Tuesday , March 21 2023

Forced to have sex with my daughter

My name is Roger Wilkins. I’m a 58 yr old entertainment lawyer. I make seven figures a year and live the good life. My wife is 24 and sexier than any bikini model you can think of. I have one daughter from my first marriage. Her name is Sheena and She is 17 and gorgeous. I know as her father I shouldn’t even be noticing these things, let alone talking about them but the girl has the finest set of tits I’ve ever seen. She’s about 5’6, has long, silky blond hair and a face that should be on the movie screen. She is lean with perfect curves, and her legs would make the sexiest runway model jealous. But her tits, oh man, they have to be at least D cups and despite their size they are firm and high. I spent many a cold shower after seeing her strut around in her bikini.

My life was perfect until last May. On May 22nd my I came home to fine a note on my desk. It said they had kidnapped my daughter and if I wanted her back I was to call the number listed. If I involved the cops they would kill her. So I called. They informed me that I was to go to a specified address with 5 million dollars and all would be explained. I did that. When I arrived I was let in by a man in a mask. I was overpowered, tied up and set in a chair facing a bed. The man removed his mask and assured me that since I cooperated and brought the 5 million dollars, myself and my daughter would be fine. He said he and his partner had to have some insurance that I wouldnt call the cops when the exchange was over.

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