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Fucked My Pregnant Aunty While Sleeping

This is my story i am not giving my true name or any other true name i have been reading stories here for some time.to be honest half of them are not even 10% true hahaha.any way i am 30 now tis happenedwhen i was 18 and in my 2 college.my father has his own business this women i will call her aunty here worked for my father she was 33years in age then she was married but got divorced as the marriage did not work out with her husband she had a very bad husband.she was 7months pregnant when she was divrced.she continued to work for our family my father bought her to our house she started to live with us as she had no other place to go.i was made responsible for her doctor visits and check ups we became good friends .before we just knew each other.to describe her she was not beautiful she was about 5feet 1inc in height quiet large built black in colour withreal big boobs i think she had a size 44d cups big ass and big belli now she was pregnant which made her look even big then before.One day i came to know that my parents where going ut of station for a month and may be even longer it was business come vacation for them they had everything fixed for my aunty if she had to deliver the baby i was to with her and there where other two maid servants in the house. My parents left the next day took her to her check up everything was great and she was due for her delivery in the next 25daysor so.we came back but both other maid servants where not there any way aunty went to the hall and i went to my room hadmy bath when i came out the light went offi came out of my room to the hall where my aunty was sitting on the sofa she said she was not able to find any candles so she had not anylight so i started to find some i waas not aware she was also behind me finding them i turned and brushed my hand on her belli and her breasts.i said sorry aunty i hope u are not hurt she said she was ok but i saw her quiet close for the first time at that time sex was never on my mind i was more intosports and other things.then i started to search for the candles as i felf my aunty come close from behind again and she was touching my back her belli i kept quieti felt somewthing move i jumped and turned around i said what was that she laughed and said the baby moved.she then said do u want to feel it i said nothingshe caught hold of my hand and took me to the sofa we sat down and she removed her skirt fromher belli i was quiet shocked did not know what was happening but justkept quiet she kept my hand on her belli and said wait i felt the movements i said woooooooooooooooooo; she laughed then we sat there i had removed my hand from her belli she spoke to me about her life how it was not good how she was feeling alone i comforted her said she had us.she said i could not understand her feelings then she said she was feeling alone in another sence.to my surprise she said she was sex starved she explained that she was feeling very hot and horney.i was quiet just did not know what to say she then asked me did i have any girl friends what kind of girl i like.i did not answer but she asked that she was free with me and treated me like a friend and i should treat her the same.i told her the truth i said that i was quiet fasinated by big breasts.she laughed and i think that was what she was waiting for she said i have big breasts do u want to see them i was quiet shocked.she said relax what evewe do is between us i kept quiet he took my hand and kept it on her breast and saidfeel them go on i was belive me still like a rock she said ok and removed her blouse she was not wearing any bra they where big she said they are big enough for u.i was a bit horney then when i touched them she said now be relaxed it is natural she had seen the errection i had i have a normal size dick about 14cms it was quiet hard and still then she rubbed my dick andtook it out of my shorts took out my t-shirtmade me naked in front of her she said remove my rest of the clothing i did that then she said come and lye on my lap i didshe made me to suck her boobs i did i sucked licked her big black nippes andthen found some liquid in my mouth i removed my mouth she said it was ok and keeo sucking it is milk it was quiet different a bit on the saltish side not sweetatall.like i had heard milk is sweet nothing like that i sucked and sucked and drank and drank they where full of it as i sucked the milk came i think i must have sucked and drank about a small cup of milk atleast.she was rubbing my dick all the time the heat and my first time was toomuch for me as i cummed in her hand she smiled and said it was natural and no problem then she put my hand near her vigina ttold me to open it and put my finger inside i did it i felt the heat and the vigina water for the first time.i put allmost 3 fingers and started to put in and out she morned and said haaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa more morei did till my hand pained her i rubbed her clit which made her cum more and she was even more wet then she said to kiss and lick her bellli i did so but she did not take my dick in her mouth nor made me to lick or uck her vigina she was not for it then she made me to get up bought me inbetween her legs and directed my penis in her vigina in had sex i moved up and down holding her fat legs a bit up and apart i cummed in her with in 10mins and ilayed beside her woooooooooooooo it felt heaven .i then again had sex with her 2nd time that whole night we had sex for 7 times woooooooooooooooooo i could not move the next morning for the whole day from my bed and just slept.we had a relationship for 4years we had sex almost every day after that.she left me because she thought there was no future for us and that my parents would never agree for ourrelationship.and should get married to some one my age but i have always loved and wanted her or someone like her kind gentle warm.

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