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Fun With Didi

Hi! My name is Saagar and I’m 20. My sister’s name is Sangita and she’s 28. She is eight-year-older than me. We are Middle-class family living in small flat in Bombay. Both my father and Mother are working. I call her ‘Didi’ and since I am much younger than she is she call me ‘Sonu’.

Initially I wasn’t much interested in Sex as I was studying in Boy’s school. Also in our building there wasn’t any girls which was of similar age of mine. So I never had sex before or even seen a girl naked, except in some of porno magazines. I started to develop my interest in Girls and sex some time after my 14th birthday. The only girl around me was my older sister Sangita.

Didi is around same height of mine 5′ 8″, fare skin with attractive figure. Instead of describing each and every detail about her, I would tell you only one name if you are Hindi Movie Viewers. She looks alike Film actress Zeenat Amaan. Exactly little version with that big breast, deep naval and wide hips.

I remembered I had my first masturbation and first orgasm because of Didi.

One Sunday morning I went to bathroom for bath just after she had her bath (we have small flat with hall cum dining cum bedroom and kitchen with one bathroom and WC, which everybody uses). I closed the bathroom door and strip naked. I had morning hard-on so I started to play with my cock.

Suddenly my eyes drifted at the corner where I saw Didi’s nightgown along with other family member’s cloth. Just below her gown something black was peaking out. I pulled out that. Off came ‘Didi’s black Bra’. As I touched that bra my cock twitched in anticipation. I lift her laying gown up and her blue Panties fell off. I picked up her panties. I had my Didi’s Bra in one hand and her Panties in other hand.

God! It was so exciting just to hold Didi’s undergarments like that. Those were same bras, which were cupping didi’s big breast. Those were same panties, which covering didi’s most intimated part, her pussy. That thought drove me just crazy. I can’t explain what I did with those undergarments at that time. I Touched, smelled, sucked her bra/panties. I rubbed it on my cock. I put her bra on my chest, I wore her panties with big tent of my cock stretching fabrics.

At last, One cloth hanger was there in the bathroom with couple of cloth pins. I took Didi’s night gown and put it on hanger. Then I put her bra on the upper portion and her panties in middle portion, which held there by cloth pins, and then I hang that gown on wall hook. Now it was as if my didi is standing there showing me her bra and panties.

I pressed my self on the gown against the wall and started to suck her bra cup. And also started to move my cock on crotch of her panties as if I’m fucking Didi. I was so excited that my cock was expanding at his maximum length. And suddenly I erupt. I had my first orgasm with forcedly splashing on her panty crotch and gown. I don’t know how much semen I ejaculated. Jet after jet erupts from my cock. It all had name of Didi.

My first orgasm was so powerful that it weakens my legs and I had to sit on bathroom floor. After some time I came to sense. I raised and started the shower and had nice bath, which refreshed me. Before quitting the bathroom I took Didi’s gown, bra and panties. Cleaned all my semen from them and put them on other cloths as it was before.

After that it was my favourite way to masturbate in the bathroom. Off course! I was able to do that only on Sunday because Sunday was holiday and only that day Didi and me happen to be one after for bath. I would never wake up until I see didi enter in the bathroom so it was obvious that I am the next. Mother and Father used to wake up early and most of the time mother used to be in the kitchen preparing breakfast and father used to be out for Sunday’s purchasing.

All other time I would jerk off and think about Didi and pretending I am sliding my penis in and out of her wet pussy. At first I just fantasised about what she would look like naked. Then I wondered what it would be like to have sex with her. I even had great dreams about making love with her and I’d wake up with a raging hard-on every morning. Of course I never told anybody about my fantasies and never let Didi know about them.

I finished my school and started studying in collages. I had some girlfriends that time and had sex with few of them. Whenever I was with any girl I would compared them with Didi and none of them I found as interesting as my didi. I tried to drift my mind from Didi to others but eventually I would come back to her again. I just let go my mind with my desire and obsession and was thinking about didi and her sexy body 24 hours.

Whenever I am at home I used to watch Didi without her notice. I was sneaking on her while she was changing dress or when she was helping mother for housework I got good glimpse of her sexy body so many times. Living with her in such small house rewarded me so many touches and cures of her luscious body. I was dying to touch her big breast and soft buttock.

My favourite way to feel her breast is evening time when I would stand in the balcony watching on the main road. Our balcony was such a way that length of balcony was facing narrow gully of our building and width was facing to main road, which was full of traffic and people. That width of balcony was hardly wide enough to stand two people at a time.

When I would stand there in the middle folding my hand on balcony railing (purposely putting my fingers on my triceps). Some time Didi would come there and I would move bit to allow her to stand beside me. I move such a way that she has to press herself against me. And her big breast would press against my triceps. Fingers of my other hand, which was resting there, would get clear soft touch of didi’s breast. I would move my fingers so deliberately she would hardly notice that I am actually caressing her soft breast. Man! It was so soft… yet firm. I would feel her warm buttock also caressing on my side. So many time I would feel her sexy body like that.

I thought Didi would never know what I was thinking about her or what I was doing with her that her own little brother desiring her sexy body. But I was wrong. Eventually she caught me once. Once she was changing dress in the kitchen and curtain between kitchen and hall was slightly open. She was facing away from my direction removing her Kurta from her head and her bra-cupped big breast was open for view. As usual I was keeping eye on her while watching TV. She casually looked in the front mirror on the wall and saw that I was watching her boldly. She realised direction of my eyes, which was on her breast. Suddenly I raised my eyes and our eyes met in the mirror.

