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Extreme animal sex on holiday in Greece

After I left the village where farmer Norman introduced
me to my first bestial experience I seemed to drift
from place to place. There was no contact at all with
old friends from the village so I just started over
again, and enrolled in evening classes one year because
I got so bored. It was much more fun than I thought.
The course was about classical Greek life and
architecture, yes I know it sounds very dry and boring,
but it interested me.

The Greeks were a very open minded lot and much of
their deviant sexual side is well documented, they,
like me, like to chronicle events. I decided that the
following Spring I would have a trip to one of the
Greek islands which was famous for its existing ancient
architecture, explore and take some photos, I am quite
a keen photographer.

It was a dry, beautiful Spring in Athos, the flowers in
the meadows were truly awesome, the low mountain ranges
wonderful in the Spring morning light. I stayed at a
sort of bed and breakfast place run by an old couple.
They fussed over me and did my washing and cooking and
I felt like a family member, so much so that I decided
to stay a whole month and explore further a field. I
was told about an old amphitheatre which nestled
between two hills but it was at least a long day’s hike
away, no roads went near, but it was very unspoilt so
the old man said, but he also said that there could be
bandits in the hills so I should be very careful.

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