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Family trip convert to Family Sex trip

We had planned a fishing trip and camp out for the first week after school
closed. My wife, daughter, and son had also invited Tammy=B9s little friend
Ashley. Ashley was a neighbor who lived a few doors down the block. For
a few days we had all excitedly prepared for the trip. The day before we
were to leave, our son Jack came down with a virus and it looked like the
trip was going to have to be cancelled. The girls were extremely
disappointed and complained something awful. The morning that we were
supposed to leave, my wife suggested that I take the girls and she would
stay home with Jack. He was better, but she thought it best that he stay
close to home. Camping and fishing was not exactly her favorite activity
anyway. I think she welcomed the excuse to back out. The girls were
thrilled, the car was almost all packed, so of we went.
On the way up to the lake, Ashley was looking very sexy in her short nylon
shorts and too tight T shirts as they chattered incessantly all the way up
there. We set up the tent, got settled, and fished all afternoon. We
cooked a fine meal with all the fish we caught, and all sat around the
campfire singing songs, telling stories and toasting marshmallows. Both
girls were feeling warm and cuddly with all three of us under the blanket
that I had brought to ward off the chilly night. They both were snuggled
up closely to me as they dazed dreamily into the fire.
“You little nymphs better get to bed if we are going to fish early
tomorrow morning.” They reluctantly left the warmth under the blanket and
headed into the tent while I finished some chores. From inside the tent,
Tammy yelled “what happened to my sleeping bag.” I rushed in, and someone
had put the drink cooler on it and it had leaked through soaking the bag
thoroughly. “What am I going to do?” squealed Tammy. “Don’t worry honey,
my sleeping bag is a double and it’s plenty big enough for two people.” I
looked over at Ashley and it looked like she was sound asleep.
I slipped down to my jockey shorts and crawled in. Tammy was still
fooling around with something, and minutes later I saw her pull down her
cute little short shorts. She was wearing those tiny little string
panties that girls wear. Just a small patch barely covering her pubic
area and a string that ran around her waist and disappeared between the
tight crease of her hard ass. My, she had a gorgeous ass. Round white
hard globes that sat high up on her curvy thighs. She saw me looking at
her and just smiled. She was never bashful around the house and I had
seen her close to naked many times, but I guess she had blossomed quite a
bit since the last time I saw her that way. She then unbuttoned her shirt
and removed her bra. “You certainly are getting to be a beautiful young
lady” I told her as I looked right at her blossoming tits. “You really
think so? She looked down at her perky little breast and pinched both
nipples pulling them up higher. “Do you think these will get much
bigger?” “I think they are pretty perfect just the way they are.” She
pulled on an old sweat shirt, it didn’t even barely cover her ass. It
hardly came past her waist. She made no attempt to hide herself, rather
she just smiled again and turned out the oil lamp hanging in the tent.
As she crawled into the sleeping bag, I could feel the sweat shirt creep
even higher. “Ooooou, it’s cold” as she snuggled back against me to keep
warm. I put my arm over her and pulled her closer to me. As I did my
hand touched her right tittie. She didn’t budge. We were snuggled up
against each other like the big spoon and the little spoon, and I was
hugging her tightly to me. She kept squirming around trying to get closer
and warmer. Her little ass was practically naked with just that tiny
string running between the crack of her ass. I could feel those gorgeous
buns against me and I was beginning to get really hard as she wiggled back
against me. “You’d better stop that little girl, you’re getting me
excited.” “Good, I want to get you excited” she giggled. “Guys get real
big and hard when they get excited don’t they?” she asked. “That’s funny,
girls just get wet and slippery when they get excited.”
“How big does your’s get?” she wanted to know. “That’s something you
better ask your mother about” I hesitatingly answered. “I can’t talk to
her about those things, she just gives me silly answers.” “Come on, how
big does it get?” “About 7 inches.” “Wow, that’s pretty big.” “No, a
lot of guys are a lot bigger.” “Really?” she acted surprised. How do
girls get it in them if it’s that big?” “They do” was all I offered.
