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Freaky Nigerian Cheating Wife: His Affair

I was on my way back from visiting my sister that Sunday afternoon. I had planned to stay out until well into the evening but I things did not work that way. My mother had come earlier to pick up my child so the plan was that Michael and I could enjoy some alone time together. Michael said he had to go visit a friend and I decided to use the opportunity to visit my younger sister and spend the day with her. The visit was cut short though because it turned out she was not feeling very well and I got the feeling she wanted to get some rest. I decided to return home instead.

I had gotten to the stairs of our flat when I ran into David, our neighbour. He was coming down and met me on the stairwell.

“Hey baby, it has been a while,” he said, wrapping his hands around my waist and attempting to kiss me. I quickly looked around, making sure we were alone. David was a lot reckless about our affair than I was. I shoved him away from me.

“What are you doing?” I asked him in a harsh whisper.

He giggles. “Uche is out of the house. Come on, let’s go enjoy a little quickie.”

I shook my head and pushed past him, heading to our own flat. Since I realised Michael was starting to suspect me of being unfaithful, I had been laying low. I had kept my legs closed and kept away from trouble. I did not even so much as enjoyed fun time with my dildo. But sadly, I had also not been able to have sex with him either. Since that night, it was like he had been avoiding me. Whenever I tried to initiate sex as an attempt to make him see I was not getting some outside, he pushed me away, giving one excuse or the other. I could feel that we were drifting apart and I did not know what to do.

Using my keys, I opened our door, intending to maybe take a shower and just enjoy a nap until Micheal returned from wherever. A sound caught my attention. It seemed like it was coming from our bedroom. I walked slowly in, my heart thumping. Was someone in our home? The closer I got, the more I could make out the voice. I heard Michael. He was talking softly to someone. Then I heard it, a woman’s voice, an unmistakable sound of moaning.

I knew what I would find before I even opened the door but when I did, I gasped. Michael was on the bed, his eyes closed while he groaned. A very large-breasted woman was straddling him, facing his legs and facing the door. She would have seen me if not for the fact that she had thrown her head back in pleasure, as she fucked my husband. Perspiration was running down her head, neck and her breasts. I notice droplets of sweat dripping from her hard nipples. Her hands were rested on Michael’s thighs as she fucked him like there was no tomorrow. My mouth was still agape in shock as I watched. Shock and something else, arousal. Watching this woman ride my husband dick, which I had always considered too small to be rideable, turned me on in a way I cannot explain.

I retreated from the bedroom door. I had seen enough and I was more than a little confused. I needed time to clear my head. I hurried back outside the house and as soon as I closed the door behind me, I saw David coming up the stairs.

“Let’s go,” I said, grabbing his hand and leading him to his own flat. As soon as we entered, I undressed him in a rush and he hurriedly took off my own clothes too. I pushed him towards the couch and straddled him, turning around the way my husband’s mistress was doing it. His cock filled me and I began to bounce up and down. I closed my eyes, imagining the whore’s large breasts and look of sexual ecstasy. I thought about the fact that she was fucking my husband right at that moment. I thought about her pussy wrapped around my husband’s tiny dick and moments later, I was convulsing hard, cumming all over David.

I did not let up, I grinded and bounced on his dick with such passion that I felt like I would soon pass out. I was cumming so frequently that I was starting to feel dizzy. In my haze of simultaneous orgasms, I felt David grip my ass, plunged upwards into me and came. I collapsed on top of him, panting.

I stayed at David’s and waited patiently for my husband’s mistress to leave our matrimonial home.

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