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Fariha Pervez bani hindu army officers k lund ki deewani

When India had totally occupied pakistan then indian army officers used to organize various parties in pakistan. One such party  was organized by Indian army’s Brigadier. One thing was common in all these parties that beautiful and well known pakistani ladies were invited and it was compulsory for them to come and they had to come alone or bear the punishment. The Brigadier invited pakistani singer Fariha Pervez at the party. He had listened to her music and was overwhelmed by her beauty.
It was party time.  The Indian army hindu Brigadier was anxiously waiting for Fariha Pervez. The party was at his house. From captain to general many Indian army officers attended the party. The moment came when Fariha Pervez opened the door and entered the party hall. Every single army officer in that hall started gazing eagerly at Fariha. Whiskey and wine was flowing like river in that party. Every single army officer had a glass of liquor in his hand. With the influence of liquor they were not shy to openly stare at Fariha’s healthy assets. Some of them even started to discuss about it.
1st army officer to second army officer:- these paki muslim women have great asses and tight vaginas I have fucked two such married paki muslim ladies. I cannot wait to get my hands on this one.
Third army officer:- what pleasure it would be to pump her heavy ass.
Slowly Fariha Pervez moved towards the Brigadier. The Brigadier was very happy to see her. He greeted Fariha.and offered her a glass of wine.
Fariha:- No thanks I don’t drink.
hindu Brigadier:- Its just wine and do you know the consequence of saying no to a Brigadier ?
Fariha got a bit scared by Brigadier’s gesture and she accepted that glass of wine and started sipping slowly. She was also the only woman present there between so many hindu men.
Brigadier:- You are looking beautiful.
Fariha:- thanks.
Brigadier:- So do you like the party ?
Fariha:- (She couldn’t say no to the brigadier) Yes, nice party nice arrangements.
Now Brigadier couldn’t control his emotions he started to look at Fariha’s boobs. Fariha noticed Brigadier looking at her boobs, she quickly veiled her boobs with her dupatta. Fariha was wearing a black coloured salwar kameez with a dupatta. Salwar kameez was bit tight body fit and all her body curves like ass and boobs were visible from outside the tight salwar kameez.
As Fariha veiled her boobs with her dupatta the fearless hindu Brigadier was not shy to give a little smile.
Seeing Brigadier’s gesture Fariha became a little shy and dropped her eyes down towards the floor.
Brigadier:- (not afraid to talk about it) Be comfortable you don’t need to be shy, I am overwhelmed by your beauty.
Fariha:- I am feeling a bit uncomfortable because I am the only women among so many men and most of them stare at be in between.
Brigadier:- Ok lets go upstairs away from all the crowd.
Fariha followed the brigadier and he took her to his bedroom.
Fariha:- why bedroom ?
Brigadier:- because its the safest place.
Brigadier moved closer to Fariha Pervez and started staring in her eyes. He held her dupatta and removed it.
Fariha started breathing heavily as she started to think what would be brigadier’s next step. The hindu Brigadier started licking her neck with passion. Fariha started to resist and said please stop I cannot do this I am a married woman.
Brigadier:- Now its too late I have no control over myself. The tiger has smelled blood.
Fariha started to leave the room but Brigadier grabbed her hand and pulled her close.  The brigadier started seducing Fariha. He was kissing and licking Fariha’s neck like a sex maniac. Then the indian hindu brigadier opened her salwar, it got loose and fell down. He moved his right hand inside Fariha’s panty and started rubbing his finger against the pussy lips. Fariha started moaning.
Fariha:- (in shaking voice kept saying)  don’t do this let me go please, this is not right.
Brigadier laid her down on the bed and removed her panty. Fariha started shaking her legs as she was resisting against it and wanted to leave the room but the hindu brigadier grabbed both her legs firmly and spread them apart and with his tongue started licking Fariha’s pussy. Fariha was surprised she never expected this, now she was loosing control as the brigadier was moving his wet tongue deeper and deeper inside her vagina.  With pleasure Fariha started making noises of ummm ahhh.. The brigadier sensed  fariha had become horny. Then he removed all her clothes and made her nude. There was not even a single thread on Fariha’s body. Brigadier started licking and kissing Fariha’s milky white body. He was sucking her boobs like mangoes. Brigadier removed his army uniform and got naked in front of Fariha. His big, long and thick cock was fully erect and all the cock veins were visible.