I felt embarrassed and turned my head towards Tv. My heart started to race. Didi knew I was looking at her breast. What she will do? Will she tell to mother or father? Will she get angry with me? Thousands questions ran through my mind. I never dare to look her again. Rest of the day and next 2/3 days I tried to avoid her. Nothing was happened in that period. I relaxed and started my tip-toying again. She caught me again 2/3 time on various occasions. Now she must have realised what I am up to. But surprisingly she never said single word to anybody or me. That felt strange to me. But as long as she wasn’t objecting I had no problem watching her.

One day Didi and I was standing in the balcony in our usual position, she against my hand and I was pressing my fingers against her breast. I don’t know whether she realised already that or not but I guess she wasn’t otherwise she wouldn’t have keep herself on me like that. Since earlier she didn’t say anything about my acts I thought I would try my luck this time. We were standing in the balcony talking about collage and other things. Since balcony was in the narrow lane it was little bit dark there.

While talking with didi slowly I moved my fingers, which was touching her breast from backsides. She must have sensed my movement she immediately stopped talking and stiffened. But she hadn’t move. Since she hadn’t resisted I dared and put my full palm on her soft breast. I was excited as well scared what will be her reaction? My legs started to shake lightly. But she hadn’t resisted. She simply glanced at me and looked again on road. I also never dare to look at her. I kept my eyes on road and slowly started caress her breast.

First I slowly moved my hand on her left breast then boldly plant full hand on her full big breast and started to squeeze it. Didi’s breast was much bigger as it wasn’t fitting in my hand. I had to cup her bottom half-first and then upper half. I realised my fondling had aroused her because I sensed her nipple grew hard in her Kurta and bra. Material of her Kurta and bra was definitely thin as I could clearly sense hardness of her nipple like hard eraser.

God! It was heaven! Touching Didi’s breast for the first time was ultimate experience in my life. I hadn’t known how long I was fondling her breast. Surprisingly she never objected once, She let me fondle her. It was kick! Kick in the head and in my pant. My older sister was letting me, her younger brother to fondle her breast. I wouldn’t have stopped fondling her if mother wouldn’t have called up from kitchen. She just let go my hand and went inside. I was so intimated in my first fondling of her that I hadn’t notice she had gone. That night I couldn’t sleep single minute. Whole time I was thinking about didi’s soft breast and their warm touches.

Next day evening I was standing in the balcony as before expecting Didi. She came and stood beside me but 2/3 inches away. I waited for 2/3 minutes and looked at her. She also looked at me. I smiled nervously but she didn’t. She looked away on the road.

“Come closer Didi”, I said to her.

“Why? She asked in plain voice.

“I want to feel…” I couldn’t say completely.

“Feel what?” she asked again.I want feel your boobs”, I boldly told her.

“Ma might come here”, she said.

“We’ll know if she is coming”, I replied. She didn’t say anything just remained quite so I asked her again,

“Please Didi! Come closer”.

And Didi came closer. She stood beside me almost touching me but not like yesterday. She must have felt awkward to press herself on me. I mean before she used to stand innocently pressing her boobs on me. But knowingly how could she press herself on me when she knew what I would do. As she came closer I pulled her more closer by my hand. Now her breast was pressing against my triceps like yesterday. I waited for five minutes and put my hand on her breast. And again I had ride to heaven. I pressed, squeezed her breast more confidently. As I told, material of her Kurta and bra was so thin her nipple grew hard. I started to pinched her nipple through my thumb and forefinger. Every time I would pinch she would twitch. A light sigh would come from her mouth.

“Slowly…! That hurts”, all she said in low voice. I slow down and started to fondle her breast gently.

We were talking about some boring subjects pretending like we’re in deep conversation but actually I was feeling her boobs under our arms. Mother called up her from inside and she left.

This kept going like that 2/3 days. I was fondling Didi’s breast more confidently. Only problem was I could feel only one breast at a time. I mean when she would stand on left side that I could fondle only left breast and vice versa. Actually I wanted to feel her both boobs at same time. But that wasn’t possible in that place position. I started to think about that.

One evening I was sitting in the hall watching Tv. Mother and Didi was in the kitchen preparing dinner. After some time didi finished her help and came in the hall. I was sitting on bed with my back against wall and stretching my legs. She came and sat on bed. She checked on screen what’s going on and found uninteresting. She just took newspaper lying on bed and started to read that. After finishing covering page she opened next page and started to look inside news. She was sitting on bed in Indian style spreading newspaper front of heron my right side. My stretched legs were barely touching her thighs. We could see mother working in the kitchen from there.

I was watching didi’s back since she sat there. She was wearing white T-shirt. Material of that T-shirt was also thin that I could clearly see strap of her black bra through it. Seeing didi’s sexy back I got excited. Suddenly I realised something and smiled happily in my mind. I put my right hand on her back. As I touched her she stiffened. I started to move my hand on her back up and down.

“What you’re doing Sonu? She asked in low voice.

“Nothing! Just feeling your back”, I replied.

“Are you crazy? Ma would see us from kitchen”, she said in low worried tone.

“How could she?” I said to her.

“What do you mean? She questioned.

“I mean! You’re holding paper front of you. All she could see is your head only if she turned.” I replied smartly.

“Smart little bastard!” all she said in low voice.

Didi holds newspaper spreading open front of her and kept reading. I started to move my hand on her smooth back. I was tracing even outline of her bra through T-shirt. I kept moving couple of minutes. Then slowly move my hand on her right side under her armpit. I move just little bit there up and down and then leaning forward I reached for her right breast. I placed my full hand on Didi’s breast and started to fondle. After fondling some time I placed my left hand also on her left breast and started to fondle both breast together.

Didi had not resisted. She remained quite holding paper in front with her hand. I got bolder now. Slowly I came again on her back moving only right hand up and down. While going down I started to pull her T-shirt up. It wasn’t coming up as it was tugged under her buttock. I pulled it forcedly but it couldn’t. Slowly I called her,

“Didi! Please just…”

Didi already knew what was in my mind. She just raised her ass little and her T-shirt came out from under. I again move my hand upward and while coming down just insert it under her T-shirt. What a soft skin was hers! I started to move my hand on her bare back under her T-shirt. Automatically T-shirt was raising up all around giving me view of her full back. I gathered T-shirt fully up and observed her backside.

