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Drunken brother mistakes his sister for his lover

Hailee had been looking forward to that camping trip for weeks! It was supposed to be the best trip of the year! Yet now that she was here, she had spent the first two days moping and frustrated. It wasn’t her fault. None of it was her fault! Currently, Hailee was alone high on a hill that overlooked the small lake and beach where they were camping. The place was magnificent and she was sure that the others were having a great time down there. She had taken this short hike alone hoping to clear her mind and enjoy the remaining days.

Sitting on an outcrop of rock just after lunch, the bright sun hot on her skin, she thought about how things went wrong for her. First of all, this camping trip had been planned for six couples, all good friends of Hailee as well as her brother and his girlfriend. That girlfriend, Amy, was the only person in the group Hailee didn’t like. “Well, one out of eleven isn’t too bad.” she had told herself.

But then, a week before the camping weekend, two tragedies struck. First, her very best friend canceled because of a death in the family. Second, Hailee’s boyfriend decided to break things off with her. A fucking week before the weekend she had spent months planning! Fucking bastard!

Hailee was still pissed about that even if, she’d had to admit to herself, she had known that the relationship was would not have lasted long beyond that weekend anyways. But regardless, she had been looking forward to fucking that guy every night in their tent before sending him off. He had been damned good in bed, the bastard!

So now there were only four couples and her. But that wasn’t even the worst part. That first evening, as they were all setting up their tents, she had realized in horror that hers was completely unusable. About half of the fiberglass poles had been crushed in the car’s trunk and she couldn’t possibly fix them. She had been on the verge of tears, more of rage than sadness. And so she’d had to go and talk to her brother and ask him if she could sleep in his tent. He had said yes but she knew that it would put a damper on his plans with his girlfriend. When Amy learned of this she was visibly pissed but couldn’t do much.

Hailee stood up and looked down at her friends and took a few deep breaths of the clean air. She spotted Amy sitting next to their tent and wondered what her brother saw in her. “She was pretty and sexy enough, obviously, but still.” Hailee thought, smiling in the process. She was smiling because everybody said that they looked alike, she and her. Hailee and Amy were the first to deny it but Hailee knew that it was true. When asked, her brother Peter didn’t want to commit to an answer. With good reason: admitting that he was dating a girl that looked a lot like his sister would be a bit weird.

Hailee thought it flattering. She was pretty sure that Peter hadn’t chosen Amy just because she looked like her anyway. But that left the question wide open: why had he chosen her? Beauty and sex appeal were all very nice, but Amy was as dumb as they came. Her dream job was to be a manicurist, for christ’s sake! Hailee shook her head. “Well, maybe I shouldn’t be too harsh on her,” she thought. “After all, she has a boyfriend and will be having sex tonight!”

Hailee sighed. Fuck! She was aroused all the time! Even now on this exposed rock, she felt like slipping her fingers under her panties and… But why not? Hailee smiled. Standing she could see all her friends, but sitting she wouldn’t be visible from down there. Grinning for the first time since getting here, she moved away from the ledge and found a nice, soft mossy patch on the ground. She sat down, slipped her hand under her skirt, pulled her panties aside and gently began to caress herself.

Spreading her legs wide and reclining fully on the soft moss, Hailee took a deep breath and enjoyed the first small waves of pleasure. With the palm of her hand she could feel the patch of hair above her lips and remembered that she had wanted to shave it all off. Her lips were all shaven, as was everything below down to her asshole. She had never dared to shave the hairs above it but as she was pleasuring herself, she swore to do it soon.

A few minutes later her second hand joined the first and she used her deft fingers to stimulate her clit with one hand and her pussy and g-spot with the other. She briefly thought about her ex-boyfriend and his marvelous cock, but quickly forgot about him. None of the guys here interested her in the least. They were all nice guys, but not boyfriend material for her. Now Peter, if he hadn’t been her brother… That was a guy she could date. They shared many hobbies and passions and he certainly was hot.

Without being fully aware of what she was doing, she remembered how he had looked this morning at the beach, either playing catch with a friend or showing everybody how he could actually do fifty push-ups. He had done it with ease. When he had stood back up, he had been flushed from the exertion, his powerful arms covered in raised veins and his body covered with sweat. As they had all applauding him Hailee had seen quite a few of the girls looking at his abs and pecs, herself included!

On the ground, as sweaty and flushed as her brother had been earlier, Hailee kept thinking about him, about how he’d look naked coming out of the lake or splitting logs or carrying her naked body to their tent. “What the fuck?” Hailee though, laughing and temporarily stopping her fingers. “Am I so in need that even my brother… Shit!”

She tried to think of something or someone else as she let her fingers resume their holy work… but she failed. Now she was remembering the very awkward moment when, last night very late, she had been woken up by a moan from Amy. Opening her eyes in surprise, Hailee had heard very faint sounds that had confirmed what she had quickly surmised: her brother and his girlfriend had been fucking right next to her. On the one hand, she had understood them perfectly well, yet on the other, she was still right there!

To her surprise she had realized that hearing them and imagining what they were doing had stoked her own fires. Soon her pussy had become warm and had been calling for her. Very slowly, inside her sleeping bag, she had slipped her hand between her legs and had started to masturbate. When she had heard Amy’s moans coming faster and then stopping on a taken breath, Hailee had felt her own climax rising fast. But when she had heard her brother’s grunt it had finally triggered her climax.

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