slowly she got calm down and felled on me. My sister got 2 orgasms with our first fuck. That’s what good part of the woman sexual urges. They can get multiple orgasms in single fuck. I was sure that I must be the first who must have given her 2 orgasm in one fuck. So for at that night my sister had 3 orgasms from her brother!

But I had only one and I was dying for second! First time I ejaculated my semen in my sister’s mouth and now I wanted to deposits my semen in my sisters forbidden pussy! It was my many years dream to ejaculate in my sister’s pussy and it was going to happened now any moment. She was lying on my body trying to gain her sense. I slowly pushed her to my right side. My lund slipped out from her wet pussy almost after 15 minutes. She lay on her back beside me. I got up on my knees and started observing my exhausted naked sister.

My sister was laying there as if like she’s not in sense. Her left leg was bent in knee and right leg was inclined to over side. Her left hand was laying straight and right hand was folded above her shoulder. Her eyes were shut and she was breathing heavily. Because of that her full rounded boobs were moving up and down with rhythmic motion. Her nipples were hard like berry and were protruding up proudly. Between her legs I could see her wet shining pussy along with wet public hair. My sister was laying naked front of me just like hardcore RANDI! And I was ogling my sister’s naked body and was ready to fuck her like the way randi get fucked!

I couldn’t hold myself. I hold my sister’s right leg and spread it making room for me to go there. When I hold her leg she opened her eyes and looked at me. When she saw me holding my lund with one hand and spreading her leg with other hand she realized what was going to happened. She looked at me and then looked at my lund and then closed her eyes again. Her face expression was as if like fucking with brother is very common thing in the world!

I moved forwards impatiently and spreading my sister’s legs placed my hard lund on her freshly climaxed pussy. Locating her fuck hole I slide my lund in her up to the hilt. Then I lay on her naked body holding my weight on my hands. Keeping my lund in my sisters pussy I started kissing her potty lips. I slide my tongue in her mouth and started French kissing with her. She placed her hand on my neck and pulled my face more on her lips. Because I was kissing my sister passionately my lund got more hard and was started expanding in my sister’s pussy.

Slowly I started fucking my sister with short stroke. Doing that for few minutes I slide my hand below my sisters back and hold her shoulder from bottom. then I started moving my body back and fort rubbing it on her naked body. With that upper part of my lund started getting rub on her pussy clit and she started getting some sensation with that.

My sister liked that! Because she opened her eyes slowly and looked at me seductively! Then she started making some movement co-operating with me. She took her legs up and clutched it to my waste. Then she kept moving her body up and down as she gets chance. Fucking her that way and try to excite her again that was my plan! And sure she was getting excited again and approaching to her one more climax. Only this time I would also wanted to climax with her.

Once I got my sister high again I started fucking her with long and strong stroke. I was taking my lund out almost fully only keeping supada inside and then plunging down with full force. I was not knowing whether she like it or she was getting hurt with that or not but I was not bothering about that. She was also not complaining about my hard fuck so I guess she was fine with that. In between I waas bending down sucking, biting her boobs or sometimes hold them in the hand squeezing, pressing them.

I felt that pressure started building up in my lund. Feeling of ejaculation was getting ready in my lund. I started fucking my sister with all my force and strength. To increase my ejaculation power I took my mouth near her ear and started talking dirty with her…

“Oh sister… What hot pussy you have! After giving birth to one child still your pussy is so tight… I’m getting mad for your pussy… You’re not feeling any pain… That means your pussy is so deep… My whole lund is getting disappear in your pussy… your pussy is perfect hole my lund… your brother’s lund… We’re made for each other, sister! Your pussy is made for my lund… take it… take your brothers lund deep in your pussy… make me cum inside your pussy… Oh sister… my lovely sister… You’re so great! you allow your own brother to fuck you… You took his lund in the pussy and fucking with him… really you’re great… I’m coming sister… I’m coming in your pussy… I’m draining my semen in my sister’s pussy…… ya… yaa… It came… ohhh… S..i..s..t..e..r…”

With force I gave final 2/3 stroke to my sister’s pussy and jammed my lund in her pussy up to the hilt! Then I started ejaculating my semen in my sister’s pussy with full force! One after another I kept spraying my juice in her pussy. I must have coating whole inner part of her pussy and filled it with my fuck juice. I My sister’s pussy was getting full with her own brother’s semen. My ejaculation was so powerful that I couldn’t keep myself up and felled on her body exhausted. Breathing heavily I clinched to my sister’s naked body feeling my first orgasm in my sister’s pussy.

