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Experiences of an innocent Indian Wife who do not know anything about sex

Since the day I was married at a tender age of eighteen every body at my in laws place was looking forward for me to get pregnant and deliver a baby. My father in law passed away with the unfulfilled dream in his eyes of seeing his grand son. My mother in law also started getting impatient when even after two years of marriage, I did not get pregnant. I was also not knowing what was wrong. Even though my husband frequently used to kiss me on my lips I was not getting pregnant. Till that time I as well as my poor twenty one years old husband were under the impression that if a boy kisses a girl on her lips she gets pregnant. Though we were husband and wife, we never had sex. Truly speaking we were not even aware that there exists any relationship like sex.

As more and more days passed by people indirectly started taunting me that I am ” baanzh” (in fertile). That started worrying me a lot. My husband’s cousin brother who was of my age only, was then studying medicine at Mumbai and was a student of final year. Once during his visit to our place, I got opportunity to talk to him and explain to him about my problem. Although, I was feeling little shy I told him clearly that even though your brother frequently kisses me, I am not getting pregnant.

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