Thursday , March 30 2023

Fantasy about my daughter-in-law -2

She replied: Yes I am forgiving you but on one condition. Actually I
want to turn you as my sex beggar only. But since you tried to use
force once, from now onwards you will be my slave. You have to oblige
whatever my orders be. .I said, Yes Madam. I become your slave now.
Please order me what I have to oblige. She ordered me: Lick my feet
and clean it with your tongue. She sat on a stool and ordered me to
sit on the floor in front of her. Then she put one of her foot on my
shoulder and her other foot moved through my face. Since her cunt was
clearly visible I tried to touch it. Noticing that she angrily said:
You scoundrel. You try to touch my cunt? Not allowed. It is still very
far away from you my slutty slave. Do what I say. And she put her toes
inside my mouth. I started licking and sucking her toes, foot very
eagerly. It gave me much pleasure that I am doing it under the order
of my Sex Rani Sex Queen my Sex Angel, i.e. my daughter in law. Had
she given this under normal circumstances, it would not be this much
pleasurable. I did it with her other foot also for 15 minutes. Then
she stood up and said: I want to pee. Open your mouth. You have to
drink my urine fully. Don’t spit it out. This is your madam’s order.
I eagerly opened my mouth. She moved her cunt close to my mouth and
started peeing. While peeing I requested her to pee in my face also.
She laughed and said: So you like my pee? From now on, I will urinate
in your mouth only and not in toilet. Your mouth is my urinal.

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