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Its a rainy season, clouds are hovering on sky while power supply is in halt. My sister Nina has slept in her room while I am sitting with my mom in balcony after our dinner. Looking at me, she smiled….. “Garry I think waiting for power is wastage of time, so lets move to our bedroom. ” And I walked towards my bedroom. She came inside my room and closed the door. Looking at her, I am surprised on her move to sleep on my bed. I asked……. “Will you sleep here

(Lousie) yes two A/C will be overload on inverter. ” I moved to washroom for refreshment and Lousie is sitting on bed like a guest. I came back and she moved inside washroom..

I slept on middle of bed and red night bulb is making some visibility. After some time my hot mom came inside in a bath towel. Looking too hot and gorgeous I ask her to come on bed. Now she put her legs on bed and moved on my top, she has taken bath and wearing a bath towel from her chest. She put her lips on my lips and my hand is on her round dome shaped bum. I love her sexy ass and prefers to fuck her ass rather than vagina. Lousie’s big breasts are on my chest and her hot body is on my top, she put her tongue in my mouth to suck and while rubbing her semi nude back I am feeling her hot bum semi nude. Now I lifted her towel upto her waist and my palms are rubbing her ass. She took out her tongue..

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