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Fucked By Lustful Husband’s Brother

This is my true story. My name is Simran belonging to a sikh family. I am happily married to Rajpal who has well established business in Delhi. I am 24 yrs ,5ft 6in,fair, very sexy figure size 39-26-36 with sexy long legs. Rajpal’s just elder brother,Himmat singh ,also stay in Delhi. He looks very similar to my husband and married to a very fair sexy girl Nina. Nearly everyday we all used to be together and really were enjoying .


Many times I noticed Rajpal eying my boobs or my sexy legs when I was in tight jeans or short skirt.I was uncomfortable and told Rajpal but he said to just ignore it . Once when I was alone in my home, Himmat came to my house all alone . I greeted him and served him tea and snacks. We started normal routine talks and then he suddenly caught my hand and conversation started


Rajpal – “Simran I like u very much and i m in love with u.”I pulled my hand from him and said “No No it is wrong .How dare u say such a thing to me.Remember u r my husband bro and u have such a lovely wife. U better leave my house or I will tell Nina about it.” He caught me with both hands roughly and said”LISTEN Simran Rajpal had been fucking Nina before your marriage. I have seen myself once when he was fucking Nina in kitchen in Rockygie position. I was shocked to see both were really enjoying .His lund was completely in her white chut.They thought I was having bath.


I quietly went back to bath and came back to see Rajpal watching TV and Nina cooking. Both were smiling and had satisfied look.I was disturbed but kept quiet to avoid bad name to my family.” I was shocked to belief and said”Enough dont u dare speak about my husband like this .U leave my house immediately or else I have to call Rajpal.” He said” OK, I m leaving but u can check with your husband .I am mentally disturbed and not in a peace of mind.Bye see u soon.”


I was restless but did not open this topic with Rajpal. Next day we all went to club. Rajpal and Himmat had extra drinks. We exchanged our partners for a dance .Himmat told me”look at both how they r looking at each other and enjoying dance.Did u speak to Rajpal.”I also saw Rajpal flirting with Nina . I said”I will speak to him today.”We all had dinner and reached our homes.


Today was the right time to speak to him as he was drunk and desperate to fuck me . We lied on the bed and he made me naked and started sucking my boobs. I said “Today u were really enjoyig dance with Nina.Tell me honestly u like her and do u love her.”In a drunk state he kept his finger on my lips and said “Sh Sh Sh OK OK I will tell u but promise me that u will not tell anyone.We love each other and whenever we get chance we fuck and enjoy .She is very fair and her chut is fuuuun….” He started snoring


Next morning he woke up early and told me that he has to go to Agra and will be back late night. he asked for nimbopani as he was having hangover. He did not remember anything as he was too drunk and was thinking all was normal.He kissed me and said bye bye. I was thinking as to what should I do .If I talk to him it may spoil r relation and also family reputation.I started routine housework and after completing all work our servants also left. Now I had nothing to do so I thought to clean myself. I changed into short skirt and shaved my legs and chut and underarms.


Doorbell rang. I opened to see Himmat . I allowed him inside and sat with him in drawing room .He asked”So could u speak to him .” I had my head down and started crying “what u said is correct.Both r having affair. Let me make some tea for u.”I went to kitchen to make tea .He followed me and caught hold of me from behind and started pressing my boobs and kissing my neck.I told him “please leave me .it is not correct .please leave me.”He said “Not today. I also want to fuck u like they do and only then I will have peace of mind.He is very strong and i could not free myself.


He lifted me to my bedroom and threw me on my bed.My skirt went up and he saw my clean shaven chut and shaven sexy legs as I was not putting underwear.I saw a bulge on his jeans . With his one hand he caught my both hands and pulled it above my head and tore my top. I was only with bra and skirt fully up.I was shivering and nervous and turned on my stomach.He pulled my skirt and made me totally naked.


He also became naked and came on top of me .I was continually pleading to leave me . I could not  shout as I was scared of the insult. Being a real Sardar he lifted my bums and placed his rockhard lund on my chut. He started biting my shoulders and with one jerk inserted his life lund fully into my chut.I yelled noooooo…….. as he started pumping me hard. I did not see his lund but in my chut i could feel exactly like my husband lund-really thick 8inch long.He was biting me and roughly pressing my boobs.Slowly all the fear and pain vanished and I being sardarni lied low to enjoy powerful strokes.HE rammed me for nearly 15 min and flooded my choot with his juices.i also had deep orgasm at the same time.


We went to the bathroom. There I saw his still life lund saluting. It was exactly like Rajpal lund.


Now all the shame had vanished. I bent down caught his balls and started sucking lund . I sucked him for 10 min and drank all the juice of same taste like my husband.We bathed each other and again went to bedroom naked.He started licking me from my feet slowly reached my totally wet chut.He started licking upper walls of my chut and then entered his tongue deep inside my pussy.He spread my legs inserted his two fingers and started playing to and fro .It was awesome and I was in heaven.He sucked me totally dry and then fucked me roughly in a missionary position till I had orgasm.He kissed me and thanked me a lot.


Since then whenever we got chance I started enjoying fuck with Himmat real stud lund which I am sure any SARDARNI wants.We were also sure that Rajpal and Nina were fucking like us and our life was smooth thereafter.

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