Didi’s skin was looking smooth and shining. Her black colour bra was emphasising on her fare skin. Her bra must have tight as her skin was bulging around straps. Those bra straps was coming from her shoulder up to middle of horizontal strap and making perfect curve going under her arm. I could see her left breast partly from there. What a sight it was!

I slowly traced outline of Didi’s bra on her back. She shivered when I touched her so softly (I could see her soft hair stuck out with excitement). After tracing complete out line on her back I went under her arms tracing further. With my both hands and cupped her bra claps breast gently. Definitely it was feeling more exciting as one layer of garment was less. didi’s nipple was erect due to fondling and it was more pleasurable pinching them through bra. I kept squeezing and pinching her breast and nipple few more time.

That entire time mother was cooking in the kitchen. We could see her from where we were as Her back was on our side. Occasionally she would turn or walked in the kitchen to take something. All she could see from there was didi’s head inside newspaper and my feet. Never ever in her wildest dream she would imagine her little son was fondling her daughters breast in front of her. I was amazed by Didi that how she was allowing me to fondle her breast without any resistant.

I wasn’t going to loose this opportunity. Taking full advantage of this I brought my hand again on didi’s back and started to unhook her bra (her bra was back hook type). I couldn’t do it easily, as her bra was too tight. Before she realised anything hook of her bra opened and strap felled under her armpit.

Didi just straitened and about to say something me when mother entered in hall. I hurriedly pulled her T-shirt down and smoothen it. Mother talked something with her while taking something from bedside. Didi replied her still keeping her head in newspaper. From side she could see didi’s back and me sitting behind her. But she hadn’t suspected anything.

After some time mother went back in the kitchen. Didi just looked her from top of news paper any said to me in low voice,

“Come on Sonu! Hook my bra”

“What? I’m not sure whether I could”

“Why? You know how to unhook it and doesn’t know how to hook it?”

“I mean! Its too tight Didi!”

“That I don’t know! You unhook it then you have to hook it” she said in furious tone.

“But Didi… why don’t you do yourself?” I asked her.

“I can’t dump head! I have to take my hands back and then we’ll give good show to mother haa?”

I couldn’t understand what to do. I said I’d try and put my hand under her T-shirt. I pulled bra strap from under her armpit both sides. And tried to hook it. But bra was too tight that I couldn’t hook it. All the time we were keeping eye on mother in the kitchen. She almost finished her cooking and any moment will turned in the hall.

Didi waited for some time and said in husky voice, “here! Hold this paper you dump head! I’ll do it”.

I raised my arms up holding newspaper around Didi’s both sides. As I hold it firmly cover her she tugged her hand under T-shirt on backside and started to hook her bra. I was watching her act from back. It was bit difficult for her also but she managed to hook it. As she finished and brought her hand front holding paper mother entered in the hall again. She sat on bed beside us and started to talk with didi.

I slipped from there heading to toilet. No need to tell that I was hard and horny touching didi’s breast that I masturbated in the toilet thinking about whole incident.

Next day when we were standing in the balcony Didi said to me,

“Hey Sonu! We were almost caught yesterday haa! I was so embarrassed”.

“yah! I know. I’m sorry for that Didi. Your bra was so tight that I couldn’t manage it”

“It was difficult for me also as it was too awkward to take hand back side”.

“Then how you manage to put it every time Didi?” I asked mischievously.

“We do normally….” she started to tell me but realised I’m getting naughty with her. She just smiled faintly and said,

“You’ll know that some time later on”

“Can I ask you something Didi?

“Yes! Go ahead”

“Why don’t you buy front hook bra?”

“It’s very private question little boy!” she replied.

“Hey! You know Didi very well I’m not boy anymore. Just tell me”

“Because… because… there isn’t any specific reason but yes! There is. Its costly than back hook bra”

“Don’t worry about money”, I said to Didi, “I’ll give you money”

“Oh! You got so much money haa! Ok! Give me 100 rupees then”, Didi said mischievously.

“OK! Here it is”, saying that I took out my valet and handed her 100 rupees.

Didi surprised and taken back saying, “oh no! I was just kidding. I don’t need money”.

“Oh come on Didi! Take it for me. I want you to buy those. Please don’t say no”.

Saying that I thrust that money in her hand. She thought for little while and said,

“Ok Brother! I really don’t want to disappoint you so I am taking your money but only this time. OK!”

“Oh! Thanks Didi!”

I said to Didi and started to go inside but turned and said her again,

“Didi! Buy black colour haa. I like black colour very much”.

“You… little shaitaan!! You’re so much interested in my undergarments haa!”

“And haa! Don’t forget to buy matching panti….

She didn’t let me finish my word and raised her hand to hit me. Before she reached to me I ran inside the hall.

Next day afternoon Didi was talking with her girlfriend on phone.
I heard she asked her friend to accompany her for some shopping. Her friend told her to confirm that in the evening. After some time I caught didi alone in the corner (I have to wait for opportunity to get her alone as mother used to be around all the time).

“Didi I also wanted to do some shopping. Shall I come with you?”

She thought for a while and said, “but Sonu! I already talked with my friend and she is coming with me. Also I haven’t talk with Ma yet that I am going for shopping”.

“No problem! You just tell Ma that I’m also coming with you so She’ll give you permission easily. Then we’ll call your friend from outside that program has cancelled so she doesn’t need to come. What you say?”

“Sounds ok to me! Let me talk with Ma then”,

saying that she went inside to asked mother. Off course mother gave her permission easily as I was supposed to accompany her.

