Saturday , June 3 2023

Erin loves to work out, in many ways

Erin stood in the elevator as it descended. She looked
at her watch, three thirty, just an hour before her
boyfriend got home from work. She loved this time of
the day; it was the time she set aside to workout. To
tone her body into something she had seen in all those
bridal magazines she loved to read.

The big day was coming and she had decided that she
wanted to look her best. To not only slide into her
wedding dress and look hot but to slide out of it on
her wedding night and make her new husband drool. She
had told him for the remaining two months before they
got married that she wanted to abstain from any sexual
activity. Her boyfriend at first wasn’t to keen with
the idea but when she said she was serious he

She said in order to make it easier for them she would
sleep and change in the guest bedroom. He really didn’t
like the idea but he loved her and would do anything to
please her. The workouts were her regular routine, tone
up and look beautiful she thought.

It really wasn’t that she was bad looking, not at all.
It was just that idea all woman get in their heads that
they don’t match up to that perfect woman image they
have created. This in turn drives them to be better no
matter how many times someone says how good they look.

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