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Father and daughter forced to conceive to stay undercover

I had just finished my morning workout when I heard my cell phone ring from the other room. I bounced up the stairs and picked up the phone, answering it without looking at the caller.

“Hello?” I asked, realizing I didn’t check to see who it was.

“Hi, Kylah? This is Marlene.” Marlene Jacobs was my direct supervisor, and was apparently calling me on my day off. I worked at the Office of International Affairs for Homeland Security. “I need you to come in later today, I have an assignment for you; it should be a decent chance for you to make a name for yourself in our department. Can you come in?” she asked, sternly.

“Oh, yes. Of course! When do you need me to come in?” I asked. I had been looking for a way to get promoted at work, and from the sound of this it seemed like something I could use for leverage.

“Great. We need you here by 12:30, we’ll be in the 2nd floor conference room in building C. I’ll see you there.” Marlene said as she hung up abruptly, not even waiting for me to okay the time. It was fine, though, because I had nothing else going on today.

“Alright!” I yelled to myself in my head. “A chance to get promoted! I guess I better get ready!”

I headed up the stairs towards the shower, getting ready to prepare for work. I walked into the bathroom and started undressing, still very sweaty from my morning yoga. I slowly removed my tight workout shorts and tank top, revealing my bra and panties. I slid off my bra off my perky breasts and slowly removed my panties, admiring my body as I caught myself in the mirror.

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