That day evening Didi and me went to the garments market together. While going there were too much rush in the bus. I was standing just behind her occasionally pressing myself against her buttock taking advantage of rush. There was rush in the market also. All the time I was pressing against her protecting her from rush. When I would stop to see some cloths in footpath stall and she would stand very close to me, pressing her thighs, buttock or breast against my body. If she would see some cloths I would press my groin in her buttock or move my hand on her ass and back. Off course! It was all as if due to rush I am protecting her from male touches and seem I obliged to do. I don’t think so she even noticed those touches and caress.

I buy one jean and two T-shirt and Didi buy one pink Punjabi Dress, One summer skirt & top, one jean and 2/3 T-shirt and tops. We wondered around market purchasing major items. It was all most 7:30 PM. Didi handed me all shopping bags while stopping near one shop and told me to go ahead and wait for her at the next corner. I looked in the shop. It was ladies undergarment shop. I smiled looking at her and headed forward. I noticed her face was red and she blushed and went inside.

After some time Didi came where I was with one bag in her hand. I smiled at her and about to said something she stammered on me,

“Don’t ask me any question now! Just get going”.

We started to walk together silently. I didn’t want to go home so early and since I was alone with Didi I thought I would get more chance to explore her. I said to her,

“Lets go to the sea face to have some Bhelpuri or something”

“No! We’ll be late then”

Didi disagreed. I wasn’t going to loose this chance.

“Oh come on Didi! It’s hardly 8:00PM. Ma knows we’re together. She won’t get worried about us. And it’s been so long since we went to sea face together”

She thought for a while and agreed. I felt happy and we headed toward sea face, which was ten minutes walking distance from there. We went to one BhelPuri stall and buy 2 Bhelpuri and mineral water etc. and went to sit on low paMolestationt wall along the sea. We sit side by side facing sea hanging our legs on wall. Sea level was low as there were big rock all around wall. Wind was flowing with salty scent. Sea waves was hitting the rocks making sound and splashing the water. It was pleasant atmosphere there.

We were eating Bhelpuri while talking about general thing. I was glancing at Didi occasionally since she was so close to me. She was wearing black crepe material skirt and grey loose top. As she took Bhel in Puri and about to put in mouth Suddenly due to wind force her skirt rod up exposing her thighs. She did not hurried to cover herself as in one hand she had Bhel and in other Puri. She eats Bhel, which was on Puri put the Puri in Bhel and then straighten her skirt tugged under the leg so it’ll not rod again and she started to eat again.

Although it was dark there but moonlight was enough to gave me ample look of Didi’s milky thighs. Seeing her thighs I got aroused. After when we finished Bhel I asked her,

“Let’s go down behind the rock”.


“It’ll more comfortable down there”, I said her.

“Why! Aren’t you comfortable here? She asked me in teasing tone.

“I’m! But no privacy”, I looked straight in her eyes.

“Why you want privacy Sonu?” she smiled mischievously.

“You know very well why!” I winked at her.

“Ok! But just for a while. We’re already late”, saying that she stood on rock just below us.

Hurriedly I jump up took our bags and headed down. There was one comfortable place between two big rocks. I realised we could have great privacy there. I sat there keeping our bags front of us and Didi sat near me keeping one feet distance between us. I asked her to come closer. She moved barely touching me.

I put my hand around Didi’s shoulder and pull her more closer. I sat for a while like that then turned my face to her. I whispered in her ear,

“You’re beautiful Didi!”

“Oh really Sonu?” she said teasingly.

“I’m not joking didi! I’m mad for you” I was brushing my lips against her ear lobe.

“Oh Sonu…! She just said that.

“Can I kiss you Didi?” I moved my mouth toward her cheeks.

Didi didn’t say anything just leaned her head on my shoulder. I lift her face holding her chin. She looked in my eyes and closed her eyes. I was so hot holding my didi that I eagerly put my lips on her lips.

God! What a luscious her lips were. I felt her lips very hot. As I put my lips on her light moan came from her throat. I kept kissing her for a while. Although we didn’t kiss like a hot lover or French kiss type but that was enough to arouse both of us. She was sitting my right side and I was embracing her in my hand.

I slide my hand down on Didi’s breast and started to squeeze them. I was more comfortable fondling her breast there as there wasn’t any fear about mother or anybody. I fondle her breast for a while from her top then slide my right hand, which was on her shoulder inside her top from neck. I squeezed her right breast through her bra. That was bit uncomfortable position for both of us. So I removed my both hands and placed them on her waist then slowly I raised her top and insert my hand inside cupping her both breasts in my hand.

Didi wasn’t resisting. She was letting me do anything. I was kneading her breast now forcedly. All she was doing was moaning lightly.

I brought my both hands on her back and unhook her bra. As I unhooked bra straps fell under her armpit. She didn’t resist. I again brought my both hand front and move bra cup up from her breast. I placed my both hands on her bare breast for the first time. As I cupped her breasts Didi stiffened and hold my wrist tightly. Not to stop me but her intense excitement cause her to shake her body. I was also horny then. My cock was hard like rock in my jeans. It was straining there. I felt to freed it and jerk off right there but I couldn’t do that there.

I was now fondling Didi’s breast violently. I was squeezing them, kneading them, cupping them. Her nipple was erected hard like rock. Frequently I was pinching them in my fingers. Her body would twitch when I pinch her nipple. I had fondled her breast quite enough and I was eager to suck them now. I lean down and placed my lips on her right nipple. All the time she was closing her eyes so she didn’t know what I was doing.