She squirmed back again, harder and more deliberately this time. She
could definitely feel my hard cock pressing against her naked ass now.
“Are you all excited and hard now?” she asked. She was hunching her ass
boldly against me now, trying to feel my stiff cock with her ass. “Let me
feel it,” as she reached back and put her hand on my shorts. “Take it out
and let it rub up against me” she urged as she tried to get her hand
inside my shorts. “No!” “Come on, you pull yours down and I’ll pull mine
down.” “You don’t have anything to pull down” I observed. She turned
back as far as she could to kiss me, and with a laugh she added, “I know,
but come on, do it for me.” She didn’t wait for an answer, she reached
under the covers and slipped her string panties down past her knees and
pulled one foot out. “Now yours” as she turned and pulled my jockey
shorts past my knees. I helped a little and pulled one foot loose too.
She settled back into the spoon and really squirmed her ass against my
throbbing cock. It felt so good I had to reach down and give my hard a
rub. She pulled my hand away from my cock and placed it up under her
hirt against her firm bare young tit. Her hand then went down and
encircled my cock which was as hard as it had ever been. “Gawd, this
feels so hard and big, I can’t imagine one any bigger.” “Wait a few
years, you’ll want bigger.” “Rub it against me, please” she was almost
begging. She clenched my dick between her legs and hunched back and forth
sliding it against her slippery wet slit. Every time it brushed against
her clit I felt her shiver and groan softly.
Tammy turned halfway on her back and slid her right leg up over my hips
opening her legs to give me more access to her virgin cunt. My left arm
was under her playing with her left tittie. As my fingers traced circles
around her nipples, they were as hard as my dick. I massaged and squeezed
as I played with them as she moaned softly. She held my cock and rubbed
it against her clit as I slid the length on the outside of her slippery
slit. “Have you ever messed around with any boys? I asked her.
“I felt Jack once and he felt me under my panties.” I wouldn’t let him
put it in though.” “He wanted to kiss me down there, but it was so wet, I
was embarrassed to let him, even though I wanted to feel what it was
like.” “Good girl.” “Guys really like to kiss and lick girls pussies, the
wetness makes it even better.” “Well I didn’t know that then, Ashley told
me that later.” “Has Ashley ever done it?” “Yeah, she screwed about 5
times, two different boys.” All this horny talk was really turning me on
more. I could just imagine some school punk fucking that sexy little
teeny bopper sleeping next to us.
I adjusted myself by turning more on my side and placed my top leg between
hers to get a better angle for my big stiff cock to pleasure Tammy’s
sopping cunt. Tammy was grinding her ass all over my hard now. She kept
trying to push the head inside her, but the angle was wrong. Finally she
rotated her hips and did manage to get the knob of my stiff cock in her
entrance. “Ooouh, it’s in me isn’t it?” “Just the tip I assured her.”
Oooouh, it feels so hot and so good.” “Let it go in a little further” she
pleaded. I turned toward her a little more on my side and pulled her leg
up higher to my chest. At the same time she shifted more on her back.
This opened her entrance nice and wide as my cock slid in a little more.
In that position we both could finger her clit. I could feel her finger
touching it and sliding around. I showed her how to do it, but I don’t
think she needed any help. Both tits were now readily accessible and I
didn’t neglect them.
Now between her hip action, and my humping, I was sliding in and out of
her cunt pretty good. About 4 inches was slipping in by now. In spite of
her tightness, I was up against a wall and couldn’t go any further. “I’m
up against your virginity now, and it won’t go in any further without
breaking it.” “Break it, go ahead and do it, I want you in me all the
way.” “I want to get fucked so bad right now, I’d fuck Jack right here,
in front of you, if he were here.” With that she pushed against me hard,
and at the same time I pushed too. My cock slid almost all the way in as
Tawny gasped loudly. She pulled her leg even further apart as she raised
her knee higher to open wider.
