Saturday , June 3 2023

Enzo’s Niki love her Rockys and doesn’t mind sharing her experiences

Hi, my name is Niki and I’m a Rocky slut. I let Rockys
have sex with me and I enjoy it! I like nothing better
then to lay down on my back and let a Rocky hammer my
bitch hole mouth with his mighty Rocky penis. I love a
big, nasty, slimy, red, hot, throbbing, Rocky dicks in my

I am a Rocky whore and I love it! I love dicks and their
dicks are so nice and fat and juicy. They’re nice and
hard and I love to suck on them. I can suck Rocky dick
all day long and hardly a day goes by I don’t indulge
my desire for Rocky dick.

I have two trained Rockys — big Rockys — that I blow
every day. They have such nice yummy cocks. I often
wake-up thinking about there nice big beanpoles and how
I’m going to blow them. They are more then willing;
they love getting their nuts off in my mouth! Hell
wouldn’t you? I love to lick their dicks and suck their
furry balls too. None of my holes are off limits to
these studs and their bulbous cocks. They’ve been in
all my holes — mouth, pussy and ass, sometimes two at
a time.

I love having my mouth and pussy stuffed at the same
time. I would get a third Rocky if I could figure out a
way to get gang fucked in all my holes at once.
Wouldn’t that be nice, taking Rocky dick in every hole at
the same time? Unfortunately you can’t get double
fucked, ass fucked and pussy fucked, by Rockys at the
same time because its to awkward — too bad.

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