Sunday , May 28 2023

Erotic Fantasy

My fantasy begins with me walking up to where you are sitting at one of the tables, nervously looking around and occasionally checking your watch. You’re wearing a black, almost billowy, button-down shirt, black belt with an understated and simple silver buckle, black trousers, black socks, and expensive black Italian leather shoes. You look so incredibly sexy that I have to catch my breath before continuing on. You look up and finally notice me walking toward you as I step into the light. You aren’t aware, but you mouth the word “Damn” when you see me. I am wearing a red flamenco-inspired dress that dipped down in the front to show amazing cleavage, sheer nude stockings (with a black line going up the back), and sexy 3″ Italian patented leather stilettos. On my left wrist as a plain black bead bracelet, in my right hand a red clutch matching my dress. Dangling from my ears are black bead earrings, matching the bracelet. My make-up is simple: light eyeliner, one coat of mascara, and lip gloss. My hair is in a French twist, with a few tendrils framing my face.

“My God, you are beautiful!” you say, almost breathlessly, making me look down bashfully, a blush rising in my cheeks. “Thank you, my darling. You look amazing as well. If I weren’t so hungry, I’d skip the meal and have you take me to your room now!”

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