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Father finds solace in his daughter after his wife passed

The story starts with the death of Anas’s beloved wife who seemed perfectly healthy and died suddenly of a stroke.

Anas was a battered man. Though he was a successful sales executive, the family affairs were entirely at the hands of his wife and he was at a great loss to face the future without her. And there was his daughter who was in her mid teens and mostly ignorant about the world.

With all his relatives leaving the scene after completing the formalities, he and his daughter were left to fend for themselves, and he was very afraid of the future. The house was in shambles – clothes, utensils, flowers strewn all over. After clearing the mess somewhat, his daughter Saima, made the bed in the master bedroom, where he and his wife used to sleep.

Actually, until she hit puberty, all three used to sleep on the same gorgeous wooden cot in that Master bedroom, but once she started to develop, her mother mercilessly made her sleep in a separate room – alone.

This is not strange in India. Even this day, there are families which do not allow the male members of the family to unduly touch or hug their grown up girls and they insist for a discreet distance between them – physically. It is a safeguard to girls protecting them from the male member – be it her father or brother and others. It is not that every family indulges in incest, but men are men and they have cock. And girls are susceptible. Why take risk?

So it was nothing strange or different, when her mother asked Saima to sleep in a separate room. She offered a good reason for that. As Saima was studying higher class at school, she needed concentration and needed to spend more time on studies. Saima was very angry being robbed of her rightful place in the house and fought tooth and nail – she did not speak to her mother for about a month, but her mother didn’t relent.

Now, when her mother was no more and she found her dad was feeling so sad and alone, she thought her presence would mollify him and help him to control himself.

Saima was just 18 and her dad was almost 54 years old .His parents were staying in a village, looking after farm activities and could not stay with him.

Saima was just like her mother, only young and short, was about 5 feet and kind of skinny. But her titties were of a good size, like a blooming pomegranate. Her churidar could not hide those bulges and her butt were certainly awesome, perfectly rounded and firm. Though she was not aware, men would all turn and watch whenever she walked around. Unlike many hypocrites in his religion, Anas had no issues in allowing his daughter to receive a good education . She was very much interested in tennis after watching Sania Mirza and Anas convinced his wife to allow her to play. The sight of a girl running around in short skirts would make any muslim fundamentalist fume.

Anas was a healthy middle aged man with muscular body due to regular exercise. He had to keep fit in order to visit various places his job demanded. His only shortcoming was he would take a sip or two of liquor occasionally.

As things had to roll, an old servant maid was engaged to look after the washing, cleaning and cooking and whenever Anas was away for work, she would stay at night in company with Saima.

Human mind is very strange. Anas was very sad and upset and most days he could not think of anything but his wife. But as time passed – they say time is the greatest healer – his mind began to prioritize things. Initially, he saw his wife’s image everywhere – right from the coffee cup, shirts, dining table, car key and what not – but as days passed he began to remember less and less of her and after a month or so, he was more immersed in his day to day schedule than indulging in her thoughts.

One day, after his return from work, he came home slightly drunk. Saima was doing homework. He went into the bedroom, washed himself and sat before the computer to check his mail. After finishing it, he was randomly viewing this and that and then finally hit the porn videos.

As he started watching a clip, he heard her daughter call him.

“Daddy, shall we eat?”

Changing the web page immediately, he answered “Yes, I’m coming.” and started switching off the system. When he reached the dining table, she was at the kitchen heating up the food. He arranged water and plates on the table and sat down looking for her.

Saima was standing near the oven bending forwards warming up the food items. She was still in her tennis dress.She was sitting for a long time, the skirt had rolled up a little, revealing her healthy thighs, just below her butt. As Anas watched those voluptuous thighs and the shapely cheeks, he was surprised to find staring at the white skinned thighs of his daughter caused his cock rise in a massive erection almost instantly.

Immediately he forced himself to turn away from her, took a deep breath and gulped some cold water into his drying throat. That made him recover and he felt ashamed. How could it happen when it was his own daughter, he wondered. Even just a few years ago, he watched her many times when she was bathing naked and running wild around the hall, dodging her mother and he felt nothing different then. But now what had gotten into him? He sighed and tried to divert his thoughts.

By then, she came to the table limping a little and started serving.

“You are still in uniform?”

“Oh daddy, the coach made me practice extra hard today and I stillI have lots of homework to do. I Didn’t have time to change. Sorry.” she didn’t sound sorry at all. She knew by experience that her daddy would not mind her not changing into her evening wear.

“Well, your dress seems to be a little dirty. Wear something else for the night.” he was more convincing than admonishing.

“Okay daddy.” she cooed and continued her eating.

“Why are you limping?”

“Daddy,” she replied as if she was waiting for the question. “Coach gave me punishment for making too many mistakes and made me run across the sidelines, back and forth repeatedly.”

So he cleaned the dishes and went to the study and opened the internet. He searched some of the webs and settled on an address

The girl in that clip was very much like his wife. She would make a lot of fuss in allowing him to make love. She would make all resistance to make it look as if he was going to Molestation her. Finally, when she yields, he would feel as if he had conquered her. But once it started, she would cooperate to the extreme and it was always rough sex with her.

He remembered once asking her to take his cock in her mouth, and he had to beg her a lot for a long time before she agreed, but once she got it in her mouth, she sucked it with such fierceness, he had erupted into high caliber orgasm into her mouth.

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