It was all the way in her tight virgin cunt now and the feeling for both
of us was ecstasy. Gently I stroked in and out of her increasingly
slippery pussy. She was groaning and moaning so loudly, I was afraid she
would wake up Ashley. Finally I felt her fine lithe teen body stiffen and
her breathing stopped. The mussels in her cunt were having spasms and
clenching my cock unmercifully as she came for the first time with a cock
fully in her. I kept stroking into her and she kept cumming loudly.
“Shuhhh, you’ll wake Ashley.” “I don’t care, I tell her everything
anyway.” I couldn’t hold it any longer, I had to cum.
I couldn’t cum in her pussy, I wanted to cum in her pussy, but my better
ense prevailed and I pulled out just in time to spray all over her peach
covered little pussy and belly. “Oh daddy, I wanted to feel it go in
me.” “Why did you take it out?” I didn’t answer, I’m sure she knew.
She said, “I wish you would have let me put it in my mouth when you
came.” “I want to try that.” That’s for another time honey” as I pulled
her back to me. I could feel my sticky cum all over her as we finally
rifted off to sleep after a lot of loving caresses.
A couple of hours later this insatiable little nymph was on top of me
again getting me hard and trying to get my cock back into her wet pussy.
She was straddled over me letting her tits tease my mouth. She got
another good fucking and this time, and after she came a few times, I told
her I was ready to cum again. She slid off me and down to my cock sucking
it into her petit opening. As I came, I felt her head jerk back with the
unexpected. Then she resumed with more vigor and swallowed every drop.
After licking all over down there she came up to me again and said “I like
that.” I hugged her tightly and kissed her passionately and we fell
asleep again in each others arms.
The next morning, Ashley was up first and got dressed. I am sure she must
have noticed how we were cuddled together. As we woke, Tammy was the
first to crawl out of the sleeping bag. Ashley looked at her still naked
body in amazement as her eyes almost popped out oh her head. “You slept
like that”, asking in disbelief. Tammy casually yawned and stretched like
a cat in the sun. She was in no hurry. “Yep” it was great. “I have to
pee, come on I’ll tell you all about it.” She nonchalant strolled out of
the tent, still completely naked. They were gone about 20 minutes. When
they returned, I had breakfast was almost ready and everything was back to
normal like nothing had ever happened. Ashley did look at me and smile a
few times, but nothing more was said. I wondered just what Tammy told
We found a good fishing spot, but there were no fish. After a while, the
girls were wading up to their knees in the lake. The water was warm and
the girls were splashing each other. “Can we go skinny dipping” asked
Tammy.” “Besides I would use a good washing down here” splashing some
water on the front of her shorts. “It’s OK with me, no ones around” I was
anxiously anticipating seeing Tammy’s gorgeous naked body in the
daylight. I have to admit I was anxious to see Ashley too. She was a
year older than Tammy and a few pounds plumper. Her tits were bigger,
never the less, she was a very sexy looking girl and I would love to see
her naked. The girls didn’t waste any time shedding their clothes and
diving into the calm warm water. They frolicked and splashed in the
deeper water and I was getting disappointed that I wasn’t seeing as much
flesh as I expected.
Pretty soon they were back in the shallow water and were standing hip deep
unashamed letting me see everything. Ashley had shaved her pussy
completely and Tammy just a light blond fuzz that didn’t hide anything
when it was wet. “Come on, join us” they both pleaded. “Don’t be
chicken, get naked with us.” How could I resist such an invitation. I
quickly stripped and dove in. Both of them grabbed me and ducked me. I
wrestled the both of them getting lots of tits and ass feeling. After a
while of grabassing, Tawny came over to me in deeper water and put her
arms around my neck and planted a big wet kiss on my mouth. Ashley was
right next to us watching, so I placed my arm around her waist and pulled
her closer to us. I could feel her hard slippery tits pressing against my
side and she pressed her crotch against my thigh.