When Didi felt something hot on her breast she opened her eyes and saw that I was sucking her nipple. That must have aroused her very high. Sight of her kid brother sucking her breast makes her violent. She started to breathe faster. Her body was shaking slightly. She holds my hand tightly, As I was sucking her both breasts alternatively. Her grip tightens on my hand. Tempo of her Shaken body was increased certain level. And husky moan came from her throat. Her body twitched for the last time and she calm down gradually.

Since my head was down near Didi’s crotch sucking her breast. I sensed faint aroma of women’s cum there.

Oh my god! Oh my god! I caused my sister to have orgasm by just sucking her breast. She came such a intensely that I could clearly smell her women aroma. I rose my head from her breast and kissed her on lips cupping her breast with my hand. Then I slide my hand down on her belly. Passing her navel as I reached elastic of her skirt,

“No!” she holds my hand there.

“Why!” I asked her.

“Don’t go down there”

“But why Didi?”

“It’s mess down there”

I kissed her on lips and said in erotic tone,

“Did you came Didi?”

“Yes…” she barely, said.

“Did I cause you to came?”

“Oh Sonu! Yes! You are so eager that I couldn’t control”.

“You like that Didi?”

“So much” saying that she pressed her lips against mine. First time my sister kissed me like that.

“Come on Sonu! Enough for today. We are too much late”

I kissed Didi passionately one more time and freed her. She hooked her bra and stood up straightening her skirt. Then we headed towards road. I was holding all shopping bags in my hand. While walking she said,

“Oh! I am feeling uncomfortable down there”

“Why? What’s wrong?” I asked worriedly.

“I mean! It’s mess down there. My panties wet and sticky”, she said shyly.

“Sorry Didi! I cause you embarrass”, I said feeling guilty.

“Never mind Sonu. Its not your fault”, she comfort me saying that.

We walked silently for a while. I was thinking about her condition. She had to go all the way up to home with that wet and sticky feeling. Suddenly I had an idea.

“Hey Didi! May I suggest you something?”

“What Sonu?”

“There is one public toilet ahead. Just go to ladies toilet and changed your panties… you know what I mean? You have that newly purchased one”.

“Better idea Sonu!” she said with smile.

As we approached to that public toilet Didi took her last purchased bag from me. She was about to turn to go inside I called her and said in low voice,

“Didi! Since you’re changing your panties.Change your bra also. You could check that front hook bra whether its ok or not”.

“youuuu..! Smart boy!” saying that she blushed and went to the toilet.

After around 15 minutes she came back and we went to the bus stop. We got bus quickly. There wasn’t rush in the bus as that was starting point of bus. Nobody was around our seat. After we got ticket from conductor and he went backside. I asked Didi,

“Didi! Did you changed your bra also?” She just looked at me and smiled.

“Tell na Didi! Did you?” I asked again.

“Yes I changed my bra Sonu”.

“Can I request you some thing. Didi?”


“I want to see you in those bra and panties. Will you let me see Didi”

“Where?? Here???, she asked surprisingly.

“No.. no! Not here. At home”

“Home? How can it be possible? Mother will be there, Sonu”

“That’s not problem Didi! If mother will be in the kitchen preparing dinner you can change your dress in the Kitchen as you do always but keep door curtain slightly open. I would peep from hall”.

“I am not sure Sonu! Let’s see at home” after we didn’t talked too much.

We reached at home. As I guessed mother was in the kitchen. We rested for five minutes. After Didi took her night-gown and headed to kitchen. While pulling curtain between Hall and kitchen she looked at me with smiling face and winked. She kept curtain slightly open from one side. I went near to curtain to get closer look. She was standing just five feet from door. Mother was preparing something on kitchen counter facing away from Didi and door. We had form perfect equal triangle with our position. Me standing on door behind curtain. Mother was standing around five to six feet away in the line of door and Didi was standing around five to six feet distance from both of us. If she raise her both hands in our direction it would form 60-degree angle. Mother was talking with didi about our purchasing.

Didi looked at me then turned her face to mother while talking with her. Then she started to pull her t-shirt above her head. Very slowly she remove her T-shirt revealing her newly purchased front clasp black bra. She immediately hooked her finger in skirt elastic and pulled it down her legs. Now Didi was standing there half-naked showing me her new Bra and panties.

Wow! What a sexy bra Didi had purchased and it was more suitable on her perfect shaped breast. My money was worth it. It wasn’t like I never saw her before in the bra but this time I was seeing her more comfortably knowing that that show was for me. It was quite lacy type bra. Half bottom cup was made of plane cloths with flowery embroidery with holes on the centre of flowers and upper half cup was made of lacy transparent net. I could see half of her dark brown aureole. Her breast was so big and full that it was jutting out from all sides of bra cup.

I my eyes drifted down from Didi’s flat belly to her sexy navel and then her new black colour panties. Especially my eyes were fixed on her cloth covered pussy lips. I could clearly see her pussy lips with her slit. It was so full and bulging out. Those panties were hugging her pussy lips tightly making perfectly V shape. I don’t know how long I was observing my sister’s half-naked body hungrily. Maybe it was just a minute or something but seems like one hour. As soon as I saw her I got hard on. It grew in my pant as I observed her. I was so excited and aroused that my legs started to shake lightly. Pre-cum started to drip from my cock head wetting my underwear.

All the time Didi was looking away from me. She must have feeling bit awkward showing herself to her little brother. As she looked at me from corner of her eyes I signalled her to turn over and show me backside. She slowly turned her back to me but keep her head toward mother. I observed her backside. Bra strap was perfectly fit on her slender back. And her panties were covering her full rounded buttock tightly. ‘What a ass she had!’ I was so hard looking at Didi’s half nakedness. I thought what will happen if I see her fully naked. I would come on the spot then.

That was all it was. Didi turned and took her gown. She looked at me. I signalled her to unhook her bra and show me her naked breast. She just smiled and started to put her gown from head. I kept signalling her but she did not listen to me. I realised show was over. I moved from door. She put the gown gathered her cloths and came in the hall. After putting her cloths in the cupboard she went to the bathroom to freshen up.

