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First Time With Uncle

Hi, I am Vanshani. I am now 26 years. This is the story about my first sexual encounter with my Uncle Ronak. I was 19 years of age at that time. He was around 30 year of age. I was young in second year of college. My both parents are working parents, so usually I was staying at home alone. One young couple came to live in our apartment. I was getting close to the husband. We always talk during the day time when his wife was not around. So people in apartment complex started noticing our closeness. My dad came to know about it. There was big issue from that. I was grounded in my home. My aunt (my dad’s sister) came to visit us. She was living in town next to ours. So she offered my parents to take me with her from where I can go to college. So I went with her to her house.

I was welcomed by my uncle. He took my bag and led me to a room next to their bedroom. After dinner I changed in night dress. I usually wear sport bra and a short as night dress. So when I came to drawing room to watch TV, my uncle was shocked to see my asset. I have perfect body 34x26x34. I noticed his eyes were more on my body then on TV screen. I liked that. Then it was getting late, so I went to bed but I can’t forget my uncle’s eyes on my body.

Next morning when my aunt went for work, I saw my uncle was sleeping in his bed. An evil thought went to my mind. I slowly entered the room and close the door. I sneak slowly in my uncle’s bed. He was sleeping on his side and I slept next to him under the blanket. I slowly took his hand and put it around me and put it on my boobs. He did not react anything. I started pressing his hand with my hand against my boob. Still he did not react. But all of sudden I noticed something touching my ass. His cock was getting hard. I knew he was awake and was enjoying it. So I continue pressing his hand. Then I slowly stopped, but he continue pressing my boob. So slowly I turned around and kissed him. We keep kissing for about 5 minutes.

After 5 minutes, we broke the kiss and he started kissing me all over my body. He remove my bra and released my boob. He started licking my areola and sucking my nipples hard. He continue downwards and removed my short. Now I am completely naked. He get down to my cunt and started sucking it hard. I was in seventh heaven. I never experienced this before. He was an expert. He knew how to handle a girl. I started shivering and I hold his head in my pussy and pushed it. I can’t control anymore and I cum on his mouth. He drank all my juice. I was relaxed and exhausted. He slept by my side for few minutes and keep playing with my nipples.

After few minutes my nipples started getting hard again. I was keep playing with his cock all the time. It was hard. I slowly started kissing him on his ear, neck, and chest and keep going down. I slowly kissed tip of his cock and then licked it. Slowly I took tip in my mouth and then started sucking his cock. I loved the test of his cock. I keep doing it for little while and then he told me that he is Cuming. He came into my mouth and I drank all semen. He enjoyed this so much. He was breathing heavily and lie down on his bed relaxed.
We kept lying in bed.

After a while his cock started getting hard again. Now he started sucking my nipples. I was getting very excited. He put his cock at my pussy and started stocking it slowly. I was feeling little pain as it was my first time. But my uncle was very gentle. He keep it slow and steady. He finally push all the way and took my virginity. I was in pain and holding my uncle very tight. He lip-locked me and kept kissing. Then he started hip movement slowly. I was in little pain but enjoyed it. He keep thrusting me and his speed kept increasing. I got my first orgasm and he came at same time. I was in seventh heaven. I hold my uncle and my nails were burying in his back. He was tired too. We lied in bed for few minutes.

Then we both get up and went to bathroom. Took shower together. He started rubbing soap on my boobs. I was getting excited again. He applied soap all over my body and shower me all over.

After a week or so, my aunt had to go out of town for week. So we were alone. My uncle came home early with bucket of flowers. We took shower together. Then he prepared me in a red wedding saree. He put sindoor in my head and made me his wife. He then set up the bed. We had enjoyed our suhag raat. We had sex all over the house in each room including kitchen, living room, bathroom, store room, back yard also. I loved the sex in back yard in dark. It gives me the different feeling.

After my aunt came back, my uncle changed his job to night shift. So at night I was sleeping with my aunt in their bedroom. In morning when my aunt leaves, my uncle usually come and wake me up and we were having morning sex. I loved that routine and enjoyed it for a while. I stayed with my uncle for few months and enjoyed him for all my stay. Still we meet at least once a week and continue our relationship.

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