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And Finally I Proposed To My Mom

Hi All,

This is my first but 100% true real life story. Let me first tell about myself, I am 6 Feet well-built guy from Mumbai. In my family I have one younger sister, father and my beautiful and voluptuous mom. I am not show off guys who have 9-10 inch dick, I have a normal size 5.5 inch tool.

Ok, now let me come to the background and incident which brought my dream come true. We grew up in Mumbai and my father is in a government job, and we are a happy family. My mother is a house wife and very traditional and emotional kind of lady. My Mom’s figure is 36-30-36 and she is around 5’8” tall, wheatish skin and a wonderful figure to die for. I started to lust for my mom when I entered in hostel during my engineering in Trichy. This was the time that I learnt about Incest and searched on internet and found that in many instances it was true, however after those fantasy jerk offs about mom, I had this regret and guilty feeling and any advances towards this direction can all together change my life forever.

It was the time, when I got a job after my engineering and joined an investment banking firm in Mumbai only. My dad got transferred to another city and sister joined MBBS College in Karnataka. Now only Mom and I used to live I our house and every day I was getting more and more desperate to suck those melons and chew her cunt till it gets dry. I made a strategy to make my dream come true like this:
Step:1 Make myself so desirable that I can seduce my Mom
Step2: Use Emotional trap to make her feel that having sex with own son is not wrong
Step3: Propose her with all dignity to make her feel like a teenager.

Because of my regular exercise during college days I have become a hot hunk.
Now coming to that day it was monsoon season and because of heavy rains, we used to spend most of our time at home only, but you know the season was quite conducive for hot fucking, and I used this opportunity to fullest. By every means I started to show my bare chiseled chest and bulging biceps to my Mom, be it after bath or during exercise and many a time I observed that she was kind of drooling at it. Now this weekend of Aug, I told Mom that it has been quite a few months that I’ve not been on vacation, so let’s plan a trip a Goa and requested her to not share this with Sis or Father as they may not allow this. For my happiness my Mom agreed, though she did not have a full idea what Goa is all about? We reached by train to station in Goa, and I had booked a very nice near sea shore cottage and made special request to decorate it for honeymoon couple. When we reached there, room was decorated with Rose petals and though I could see Mom was feeling a little uncomfortable I tried to ease it out saying that this is how generally they greet in Goa as this is perfect honeymoon destination. In the evening I requested Mom to go to beach and I got my swimming trunks, and Mom was in saree only (which was pink chiffon saree, and it was revealing her figure like anything). After reaching beach I requested Mom to come in water but she was hesitant. See this I took out my vest and in seminude condition and almost dragged her playfully in water and she got drenched. After some time she started to enjoy it and after spending some hours we went back to our cottage.

We were in Goa for four days, and I wanted to take the plunge in first night itself to propose her, so that if this works out rest three days I could have fucked her like a rabbit, but sure this was not that easy. In that night after taking shower and dinner, when we were going to bed I was in one hot vest with my shorts and Mom changed to light salwar suit which was hugging her body.
Now this was the time to execute Step-2. On the bed during our chit chat, when there was only dim light in room, I asked Mom: “Do you feel proud that I am her son”?
Mom: Of course Abhi, I love you so much beta and I am very proud of you, btu why did you ask this question?”

Me: “Mom, you know, in this world you are the person to which I can trust fully and be honest with, please assure me that you will forgive whatever big mistake I do in life”
Mom: “Of course Abhi, you know what Beta, you are my weakness, it is not in my control to get upset with you so long, but why you are asking these kind of question in this happy vacation?”
Me:” Mom, today I want to share something with you, and this may change our life forever, but if it is already in my mind, by not sharing with you I am only feeling guilty to cheating on you. But I can only gather courage to discuss these things with you, only when you will assure that you will not angry with me? Because if you feel bad after hearing this I may not be able to talk to you after this”
Mom: “Abhi beta, what is it? Ok I promise whatever it is on earth, I will not get angry with you, now tell me what’s bothering you?”
Me: “Mom, I don’t know how this started but when I got separated with you during my college, due to emotional attraction or something, I started feeling differently about. It’s not only about Mom-Son relation, but many a times I wish and sometimes I saw in dream as if you are some other woman in my dream and I am proposing to you as my partner or wife. It is like you have become my dream girl, and I am badly attracted towards you. I am not able to concentrate anything but you.
I tried every possible way, in these years but I can’t get you off my mind, so Mom only you can help me out. For this night, please without getting angry, can you forget that I am your son and treat me as your lover? I love you Mom, can you please my Girlfriend for this night only? (Step-3)”
Mom” Oh Boy, Abhi, I am in shock. I don’t know what to say, I didn’t even in my dream thought that you will say this!!!”
Me:” Mom as I have already shared this with you and proposed to you, there is no going back from here, even if I will not share with you, but I can’t live with your refusal”
Mom: “Oh baby, why you have come so far, I don’t know what to do, my mind is blank.”
Me: “Please Mom be mine for this night, I have come from you only, and I want to unite with you fully once”
Mom; “I don’t know son. Ok, if this is the only solution, for your happiness, I accept it.”

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