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Dr. Sana Ki Ajab si Pyas

I am Dr. Sana. I am 27 years old and have been married for last four months. My husband is also a doctor and he is running a hospital. I was also working before my marriage but had stopped working for some rest after marriage. I am a very fair colored slim and smart lady. I am neither too skinny nor too fat. But having appropriate amount of fat and flesh at appropriate places on the body where those are required for being an attractive and sexy woman. My brassier size is 36 B. my body color is so white and skin is also so shiny, silky and milky. It seems that by just a simple touch on my body by anyone’s hand it would surely leave its mark on the body. Overall you can call me a very beautiful woman. My husband is also very beautiful and handsome. He belongs to a very rich family just like me. His color is also very white and having a very attractive features that the girls can die for. His body is also smart but not too much muscular. His cleanly shaven face looks so attractive and sexy. He loves me a lot and we enjoy having sex very often in a week. Our sexual life is very much good. He leaves no chance of fucking me when he is at home. I love his affection and love. With his love and sex derive he has also converted me to a sex hungry horny woman. We are not a conservative couple like most of the Pakistanies. We enjoy all type of sex acts such as sucking cock and licking pussy and even he had anal sex with me. That too I started to like after a couple of times. He is very liberal minded person and always wants me to wear skimpy and sexy clothes at home. While going out for the parties or in markets for shopping he never disliked me wearing some modern dresses. Rather he used to tease me when others ogle at me. These things always made me hornier. Sorry I forgot to mention that we are living in Karachi, Pakistan. Saud, my husband’s father is a big landlord and he is staying back in his village to look after his lands. The elder son of him was living with him in the village to help his father. He was also married and his wife was also a pretty woman with one baby of one year. For us to live in city, his father had given us his big house. To enjoy our privacy we had not hired any servants for the home. Main ghar main free hoti thi to halka phulka kaam or cooking khud kr laity thi. For so many days I was asking Saud to arrange some sweeper to clean the house thoroughly and also the store room of the house which was located in the basement. Whenever I asked him he said that he will send a sweeper from the hospital who will help me to clean the house. Because the man working in the hospital with him will be more reliable for working in the home even in his absence. After reminding him for so many days he told me that he has asked the hospital sweeper to come to help me for cleaning. His name is Neeraj. I was surprised and said, Neeraj? Naam sy to yeh hiinduu lagta hai yaar. Saud smiled and said, haan yaar lakin buht imaandar, hardworking or obedient or reliable bnda hai yeh. Tum fikar na kro yaar religion sy kuch aisa fark nahi parta. I kept silent as me too was not having such a big worry about that.

After a few days when both of us were having our breakfast and Saud was ready to leave for his hospital then the bell rang. Leaving the cup on the table he left for the door and opened it. after a while he came back and a man was following him. When he came in the dinning hall I looked at him from head to toe. With the very first site he was looking like a very dirty sweeper. He was wearing a very dirty light green colored shirt which was half sleeved. It was so dirty that its original color couldn’t be guessed. It seemed that it would have not been washed for a long time. Us ky opar buht sy gandy oil or matti ky nishanaat thy jo ky wqt k sath or bhi gandy ho chuky thy. Shirt ky opar ky button tooty huy thy or usky seeny ka opar ka hissa nazar aaraha tha. Jaha tk uska seena dikh raha tha who baloon sy paak tha. Nechy us ny aik gandi si lungi bandhi hui thi jiski halt bhi shirt ki tarah hi buht kharab ho chuki thi. Sr ky balloon main buht sa tail laga hua tha or baloo ko oil lga kr salmaan khan ky Tery Naam movie waly style main set kya hua tha. Lakin baal tail lga hony ky bawjood bhi bht gandy lg rahy thy. Balloon ky andr bhi dust saaf nzar aa rahi thi. Oil is qadar laga hua tha k uski kanpatioon pr sy halka halka bah kr nazr bhi aa raha th. Uska hair style usky kaaly syaah rang ky sath buht hi bura lg raha tha. Haan such main uska color bilkul coal tar ky jaisy kala tha. Uski half sleeves main sy usky kally kally bazoo bahir nangy thy. Jo k bilkul black lakin mazboot or muscular thy. Uski height Saud sy aik do inch kam hi thi magr body uski ziada muscular thi. Shayad who kuch exercise ya gim wagaira ki wajah sy tha. Uski gandi si lungi bhi bht purani lg rahi thi jo k just usky knees sy neechy thi. Ghutno ky neechy sy us ki legs nangi thin jo k bilkul black or mail sy bhari hui thin. Over all aisa lg raha tha k jaisy wo aik arsy sy na nahaya ho. Garmi main aany ki wajah sy usky mathy or galy or bazoon pr paseena bhi chamk raha tha or uski shirt bhi geeli ho rahi thi. Who nzrain nechy kr k khara hua apna munh ahista ahista chala raha tha jaisy k khuch chaba raha ho. Poora jaiza lainy ky baad who aadmi mujh ko bilkul bhi acha nhi lga. Balky such kahain to pahli hi nzar main mjhy us sy ghin aai thi. Usky Hall ky andr aany ki wjah sy kamry main halki halki gandi si smell bhi ho gai hoi thi. Usko dekhty huy main Saud ke awaaz sy chonk kr uski traf matwajah hoi, Sana yeh Neeru hai. Neeru???