I was so aroused and horny looking Didi’s half-naked body that I had to masturbate immediately now. Once again I recalled my memory about what happen in the whole evening. Shopping around with Didi. Then going to sea face. Then sitting behind the rock. Fondling her breast and her intense orgasm. Then how she went to public toilet to change her panties etc. etc.

Suddenly I realised Didi’s those wet panties must me still in the bag. I glanced in the kitchen and make sure mother was busy inside. Then Hurriedly I went to where all purchased bags were. I looked in the bag and found those wet blue panties along with her old back clasp bra. Also another new pair of panties and bra was there. I observed her new panties and bra for a while and then went to the toilet with her soiled panties and bra.

I closed the door of toilet unzipped my jeans and pulled down on my ankle along with my underwear. Then I opened Didi’s wet panties and reversed inside out. I saw inside crotch of her panties was all wet and sticky with her cum juice. When I touched it with my finger still I could feel wetness. I put crotch of her panties on my nose and started to smell it. Slowly I started to jerk my cock with other hand. Strong aroma of Didi’s juice makes me so hard that I was mad. I started to suck crotch of her wet panties.

Wow! Didi was testing well. I liked that test. It was kick you know. I was sucking pussy juice of my sister from her panties. I sucked, bit, and lapped the crotch of her panties taking as much as her juice. I thought how it feel if I drink this juice directly from her pussy. I couldn’t hold back and my cock explodes. Jet after jet of my semen shoot in the air. I kept jerking my cock until I ejaculate last drop of semen. Then I pissed and zipped my jeans. I stuffed her panties and bra in my pocket and came out.

Mean time Didi had finished from bathroom and she must have remembered about her wet panties. Since she was thinking to clean those she looked in the bag but couldn’t find it. When I came from toilet she asked me,

“Sonu! I cannot find my old panties and bra in the bag”

I didn’t say anything just smiled looking at her.

“Why are you laughing? What’s so funny Sonu?

“Why you want those when you got new ones, Didi?

“Did you take that Sonu?



“I wanted to keep those as a gift from you”

“But those were dirty Sonu”

“I make it clean already Didi”.

“How” she asked surprisingly.

“I’ll tell you later no”

Since mother entered in the hall she couldn’t asked me anything further.

Next Sunday morning I asked Didi if she wanted to go to a movie early that afternoon.

“Which one?” Didi asked.

“Anyone you want,” I replied.

“I don’t know which one I would like” she said.

“How about the one at that new Theatre other side of town?” I asked.

“Ok! I don’t mind,” she replied.

Actually watching movie was not the reason I had asked Didi. I had further plans what was to happen in the theatre or after the movie. Since last couple of days I had fondled her breasts several times and even suck her breast. I wanted to explore her more And that was what I was planning, possibly in the darkness of theatre or may be after in the ……

When she was getting ready for movie I asked her to wear skirt specially. She just smiled and agreed. Since it was cold season we both wear jacket.

I purposely choose that Theatre as it was bit outside city and movie which was featuring there was bit old. I knew there won’t be much public in the theatre. We got ticket and entered the movie theatre as the movie trailer was already playing, so the theatre was dark.

Once I got used to with darkness I realised there weren’t many people in the theatre. I spotted one corner and guided Didi to there. There was no one around us and most of public was couples sitting all corners. We sat down and began to watch the movie. I was, however, planning on getting my hands on Didi’s breast or if she didn’t resist then in her skirt.

I waited for half an hour and then slid down a little in my seat to get comfortable. Sangita Didi was sitting on my right side. I slid my right hand down to her thigh. I rubbed it over her skirt, feeling her leg. She let me. She just sat there as I felt her leg. I started to pull up her skirt so that I could put my hand on the inside bare flesh of her leg.

Didi didn’t stop me but leaned closer to me and whispered,

“be careful Sonu! Somebody might see us.”

“Nobody can see us, Didi,” I whispered back.

“Light from screen is enough to see everything,” she said again.

“Put your jacket in your lap Didi,” I asked her.

Didi waited for a while and removed her jacket put it in her lap so that it hid my hand and arm. My hand moved up and down the inside of her thigh.

Again she murmured,

“Somebody’s going to see us,” but did nothing to stop me.

“Nobody can, I’ll be careful,” I said.

I started to move my hand up and down Didi’s inner thighs now. Every time I would come up I slide more and more near her panties. It was a very awkward position for my arm and I knew that I would not reach up to her pussy in that position. I leaned against her and whispered,

“slide down little bit Didi”.

“Why?” she asked.

“I want reach your….” I couldn’t utter further.

She understood and very slowly slide her body down. I kept my hand steady on her inner thighs and as she slide down automatically crotch of her panties touched back of my hand.Then I moved my hand up and place my hand full of her panty covered pussy.
That was first time I touched my sister’s pussy. She was hot there. I started to move my finger up and down Didi’s pussy lips. After some time she started to get wet there.

Didi leaned and whispered, “I’m getting wet. Stop that”

But I ignored her and kept feeling her pussy.

She whispered again, “Please Sonu! My panties and skirt would be mess if you keep continues”

I realised that. Certainly I didn’t want anybody notice that wet spot on back of her skirt when we’ll go out. So I removed my hand from her pussy and just kept on her inner thigh caressing there. In the interval of movie we went out to have some popcorn and Pepsi. I whispered in her ear,

“Didi! You go to the toilet and remove your panties.”

“Why?” she asked surprisingly.

“Then it won’t get wet”

“And what about skirt? She asked mischievously.

“Simple Didi! While you sit just raise it from backside,” I winked at her.

“youuu! You have solution for every thing ha Sonu..!” saying that she blushed.