Tammy said, “I told Ashley all about how you forcefully molested me and
Molestationd my of my virginity last might.” She pulled back to watch my
startled expression and smiled. Ashley laughed and said “the way I heard
it was she practically fucked you.” “Then she woke you up in the middle
of the night to fuck you again.” “She sure is a horny little devil” I
said as she wrapped her legs around my waist. My cock was getting hard
again and Tammy felt it pressing against her lower belly. “Ooou, what’s
this? as her hand encircled my hard cock and pulled it against her open
slit. “Ashley, feel how big it is” as she pulled Ashley’s hand against my
cock which was now touching the lips of her pussy.
Ashley was anxious to feel, and her hand explored thoroughly the whole
length of my cock, balls, and even my ass. It just turned me on more and
I got harder. She was rubbing herself against me and grinding her shaven
bare little cunt against my leg. Ashley’s hand was still all over me.
Every once in a while I could feel her hand touch over to Tammy’s cunt
lips and brush against her swollen clit. “I want to fuck him again
Ashley, do you mind?” “No I don’t mind, but I wish we could go back to
the tent so I could watch.” “Do you like to watch people having sex
Ashley?” I asked. “Yeah, sometimes I watch my parents do it.”
“Well, lets get back to the tent”, I suggested. These two daring little
nymphs dashed out of the water, grabbed their clothes and headed for the
tent, buck ass naked. As soon as we were in, both girls spread the two
sleeping bags out and jumped on even before I got there. I lay between
the two of them and started kissing and feeling their tight young
bodies. I asked Ashley if she had ever had her pussy sucked and she said
no, but she was dying to try it, and would I?
told her to straddle over my face in a 69 position and asked Tammy to
traddle over my hard cock. Now I was sucking one sexy bare cunt and my
wn daughter was fucking me. The two girls were obviously highly turned
n by this and started to feel each other’s tits while they sat up.
pretty soon Ashley was trying to kiss Tammy as they felt each others
bodies. It didn’t take too long before both the girls were on the verge
of having a climax. Ashley was wildly fucking her clit against my tongue
and her horny juices were flowing into my mouth. Tammy’s little tight
cunt was squeezing my dick in a vice like grip as she approached a
climax. I let both girls cum. I could have, but I didn’t want to cum in
Tammy and by now I was most anxious to get into Ashley. I just held still
as Tammy went off with a bang. Her climax was so intense, and her little
pussy was so sensitive, she just rolled off with a moan.
After she did, I asked Ashley if she would like to get fucked too. “Oh
could I?” She didn’t wait for an answer as she swung around and lowered
her sopping young cunt over my still very rigid cock. She was just about
ready to cum while I was eating her, and the sensation of my big cock
entering into her sent her over the edge. Her pussy tightened even more
around my shaft as she came big. I kept fucking her for all I was worth.
Tammy was very interested in the mechanics of sex and crawled between our
legs to watch my rod plugging in and out of her friend. She felt my shaft
as it slid into her neighbor. I think she was also fingering Ashley’s
cunt lips and maybe even put her finger into her ass. I don’t know for
sure, It just felt like she was doing that by the way Ashley was
I whispered into Ashley’s ear “I’m gonna have to pull it out and cum
pretty soon.” “Oh don’t do that, I want to feel it cum inside my pussy.”
“It’s OK, my mom put me on the pill after she found out I was having
sex.” “Are you sure?” “Yes=8A I’m sure, let’s cum together.” One more
deep stroke as she ground her pubic bone against me hard trying to get as
much in her as she could. I let everything go deep inside her, and we
held each other tight as Tammy came up to kiss both of us. “That’s not
fair” Tammy pouted, “she get to have you cum inside her and I didn’t.” ”
But she’s on the pill and won’t get pregnant” I tried to explain. You get
your little ass on the pill tomorrow morning and we’ll have another little
fuck party.” “You can have all the cum you want in you then.” That
seemed to satisfy her.
We spent the rest of the afternoon in the tent fucking and sucking each
other and letting the girls find out everything they could about sex. We
are planning another fishing trip this week end.

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