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Father and daughter have a fun time while mother is away

While the cat’s away the mice will play; or so goes the old saying. Sometimes the way the mice play might not be so nice, and, in fact, might even be considered downright naughty.

The mother, aka the cat, left early on a Friday morning, leaving her eighteen year old daughter, and her husband, aka the mice, to their own devices. She was visiting a sick relative out of state and would not be back until late Sunday evening.

As soon as she got home from school the daughter rushed into the house anxious to see her daddy. It was her eighteenth birthday and she was in a bubbly mood with the cat away. After an exchange of greetings, he invited her out to a lavish birthday dinner to celebrate.

She had a better idea. “Let’s go to the bowling alley and have some pizza. You know I love the pizza there and I am feeling casual tonight anyways.”

He accepted her offer, and after a fun night of pizza and bowling they returned home. Her carefree mood was still in high gear helped by the clandestine sips she took from each of the three beers he enjoyed while they bowled.

After they settled down on the sofa in the downstairs living room the father asked her, “So it’s only nine. What does my little princess want to do for the rest of her birthday?”

Striking a haughty tone, she frowned at him, “I think the princess would care for some of your finest champagne to celebrate her birthday. Could you be so kind and fetch it for her?”

“Princess or not, I don’t think your mother, the ice queen, would approve of you drinking, hon.”

“Well, she is not here so let’s take advantage.” She jumped to her feet, heading over to the bar in the corner of the family room announcing, “The princess will get it herself.”

After grabbing a nearly full bottle of champagne from the fridge, she pulled out a six ounce crystal champagne flute and filled it to the brim. Hurrying back to the sofa with both the bottle and the full glass of champagne, she whispered to him, “When the cat’s away, the mice will play.”

“OK but you, little mouse, since you are little, only get a little. Understand?”

“Sure, but Daddy, since you are the big mouse you need to take big drinks.”

“I’m the big mouse huh and what?” he said amused, “you want to get this big mouse drunk?”

“Maybe,” she responded with a bright smile that suggested her answer was much more on the affirmative side than a mere maybe.

“Now why would you want to get your daddy drunk?” He could tell by the clever smile on her pretty face she was up to something.

“Tell you later, but first take a big drink. It’s my birthday and we should be celebrating.”

Shaking his head he took a large swallow of the champagne, leaving just under a half a glass, before she snatched it out of his hand. “My turn to celebrate.”

“Only a little sip, princess. You don’t want to celebrate too much.”

“Of course,” she replied. Despite his admonishment to only have a little, she finished off the balance of the champagne in two neat gulps.

“Hey, I said only a little!”

“Fine, I will only take a little out of the next glass,” she replied happily as she reached over and grabbed the bottle of champagne off the coffee table. He looked on more amused than angry by her disobedience as she refilled the flute.

“So tell me, why don’t you call me princess anymore? I used to love it when you called me that.”

“Well, I sort of figured after you got older, like when you became a teenager, you wouldn’t want me calling you that anymore.”

“Oh Daddy, really! I am not one of those snotty teenage brats that is offended if my daddy still calls me cute little nicknames.”

She paused, reaching for the glass of champagne sitting on the coffee table in front of the sofa while wondering if he would stop her.

He didn’t stop her, but instead issued a stern warning which she promptly ignored.

“Honey, you need to slow down.”

“Just one more, but a big one this time and then for the rest of the night I will only take the smallest of sips. I promise.” This would be the first of many lies the princess would tell throughout the night.

“I don’t know,” he answered doubtfully.

“Please, Daddy. I need to be a little tipsy for our upcoming game and you need to be a lot tipsy.”

“What game?” he asked now more than a little intrigued by her behavior.

She picked up the glass, while giving him her warmest smile, and after he nodded his approval, took a generous swallow before setting it back down.

“Now, tell me about this game you wanna play that we both need to be tipsy for.”

“Well, you calling me princess brought back memories, nice memories of this game we used to play when I was little . . . chase and tickle. Remember that Daddy? We always played it, especially on my birthdays.”

“I do. As I recall whenever we played chase and tickle I was the big bad monster, and you where the hapless young princess.”

She nodded her head eagerly before speaking, “Yes. You calling me princess brought back the memory of us playing that game. That used to be so much fun. Maybe we could play again for old time’s sake.”

“Yeah, but you were a little girl then. I mean do you really wanna play a silly game of chase and tickle now that you are older? Besides I doubt your mother would approve. As I recall she was the one who put a stop to us playing as it was.”

“She doesn’t need to know, and yes I wanna play. It will be funner now that the princess is older and stronger, and maybe not such easy prey for a tired old monster that might also be a little drunk.”

She pushed the glass of champagne toward him with a clever smile before whispering, “When the cat’s away, the mice will play.”

He stared at his daughter trying to judge if she was serious. Apparently she was quite serious based on the way she continued to harp at him to play the game. “Come on! I am serious. I wanna play. It’s my birthday and I wanna do something fun and different. Plus . . .”

“Yes, yes I know, when the cat is away, we mice should play.” He picked up the glass full of champagne and nearly drained it.

“Does that mean we are going to play?”

“Of course, princess. Could I ever deny you anything?”

She clapped her hands and jumped across the sofa throwing her arms around him. “Thank you Daddy. I promise this will be fun.”

While finishing the last of the champagne he took a good long look at his daughter knowing if he wasn’t careful things could . . . ahh . . . get a little naughty considering how adorably cute she was.

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