Almost 5 minutes I was lying on my sister’s naked body and she was caressing my back with love and care. We both ware exhausted full with our first fuck and was sweating like anything. Not to keep my body weight on her for long time I slide down beside her but embraced her with my hand and body. I was feeling giddy so I closed my eyes and I drifted off in deep sleep.

Sometime after midnight I opened my eyes. One moment I was confused where I am. Then suddenly I realized where I was. Quickly I looked beside me. My sister was sleeping quietly still fully naked. She was sleeping on her side having back towards me. Off course! I was also still fully naked…

As I was thinking about whatever happened since morning, the images were started coming front of my eyes like action replay. How I fulfilled my sister’s dream about seeing this beautiful hill station. Along with that I fulfilled her many small-big wishes. While fulfilling her dream how I also fulfilled my own dreams and wishes. I was having sexual dream about doing many sexual things with my sister. And I actually make those dreams comes true enjoying every moment with my sister’s lovely and sexy body. I felt proud about what I done with my sister!

I got up and pulled the blanket on our naked body. I slide near my sister and clinched her from back embracing her. From below her armpit I slide my hand and hold her boobs in my hand. Placing my semi hard lund between the crack of her ass chicks I snuggled her. Getting my sister’s warm naked body some heat slowly I drifted off again in deep sleep.


Next day morning around 8’o clock we woke up from the sleep. I was still snuggling to my sister’s naked body. My lund was hard and was disappeared between her inner thighs. I realized why I got up from the sleep. My sister was caressing my lund’s supada, which was coming out from her front. I gave one thurst and started moving my lund between her thighs back and fort. When I did that for some times I got more excited! Backing off I pulled her back and climb on her naked body. Positioning me on her pussy I gave one hard thrust and my lund was disappeared in my sister’s warm pussy.

Then that morning I started fucking my sister with fresh mood and fresh lust. her pussy was not fully wet and was bit dry this time. Because of that I was feeling bit uncomfortable! Actually whatever pain I was getting that was nothing comparing to joy what I was getting while fucking her. It was morning erecting and I was hard like rock. So it didn’t take me long to reach my climax. I fucked her few more times and started depositing one more time my semen in my sister’s morning fresh pussy! After ejaculating and emptying my full semen in her pussy I lay on her naked body sometime and then got from the bed.

After I went to toilet and finished my morning business like pissing, shitting etc. After brushing my teeth I came out from toilet and sent my sister in to get fresh. I told her to finish everything except bath. I told her we’ll take the bath together. She got excited with that idea and ran inside the toilet. When she finished her business she called me inside. After I went in the toilet and started the shower. I adjusted cold and hot tap mixer. Then I pulled my sister below the hot shower water…

After getting fully wet and caressing each other’s wet body we started applying soap on each other’s body. We took special care to lather each others genital area and rubbed it with affection and care. After we rinsed our soaped body and make it clean with running water… I couldn’t hold myself and embraced my sister below the shower… I started kissing her passionately holding her tight to my body… She also kissed me back with same force and love.

After I sat down on my knees and make my sister stand against the wall. Then I took her leg and placed it on one small stool, which opened her pussy to my view and action. I placed my mouth on my sister pussy one more time and started sucking, licking her with full force and lust. She holds my head and pressed my mouth on her grinding pussy. She started moving her waste trying to get her pussy clit rubbed on my mouth. Slowly she reached to her orgasm and climaxed under the shower.

My lund was hard like rock again I was feeling like fucking my sister below the shower. It was my one more dream to fuck her below the shower and I was going to fulfill that happily. So I stand up and holding my lund I slide it in her fuck hole easily. It was wet inside because she climaxed just few second before. I started fucking my sister third time in that trip standing against the wall… I was in hurry so give some strong stroke and thrust, which took me to the edge of ejaculation. One more last time I deposited my semen in my sister’s pussy and happily disengaged from her!

We cleaned again each other’s genital area last time and came out from shower. We dried each other body and came out from toilet. We wanted to catch 10:30 am bus so we got ready hurriedly. Before leaving from that room we looked each other and embraced each other. For few moment we brother-sister hold each other and kissed like a Lovers! We don’t want to leave but forcefully we parted from each other. Holding our back happily fully satisfied we came out from that hotel room.

While coming out from that room I was thinking in my mind… yesterday night when we entered in that room we were brother and sister. Now when we were leaving from that room we established one unusual relation with each other… Relation of Man and Woman… Relation of Lovers… Relation of Sexual Partner!

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