As I said Didi went to toilet and returned back. When I smiled at her she blushed shyly and turned her head down. We went in to Theatre again. While sitting down Didi raised her skirt little bit from back, not completely.

We had our jacket on our laps and we started to eat popcorn. After some time we finished popcorn and Pepsi. Then we Seattle back in relax position. After a while I slide my hand under Didi’s jacket on her thighs. She got signal and spread her legs little. Then slowly she raised her buttock from sit with the support of her legs and back on sit. She started to pull her skirt up from under her buttock. Once it passed her buttock she sat down pulling it further back.

Now Didi was sitting there with her bare buttock on seat. Coldness of seat sent shiver in her body through her ass. As before I slide my hand inside her skirt from front. I reached directly her pussy. As I touched her bare pussy she bucked her body. It was defiantly felt well. I was touching my sister’s bare pussy without restriction of panties. I felt slight bushes above her pussy.

I started to caress Didi’s pussy and busses. Cupping, pressing and Occasionally I would pinch her clit with my thumb and forefinger. When I would pinch she would jerk her body lightly. I slide one finger in her pussy hole. God! It was hot and yet was so soft. I slide my finger back and forth in there. She got tensed and her body stiffened. Her juice started leak from her pussy, which wet my fingers.

I kept playing with my sister’s pussy and she came two times during that time. I removed my hand at last when I realised movie was about to end. As movie ended we stood and headed to exit. Next show whomever going to sit on Didi’s sit would sure get wet with her juice as whole sit was glisten.

We came out and Didi headed to toilet again. Probably to clean herself or to put her panties on.

It was just past six PM and I wanted to have more fun with Sangita didi.

“Do you want to go home or do you want to go some place a lot more private,” I asked her.

“What’s this private place? I really don’t want to go to home so early.”

“It’s very private, a Hotel,” I said.

“A Hotel, just a Hotel,” Didi asked, “nothing else, just a Hotel?”

“Yes, just a Hotel, nothing else.”

“You mean a Hotel room?” she asked, apparently friendly curious.

“Yes, that’s what I mean, a very private Hotel room,” I said.

“Why very private?” was all Didi said but she wasn’t saying no, I noticed.

“You’ve been letting me feel up your breast and your pus… and you never seemed to want to stop me. I stopped because we didn’t have the privacy and there we would have lots of privacy. So, let’s go to private place.”

I waited for her to say something and when she didn’t, I asked,

“What do you want to do?”

“So, you want to go to the Hotel room, so that you can put your hand on me, right Sonu?”

“Exactly Didi, every time I start to feel you up, we don’t have any privacy and I have to stop or be very cautious, like in the theatre,” I said.

“So, you want to feel me up and feel my boobs, right?”

“Yesss! And I think that you want me too, right?”

Didi didn’t answer, but her silence was agreement, I thought.

“A motel means going all the way, is that what you want to do?” Didi asked.

“If that’s what you want to do, Didi” I said.

“I don’t know, Sonu” she said, “that’s a big step.”

“Well, we don’t have to go all the way, Didi. We can go as far a you want, but I do want to get at your breast for once without being interrupted,”

I said, knowing that we would probably do some real fooling around. Even if I just got to suck on her boobs and feel up her pussy, it was a lot more than I had been able to do with her before.

“Well, I don’t want to go to home now,” Didi said.

I thought that she was just teasing me but would not object to going to the hotel.

“So, let’s go to the Hotel,”

I was surprised that my sister had agreed so readily to going to the hotel with me. It was obvious that she was ready to fool around but did that mean that she was agreeable to letting me fuck her? My cock got hard just thinking about fucking Didi. I couldn’t resist thinking ahead to fucking her, Didi! What excitement! Fucking my sister!

I knew near that Theatre there are some hotels where rooms are available for hours or two. I had been there one time with on of my girlfriend. I went there with my sister. Once inside I went to reception counter. Entered my name in register and paid rent. Then attendant took us to our room.

As the attendant left, I closed the door properly. Checked only window whether shut it properly or not and then shut the curtain. We walked into the room. Didi stood in the centre of the room, undecided as to what to do, looking around.

I went to the bathroom door, turned on the light and closed the door just enough so that just a sliver of light entered the room as I turned off the room lights. She then turned towards the bed and sat down on the side of the bed. The room was almost dark with just the sliver of light from the almost-closed bathroom door giving just enough light so that I could see her sitting on the side of the bed. I started to unbutton my shirt.

“Why don’t you take off your dress, Didi?” I asked as I prepared to take off all my clothing.

I thought, if Didi saw me do that, she would do likewise. And she did. As she saw me step out of my pants and underwear, she began to remove her bra and panties. Didi was getting naked! All signs pointed to her letting me fuck her! By that time I was sat on the edge of the bed. As she finished taking off her bra and panties, I reached for her and pulled her over to stand between my legs.

Even in the dim light I had an opportunity to see my sister completely naked for the first time and was amazed at her voluptuous breasts and body. I knew from seeing her clothed that she had a good shape but I was still amazed at her large breasts and very narrow waist and her slim but well shaped hips and butt. I ran my hands up to her breasts and cupped them lovingly.

“You have magnificent breast, Didi they are just great” I said, as she put her hands on my shoulders.

I leaned forward and put my lips to the tit. I sucked the nipple and I felt Didi shiver. I parted my lips and took more of the tit into my mouth and sucked. My one hand was holding one, which my mouth was sucking on, while my other hand was on the other tit. I opened my mouth wide and took as much of the tit in my mouth and sucked. The other hand drifted to her slit and I began feeling around her pussy and gradually inserted my finger into her. I continued for several minutes, sucking on one breast and moving my finger in and out her pussy. I wondered if she was getting in the mood to fuck.

