Friday , December 9 2022

Frustrated wife finds love in Servant

My name is Celine and my husband Sylvester. We are both of Indian origin. Our marriage was by arrangement as it is the custom back home in India. I came from a very poor family background, one of the six daughters to my dad who was in a clerical job. As it was the tradition, to get a daughter married, it cost an arm and a leg, especially for the dowry demanded by the groom’s parents. He had hell of a job to scrounge enough dowry to get my two elder sisters married and he was dreading how on earth he was going to manage to get me married. I was nineteen years old then and was in the first year at university.

A relative of our family mentioned to my parents about a doctor who was living abroad, who was keen to get married to a girl of his origin and was not particular at all about a dowry. One thing going for me was I was considered to be very pretty by local standards. Fair complexion, petite, well endowed – all were added bonuses. My photo was sent to him and in no time there was a positive response. At no stage during this deliberation was my opinion either asked or was the prospective groom’s photo ever shown to me. I was expected to accept my elders’ decision and be thankful for small mercies!

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