I said in a little surprised voice. Lakin tum ny to shayad kisi Neeraj ka bataya tha. Saud mairi baat pr hansa or bola, ary darling yahi Neeraj hai. Sb isko Neeru bulaty hain. Main ny Neeru ki traf dekha to who bhi thora sa jheenp kr hans raha tha. Hansny ki wjah sy usky daant nazar aany lgy jo bilkul laal ho rhy thy. Isi sy mjhy pata chala ky who us wqt paan chaba rha tha. Saud ki baat sun kr main bhi muskrat di. Saud bola k Sana ab tum is sy jo kaam krwana hai krwa lo or dobara bhi kaho gi to aajay ga. Ab main chalta hoon hospital main dair ho rahi hai. Phir Saud Neeru ki traf palta or bola. Neeru tumhari duty kb hai hospital main. Neeru bola sir main abhi duty sy hi aa raha hoon meri night duty thi hospital main. Saud: oh phir to tum ny nashta bhi nahi kya ho ga. Sana yaar pahly isko khuch nashta washta krwa daina kaam krwany sy pahly. Main boli acha theek hai. Saud bedroom ki traf gya to main bhi usky peachy peachy gai or boli, Saud yeh kis jangli ko bula lya hai ghar ki safai ky lye. Dekho to sahi kitna ganda hai yeh. Mujhy to usy dekh kr hi nausea ho raha hai. Saud muskraya or mjhy pakar kr apni bahoo main khench kr mery lips pr kiss krty huy bola, meri jaan tum ny us sy sirf ghar ki safai hi karwani hai na koi cooking to nahi karwani na. or waisy bhi yeh sweeper hai is lye aisa ganda hail akin hai buht imaandar or bhroosy ka aadmi. Hospital main kbhi iski koi complain nahi suni main ny. Mjhy chood kr Saud bahir aya or main bhi bahir aa kr wapis dinning table pr beth gai. Saud ny car ki keys uthain or main door ki traf brha. Main ny wahin sy usko bye bola or Saud bola Neeru aa kr darwaza bnd kr lo. Neeru: g sir, kaha or Saud ky peechy lapka. Jb Saud ki car ky jany ki awaz aai to usky baad Neeru wapis aya aur aik traf ho kr khara ho gya. Main ny apny cup main sy tea ka akhri sip lya or apna gown sanmbhalty hoy uthi. Us din main apni routine ky mutabiq abhi gown main hi thi. Mera gown pink color ka silk ka tha jo ky imported or bht hi soft or shinny lakin non transparent tha. Yeh half sleeve tha jis main sy mairi makhan jaisy soft or gori patli patli bazoo nangi nazar aa rahi thin. Length main maira gown knees sy neechy mgr ankles sy kaafi opar tha. Meri gori gori tango ka khuch hissa or gory gory soft paaoon nazar aa rahy thy. Gown meri belly pr silk ki belt sy bndha hua tha. Gown ky neechy main ny imported matching black color ki lacy brassier or panty pahni hoi thi. Room main Saud ki ched chaad sy gown ki belt thori dheeli ho gai hui thi or maira gory gory seeny ka oopri hissa nzar aaraha tha lakin cleavage ka koi nishan nahi tha. Main apni chair sy uthi or kitchen ki taraf brhty hoy boli, Neeru tm betho main abhi tmhary lye nashta ly kr aati hoon phir kaam krty hain. Neeru bola, g maim sb. Main ny kitchen main ja kr Neeru ky lye egg fry kya or khcuh breads toaster main grm keen or tea bhi tyar kr li. Maira dil usky sath kaam krny ko nahi maan rha tha mgr kya krti ab koi or rasta bhi to nahi tha. Main ny nashta aik tray main rkha or bahir ly aai. Wo zameen pr hi aik traf betha hua apna paan chabaa raha tha. Main ny uski traf nashty ki tray barhai or us ny bina meri traf dekhy tray ly li or bola shukrya maim sb. Usy nashta dy kr main wapis kitchen main gai or apny lye bhi chai cup main daal kr wapis aa kr dinning table ki chair pr beth gai or chai ky sip laity hoy Neeru ko dekhny lagi. Neeru kisi janmoo ky bhooky jaisy toast kha raha tha or sath sath chai ky sip bhi ly laita tha. Usky hatho ki traf mairi nazar gai to who bhi bht gandy thy or us ny khana khany sy pahly unko dhona bhi munasib nahi smjha tha. Main ny haqarat sy uski taraf dekhty hoy socha ky kis qdr ganda insaan hai yeh Neeru. Is sy achy to janwar hi hoty hain jo ky apny pairoon ko bhi chaat kr saaf rkhty hain. Main ny us sy poocha Neeru kitni umar hai tumhari. Neeru: g maim sb koi 24 ya 25 saal ho gi. Main: shadi ho gai hai tmhari. Neeru sharmaty huy: g maim sb. Usky is trah bhondy andaz main sharmany pr mairi halki si hansi nikal gai. Itny main us ny nashta khatm kr lya or chai bhi. Mairi chai bhi khatm ho gai to main uthi to Neeru ny jaldi sy uth kr apny bartono ki tray meri traf barhai. Main ny usy ly kr kitchen ki traf mur gai. Jaty huy brtnoo pr nazr pari to sufaid plate or sufaid cup pr Neeru ky gandy hath lgny ki wajah sy gandy nishan lg gy thy. Kis qdar gandgi hai isky hatho main pta nahi dhota bhi hai ky nahi kbhi. Main ny bartan sink main rkh dye or kitchen sy bahir aa gai.

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