I backed my head away from Didi’s tits and motioned her to get into the bed. She lay on the bed and I next to her. I reached for her and put my lips on her. I started kissing her. My hands went to her breasts and again I was amazed at their fullness. This was the first time that I had been able to touch and fondle them, naked and freely.

“Wow, this is wonderful, to feel your naked breast, they really are great, Didi.”

I lowered my head and put my mouth to her breast and started to kiss the nipples and then gently suck them. This also was the second time that I had my mouth on her boobs. As I mouthed her boobs, my hand went down to her slit and toyed with it and inserted my finger into her. After a few minutes, I realised that she was getting wet. I was anxious to mount and start fucking her. I continued a few more minutes and then leaned over her.

Kneeling over her like that, I looked at her and said,

“Ready?” Knowing that Didi was ready for me to insert my cock into her and fuck her. “Ready to have your little brother fuck you?”

“Can I say no, now that you’re on top of me and we’re both naked, Sonu?” Didi said with mock surprised.

My sister reached for me. I guided my cock into her slit and slowly pushed it into her. Didi was tight but well enough lubricated that I was able to enter her with just a little push. My cock slid into her cunt and I slowly pushed all of it into her and held it there. I held it buried in her for a little while, enjoying the feel of her tight cunt around my cock, lowered myself so that part of my weight was on her and my chest was in contact with her breasts. I could feel them pressing against my chest.

“How does that feel, to have your brother’s cock in you, Didi” I asked, braver about talking to her about my fucking her, now that my cock was all the way in her pussy.

“It’s terrible to be doing this with my kid brother. but it feels goooood, Sonu” she replied, hugging me tightly.

After a while, I began thrusting my cock in and out Didi’s pussy.And I realised that I would come very shortly. So, I stopped, pulled almost all of I cock out of her and just held still to let my passion subside a little. The sensation of having my cock buried in my sister stayed with me for days and later I often thought about that, my cock buried in her, even though I was excited about having fucked my sister and knowing that she would probably let me fuck her again.

“Hold still for a little while or I’ll come too fast, Didi” I asked her.

I held her tight and held still to avoid my coning. After a bit, I again pushed all of my cock into her.

“I don’t think that I can hold off any longer, Sonu” She said for as I held her still.

And Sangita Didi exploded and I held still a little longer. She groaned and kissed me ravenously as she climaxed. I waited until her passion had lowered and then proceeded to slowly fuck her again. I slowly pumped my cock in and out her cunt and held my climax back again. As I started my motions, I kept it slow but deep, thrusting deep into her and withdrawing almost all my cock, then plunging deep. As my motions slowly increased, I realised that this was it, I was going to shoot my load.

“I’m going to come soon, can you come with me, Didi?” I asked.

“I think so,” she said and she did.

As my motions increased, Didi sensed that I was coming and she let herself go and joined in my thrusting and at my first spurt, she came again. I held her close and burying my cock into her, I gave short lunges with each spurt. Spurt with a lunge, spurt, lunge, spurt after spurt. I felt like I was shooting a gallon of juice into her. She meanwhile held me tightly, her arms and legs wrapped around me. As my lunges decreased, she held me tightly for quite awhile until she finally collapsed and fell back on the bad and her arms legs fell too, releasing me from her grasp.

I stayed on top of my sister with my cock still in her for awhile. When I was down from my high, I took all my weight off her and rolled on my side next to her. I reached out and put my hand on her breast and gently felt it. I still marvelled at the sized of her boobs.

“Oh, yes, that was absolutely the greatest, Didi” I said, “Wow, that was something.”

“It sure was, Sonu” she agreed.

We both were quiet for a little while, recuperating from the strenuous fucking session that we had just had.

“Well, now what to do Didi?” I said.

She turned her head towards me, still on her back.

“What do you mean, Sonu?” she asked.

“Where do we go from here? Do we go back to just being a brother and sister again, or how do we deal with this?”

“I don’t think that we can go back, Sonu” Didi said, “we walked through a door that is closed behind us. We’re on the other side of the door, don’t you think? Can you think of me as just your elder sister?”

“What?” I queried.

“Yes, now, every time your look at me, you won’t see your Didi, your elder sister that you used to see, that you used to feel up and fool around with just a little. Now every time that you look at me, you’ll see a girl, yes your sister, yes, but one that you can fuck, won’t you?”

“I won’t think that, Didi. Honest, I won’t.”

“Yes, oh, yes, you will, I think I know you, I’ll be not only your sister, but a girl you can fuck..

“I won’t do that, Didi” I said.

“Course, you will Sonu, and I don’t mind, really I don’t mind, but that’s the way it will be between us. We’ve fucked and you’ll absolutely want to do it again. And what’s more, I will too.”

“Hey, if that’s what you want, I’ll do it again, any time you want,” I gleefully said.

“Of course, I want and so will you, silly, if you’re truthful,” she said.

“The truth? You bet Didi, I’ll want to fuck you, as often as you’ll let me, every day, if you can.”

“Oh, not every day, Sonu, But often enough. We’ll have to be careful, for we sure don’t want anybody to find out what we’re doing, do we?”

And that was the beginning of our fucking relationship. My sister started taking the pill so that I wouldn’t have to worry about getting her pregnant. We fucked whenever we could, sometimes more than once a day at first. We responded to each other’s desires. Whenever one of us wanted it, the other would respond. Didi became a very willing partner. When one of us didn’t have time or we didn’t have the opportunity for a bed session, I would fuck her Rockygie style, she leaning over a table or chair and I pumping into her from the rear.

When her period began to interfere, she soon learned to suck my cock. To our friend and neighbours, we were just an average brother and sister, but in the privacy of our home, my cock was buried in Didi’s pussy or mouth as often as I could get a hard on and we had the opportunity.

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