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Ebony girl goes from princess to tagteamed

This story started over six years ago when I first encountered Paula. We met at work and became friends. Obviously I realized that she was gorgeous but this was at a time when I was quite the popular guy with the ladies already. Our most recent relationship started as an accident. What a wonderful accident it was. First let me take you to the beginning of the story.

Paula and I met at a law firm in Manhattan across the street from the World Trade Center. At the time I was 22 and sex was always on my mind. Being a tall attractive childless black man only help in cause of carnal conquests. Paula and I worked side by side in the communications department. Paula stood about 5’5″ weighing in at about 130 pounds. Her complexion is a dreamy milk chocolate with light brown eyes. She wore here hair in shoulder length locks, a tribute to her Caribbean heritage. She often styled her locks in a ponytail or let them flow free. The icing on the cake was her body. Paula’s frame was fit and trim slim and sexy. The only deviation form this structure was at the hips and her chest. Quite frankly Paula had a “Fuck me body”. Her tits were a full and lovely 36C which seemed gigantic on her otherwise petite frame. Her hips jutted out and revealed a perfect round brown ass. Not too big and certainly not too small. Paula was probably the nicest person you could meet which made her even sexier.

Our conversations were innocent in the beginning ranging from lunch to last nights episode of Seinfeld. Through our chit chat I found out that she had a boyfriend that she was having trouble with and that she lived only a few blocks away from my house. We decided to go out for drinks on Christmas Eve since our job was letting us go knock off early. We went to the typical Manhattan after work bar complete with music, food and spirits. It was during this very first date that the signs were there but I didn’t see it at the time. Once the liquor started coming Paula started to open up. Her personality was always perky and sweet. She was always quick to smile and call you “sugar” or “sweety” but now there was an sensual edge to her words. Not a nasty edge of course but a sexy purring kitten edge.

I have to admit that it was at this particular point that I really started to soak all of Paula in. At the time I attributed it to the alcohol intake that I began to lust after her. I was well aware that she was a popular topic at the office amongst the men. But as I stated earlier I was already doing quite well with the ladies so I wasn’t as focused on her as my male counterparts. That changed fast as hell when she started telling me how she wanted to leave her boyfriend and hadn’t had sex in with him in more than a month. Now my eyes feasted on this brown beauty.

I looked at her full breasts while she spoke thinking of seeing my nine inches sliding in between them. She noticed a couple of times and just giggled like a little schoolgirl. As we sat at the bar she moved closer and started to talk about how she needs her boyfriend to act right sooner or she’d have to take matters in her own hands. Me being the predator that I was took that as a cue to order another round of drinks.

When our drinks arrived she excused herself to the ladies room. As she walked away I watched as her hips swayed enticingly under a black mid thigh skirt. All I could envision was her heavenly ass posing in mans best friend, a thong. I got caught up in a sports conversation while she was gone and by the time she returned someone had moved her barstool. When I turned around she was retrieving her jacket from the back of the stool and placing it on the back of mine. Now she turned her back to me and sidled up between my legs at the bar. I needing no further encouragement put my arms around her waist pulling her closer and my face nuzzled against hers.

“You know what I was thinking Jay?”

“I hope it’s something good.”

“I’ll let you be the judge of that. I was thinking forget about my boyfriend tonight I can do what I want.”

“Just what is it you wanna do?” Then she slowly rhythmically began to grind her hips and sweet ass against me as I rested in the barstool. Feeling her on me like that my jeans tented up. She obviously not only felt my arousal but was also turned on by it. She leaned back and kissed me with the most perfect sweetest full red lips any man could ask for.

“Just let me finish my drink and we’re outta here daddy.” Did she just call me daddy? I was lovin’ it like McDonalds when she said those words. Now my mind is racing with thoughts of hot sweaty nakedness. As we continued to drink she would from time to time grind against me and I would push back. I was practically busting out of my jeans. I was feeling a bit raunchy so I grabbed her hand and guided it towards my throbbing cock. At first she went with it and at the last second pulled away. I wasn’t that concerned at the time but it turned out to be another one of those signs that I was missing.

“Not yet big fella. You just hold your horses until we get alone.”

“Not a problem sexy. You just got a brother all hot and bothered.” She turned and looked at me with the look of a lioness on the prowl and said, “This is just the beginning.”

When we finished our drinks I did the gentlemanly thing and put her coat on for her and then threw mine on. She turned to face me and I grabbed both of her hands and was pulling them down to her side to give her a kiss when she suddenly took her left hand and went straight to paydirt. I almost dropped when she gave my cock a long hard squeeze and closed her eyes in a dream y state and purred, “See what you made me do?” I was so turned on from her just doing it that once again I missed yet another sign.

We left the bar and headed for her house back in Brooklyn. The whole ride my mind was swimming in a sea of lust. All I could think about was fucking Paula and fucking her very hard. Paula alternately stroked my hair and cock driving me crazy. I was swerving in and out of lanes and cutting off the entire city of New York trying get to her house. When we arrived, Paula excused herself to her room to change. By this time I was heated up and looking for a release. I took a seat on her couch and looked around to see what furniture I would be placing her small frame on to pound.

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