Fariha got impressed seeing the hindu Brigadier’s manhood. Brigadier smilingly said to Fariha what are you looking at, now you are not resisting what happened. In return Fariha stared the hindu brigadier seductively.
The brigadier laid himself down naked on the bed over Fariha and said you seem to be really unsatisfied and your pussy is so tight, looks like your muslim husband is not able to satisfy you. Is it that his half cut dick without foreskin becomes too slippery when it gets wet inside your pussy and as there is no foreskin to control the reducing friction consequently you don’t get enough rubbing effect inside your vagina which leaves you unsatisfied.
Fariha:- may be.
Brigadier:- have you ever taken a hindu cock inside your pussy.
Fariha:- no.
Brigadier:- then today is the day.
Fariha started moving her fingers around brigadier’s wide chest and started kissing and biting his chest like a hungry slut.
Fariha:- you are so manly. I have never met such a men.
The Manly aroma of the Brigadier’s strong body was making Fariha mad with lust. Now brigadier moved his cock closer to Fariha’s lips and she sensed the brigadier wants his cock inside her mouth. Fariha gently opened her mouth, the brigadier entered his cock into her mouth. Fariha had to further stretch her mouth to take this long and thick cock. She started sucking the cock as the brigadier moaned with pleasure. After the blowjob session the hindu indian Brigadier held his big cock in his hand and started rubbing his dick head against Fariha’s vaginal entrance. For Fariha it was a moment of extreme lust, for the first time a Hindu dick was exposing her Muslim pussy.  Slowly the Brigadier pressed his dick inside her pussy his cock went deep inside her pussy, Fariha’s husband dick was never able to reach those inner portions of  her pussy which the brigadier’s hindu cock was already touching. He started pumping her pussy moving up and down, Fariha started breathing heaving with pleasure. The brigadier started sucking her pink lips, he was also biting her lips gently. The brigadier was stroking her pussy, his cock was moving in and out all the time as Fariha was getting mad with pleasure she tightly held the brigadier in her arms as her boobs were completely crushing against brigadier’s wide chest. Fariha had never experienced an uncut hindu dick with foreskin rubbing against her internal vaginal walls. She was completely lost in a different world and reached orgasm. She also felt the cock veins inside her muslim pussy. Soon the hindu brigadier blew all his load inside her vagina. Brigadier was very pleased and satisfied to fuck this hot paki muslim woman. Then both of them dressed up and went downstairs where the party was going on.
The army’s Major General had just joined the party. The hindu major general saw Fariha Pervez and he started lusting for this woman. He came close to her and started talking to her. The brigadier, junior to the major general left both of them alone. The major general was not shy to touch Fariha’s body in between while talking. He asked Fariha to come with him outside. He took her into his car and started fondling her hot assets. Fariha knew the intentions of the major general beforehand but now she didn’t resist because she wanted to experience another hindu cock inside her paki muslim pussy. She was totally blown away by these manly hindu officers. The major general unzipped his pants took out his muscular cock, fariha quickly grabbed his cock and started licking it with her tongue. The major general didn’t expect Fariha to make such a bold move and he exclaimed with great relish ‘you paki muslim women are starting to love hindu cocks since our  intervention into your country seems like hindu cock has become a legend for paki women ahhhhh ummm(moaning with pleasure)’.  After that the hindu major general removed her salwar and panty. He laid her down on the car’s back seat with her ass upwards. He moved his cock inside her vagina from behind and started stroking her sexy ass. The hindu major general was pumping her ass with full force and her ass was continuously moving up and down. Fariha Pervez was fucked from behind by a hindu stud. She was completely satisfied.
That night Fariha Pervez didn’t go home, after the party the brigadier again fucked her and this time even harder. Fariha Parvez started liking hindu lunds, she became a whore of hindu cocks. Fariha became famous among hindu army officers and they loved to fuck her every now and then.

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