Tuesday , March 21 2023

Forbidden Love with Liz

I met Liz about 10 years ago when I volunteered to mentor her and her brother. From the first time I met them there was something special about Liz. She was so quiet when we first met. I arrived at their house to meet them and their mother. I spent about an hour talking with them and getting to know them. Before I left Liz had climbed up on my back and flipped over my head. That was the first time I had touched her and her ass and from then on I was hooked. I mentored Liz and her brother for about 7 years but I have kept in contact with them since then. I got to see them both grow up and mature. I haven’t talked to her brother for a couple of years because of him going off to college. Because of decisions their parents had made the kids were without a father for most of their lives. So I was the father figure to them. When ever I would pick them up and take them places Liz would hold my hand like a daughter would with her father. If we were at home she would sit close to me or on my lap. Sometimes it was a little uncomfortable to have her on my lap knowing if she moved a certain way she would feel my hard on, but so many times I wanted her to feel it just to see her reaction.

Like I said I got to see both of them grow and mature. I watched Liz grow from a cute little girl to a beautiful young woman. More and more I would find myself checking her out as she sat close to me or as she left the room I’d watch her butt wiggle while she walked away. There were many times that I would tickle her just so I could touch her and feel her squirm beside me or on my lap. Many times I would grab her from behind and “accidentally” touch her young growing breasts. She had the most amazing body for a young girl. Knowing the consequences if someone found out if anything happened between us always stopped me from trying anything more than playful touching or so I thought it would.

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