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Five macho man, and my drunken wife

Five of my macho black friends came over to watch a
cricket match. But once they realised that my wife was
dead drunk; the started their own match in my wife’s
hairy pitch with their big black cum-spewing bats…poor sods still think that I didn’t know.

Although I am Indian man, unlike other normal Indians,
I have no interest in the game of cricket. Just so
slow, so unadventurous and boring – that what I thought
cricket was. All my Indian friends on the other hand
are just crazy about the game. The thing is that it is
a communal thing – watching cricket. So the other day,
there was this one day international match between West
Indies and India and it was decided that all of them
would come to my house to watch it on cable TV.

My wife Ruchi, unlike me, is also a big cricket fan and
when I told her this news, she was overjoyed. Like I
said, a cricket lover loves to watch the game with
other passionate fans.

My friends are a diverse group. There are three Indians
– Sudharak, a 42 year old, very dark, stout
Maharashtrian man; Kishore a lanky 47-year-old also
from Maharashtra; Santosh, a 55-year-old balding fat
man from Orissa and Oracle (yes, that is his name), a
62-year-old Nigerian. Sudharak has never married and is
considered a confirmed bachelor. Kishore is divorced
and although Santosh is married with two kids, his wife
lives in India to look after his aged parents. Oracle
is a widower.

My wife is 28, a hell lot many years younger than my 45
years but we are very tuned to each other’s well being
and have had a lovely married life since we married
seven years ago against a lot of criticism from her
family. She is a very sweet woman and very

On the day of the match, she woke up early prepared
some snacks to last through the game and got ready. She
wore a plain white summer dress which was very loose
and hid her curves unnecessarily. The hem of the dress
was slightly above her knees and she looked very sexy
even in this frumpy dress. Her hair was tied in a
ponytail and I could sense that because of the loose
dress she had not worn a bra. When she crossed her
arms, her dark nipples were very visible against the
thin white cotton. But I don’t think she had noticed
that or she wouldn’t wear that dress.

One by one the guys arrived and settled down in the
living room couch. Our couch is huge it was custom-
built by a local carpenter so that both of us could lie
down together to watch TV and there was still some
space. All the guys were wearing shorts – Sudharak and
Kishore were wearing Bermudas. Santosh and Oracle were
still wearing their running shorts since they came in
straight from the gym. Santosh and Oracle were also
soaked to the bone in sweat from their runs. They
apologized for their appearance as if they had showered
they would be late. Both my wife and I didn’t care
about such things anyway.

So all four of them settled on the couch with cushions
and the TV remote. My wife sat on a small rattan lounge
chair to the left of the couch. I had no intention of
getting bored by the game but still I sat on the couch
with my four friends, diagonally opposite to my wife.
It was early in the morning but when I passed chilled
beer cans around they were immediately snapped up. Even
before the game began (it was late because of some rain
earlier) most of them were on their third beer. My wife
doesn’t like beer so she was on gin and tonic – also
her third – and to have three gins in a row only meant
that my wife would be a goner in no time.

Anyway, the game started and as cricket goes it was
slow in the beginning and started to pick up pace after
about 20 minutes. I noticed that each time a player was
running or about to get caught, my wife would pull her
knees up to her chest in typical sports-watching
stress. And when she did that from my angle I got a
wonderful view of her sheer white panties.

I was amused at what my friends would think if they saw
the sight. Then, my wife just remained in that position
and after some time, her dangled her right leg over the
arm of the chair. Whoa! I was stunned; this angle gave
a perfect view of her panty-clad pussy.

The outline of her pussy lips was clearly defined and I
could even see a few pussy hairs peeking from the side
of her panties. She had moved her torso slightly
leftwards and this way, her panty clad pussy was
directly visible to all five of us on the couch. I
noticed with a sideways glance that Oracle had caught
on to the view and was focusing more on my wife’s
crotch than the TV screen. My wife too had been looking
in his direction more than a few times.

Next time when I went to get more beer, my wife asked
for another gin and I thought this would be a good time
to make her change her position. When I was handing her
the drink, I casually told her, “Honey, let me sit here
for a while, my back is breaking on the couch.”

She reluctantly got off and started moving to drag a
bar stool to the living room, when Oracle opened his
thick Negro lips to say, “Ruchi, my dear, a bar stool
is not meant to sit on to watch cricket. Here, let me
make some space for you to park your bottom.” With that
he nudged Santosh to move a bit and together they made
enough space for her between them. I, happy that they
wouldn’t be able to see my wife’s frisky pussy anymore,
sat down on the lounge chair. After a while when I saw
my wife from the corner of my eyes, my eyes, instead,
locked on Oracle’s shorts.

Jeez, I thought and did a double take. Snaking out from
the open flap of his running shorts, was his limp cock.
A black, thick slab of limp meat lying lazily on his
thick black thigh like a coiled serpent. It was not
fully hard but I noticed a big glob of clear liquid
forming a big drop at the end of his wrinkled foreskin.
And in front of my eyes it slowly dropped down on his
muscular thighs and slid off to be smeared on the
leather of my couch.

I wondered if this is what Ruchi was watching too. It
was hard to take my wife off that most erotic scene as
I saw my wife sandwiched between two mature man – one
of whom was staining my leather-bound couch with his
pre-cum but I glanced at the TV screen just in time
before Oracle asked me to get another beer.

I went inside the kitchen and stood holding the sink
for a while. Sipped iced cold water to calm myself and
adjusted my surprised and definitely hard cock.

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