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First Time with My Mom’s friend

Being an 18 year old guy, I was always horny and masturbated a lot. I loved watching porn on the net. I find chicks like Nikki Benz super sexy and i wanted to fuck them so bad. What can you say I was just going through puberty.

My parents used to work at a golf club that was very far away. So they always went out early and came back late.

One year, my results started going down the hill as I didn’t care too much since the finals were over. My parents started worrying as I am the only chain to their family. So they phoned my mother’s friend who was a lecturer at a university to come and control my studies. I don’t really remember her, the last time I saw her was when I was kid claimed my parents. I was very well against it because I didn’t want to have to study everyday.

She was very willing to help my parents and came over one night to meet me first (with my parents presence).

I wasn’t aware at the moment that she was coming. I was locked in my room watching some stripper I had secretly signed up for and slowly jacking off to her nice waist and butt, thinking if only her tits were bigger.

‘Will, aunt Jennifer is here, come down and meet her. AND be nice,’ said my mom. Will was short for my middle name William, only my parents call me that.

I told the stripper that I had to go and told her some dirty stuff and quickly put my pants back on, still with my dick hard. I got down stairs to meet my new tutor. A blonde women with a baby blue t’shirt and shorts was sitting on my family couch. I greeted her with respect. She was a very open women as she opened her arms for a hug. I tried to avoid any contact between my penis and her thighs.

‘oh my, Sara.. your son is a big man now, the last time I saw him he still needed his toy car, I wonder what toy is he playing with right now ? Girls,’ she said, giving me a smile.

I blushed a little as my mom said ‘He better not,’

‘Come on, we were around his age when we started..’

‘Jenny!’ my mom said looking at me as if I was about to get some sort of dirty influence.

‘Go get Aunt Jennifer some drinks Will,’ ordered my dad.

I came back and served my new tutor a glass of water. This time, I noticed how nice her thighs were. And my erected penis just got harder.

She went home and said she’ll be coming tomorrow to give me my first lesson. I went back upstairs so horny, I tried to find my stripper but she was already off. So I jerked off to the nice pair of legs I just saw. Dreaming of fucking that new tutor of mine tomorrow.

I went to school and came home. Washed up a little and ordered some chinese food for lunch.

Minutes later, my tutor was here. I opened the door and she was holding my chinese food on her palm ‘Delivery,’! she said. She was wearing a pink formal today, with two of her top buttons unbuttoned, I could see a little of her laced bra. She also coated a high waisted skirt which showed me how nice her ass is.

I smiled as I welcomed her in. Again we hugged, as I tried to control my penis.

I returned her the delivery money.

As she watched me eat my lunch. Then we started the lesson.

She taught me French. I couldn’t really keep up.

Sometimes, I would have the chance to glance her curvy body nicely for a few seconds.

After a few weeks of tutoring. I was obsessed with her kindness and her sexy figure. I jacked off thinking of fucking her constantly until one day her house was robbed.

She came over to our house with a pack of clothes. Already with my outstation-ed parents permission. She was sleeping over for some time until she’d feel her house was safe enough again, with me, alone.

I was excited I got horny again. I showed her to her room. And let her settle in. I went back to my room quickly and jerked off.

She prepared dinner for me. I could see her boobs when she bent down to serve dinner to me.

‘Like my cooking,’?

‘Yeah, it’s delicious,’

‘I’m glad you like it. Hey, how bout we take a swim later’ ?

‘Sure’! I said excitedly wanting to see her body in a swimsuit.

After dinner we changed into our swim wear and met by the pool.

I thought she’d be wearing a swimsuit but she wore bikini’s instead. She was so smoking hot. Her body in a baby pink bikini turned me on.

We raced in the pool, splashed water at each other and had fun. She started tickling me, so I tickled her back. She was in my arms as I tickled her. At one point I felt something firm humping my erected penis. When I looked down her butt was moving away from my penis. as she turned around and gave me a wink.

That night, I crept into her room and stole her pair of bikinis. I smelled her underwear and loved it so much I put my dick in it and jacked-ed off and ejaculated in it.. And just fell asleep right after that.

The next morning I tried looking the pair of bikini all around my room. But couldn’t find it. I was worried sick. But i acted normal as I went down stairs to see Aunt Jen in her robes doing the laundry.

I took a seat at the dinner table, taking a sip from the milk she prepared for me. My heart pounding very fast afraid that she had caught me jacking off in her pantie.

She sat down like normal and had breakfast like normal. I relaxed. After that she said she was about to have a nap.

When I was walking back to my room, I saw her room door slightly open, I looked inside and saw aunt Jen in a pair of shorts sleeping topless.

But all I saw was her back. I wanted to see more so I walked into her room quietly. I saw her bare breasts. They were so round and huge, her nipples were perfect ! I shook aunt Jen. No respond, I called her name, no respond. I quickly jumped on the bed and pulled off my pants as I started humping between her thighs, her skin was so smooth, I came all over her body just seconds after the first touch. I licked her breasts and quickly ran to the toilet and grabbed some tissue to clean up my cum, so that she wouldn’t notice and ran back to my room.

That night, aunt Jen cooked dinner as usual. She taught me French after dinner.

Somehow she asked me a new line in French I did not understand.
She said ‘Êtes-vous une vierge,’

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