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Getting a New Job

It was just after eight when I met my sister for drinks, though by the time I had sat down at her table she had already made her way through three cocktails whilst waiting for me. ”You’re always late, sis. Don’t know why I ever bother stating a time.” she told me.
”I’ve never been here before,” I told her, ”Why this place? It’s almost impossible to find.” she shrugged her shoulders, ”I come here every now and again. It’s not your normal kind of bar.” she told me.
Since turning thirty she had been on a tear, she’d created her own company from the ground up and was now the owner of Eco-Co. A cleaning company hired out by corporations through out the city. Cheaper than employing their own cleaner, they would call Stephanie and she would send them someone. And though being a cleaner had never appealed to me, the same way working at McDonalds had never appealed to me, I was recently out of a job and needed something to pay the rent.
”I have a job tomorrow morning that I can’t cover. Usually I wouldn’t take on any job that I can’t cover, but it’s never happened before and one of my girls is out sick. It’s usually the part when I slip on the uniform and cover it myself, but I have a meeting tomorrow that could expand my company into other territories.”
”I don’t know Steph, I can’t even keep my apartment clean. How am I going to clean for someone else and not end up giving you a bad review or something?” I told her.

Stephanie had always worked hard, but it was only over the last few years that she’d truly through herself in. she was the smarter of us, and was a perfect big sister in that sense. I guess at twenty-seven, I wasn’t completely done being a scamp. Not yet anyway.
”Dana,” she began, ”All you gotta do is show up and clean the bathrooms on the third floor and you’re done.” she told me. She leaned back in her chair and glanced over at the bar, a small smirk appeared on her face and when I looked over at the bar myself, I saw what she was smirking at.

Stephanie was a career girl, not a home girl. She wasn’t married and didn’t have kids. I didn’t have either of those things either, but Mom always said that at Steph’s age, she should have a kid and be in a happy marriage. Like she was, for all the good it her.

Stephanie always dressed to impressed, and when you had her figure and looks it came easy. Her breasts were an F-cup, mine were an E. her long dark hair was always wild and wavy, and her blouse was always open.
She had her eye on a guy at the bar who was standing with another, the other guy was talking to him but he wasn’t listening, he was too busy mentally undressing my sister. I nudged her with my foot underneath the table and shook my head and mild disbelief. Her green eyes were alive with lust and I figured that it must be that time of the week, she would hit a bar and after slamming back a few cocktails she would want someone to slam her against a wall.

”You want me to leave?” I asked her, she shook her head in response, ”No, I want you to tell me that you’re going to be at the office tomorrow morning by seven thirty to pick up the van and be at the job by eight.”
I thought about it for a moment and nodded my head, ”Good girl,” she told me getting to her feet, she leaned over and kissed me on the cheek while giving the guy at the bar a view of her rear.
She was in a thigh high skirt that was the same dark shade of blue as her blazer, after kissing me on the cheek she held the back of my head and pulled my face into her neck. It was her own weird variation of a hug.

She leaned forward more and rested her head on my shoulder, it was then that I saw the guy standing behind her. He was stroking himself off as he hitched up her skirt, I began looking around at the other people on the bar wondering what the hell was going on.
There was a couple sitting in the corner booth, she had her head in his lap swallowing his cock.
”What kind of bar is this?” I asked her as the stranger behind her began pushing himself inside my sister. ”My kind of bar,” she moaned.

She moved off of me and laid herself flat on the table as he began slamming into her, her eyes began rolling around in their sockets as I picked up my Bahama-Mama and took a sip.
I glanced over at the strangers friend at the bar and he smiled at me, ”Don’t even think about it.” I told him.
Stephanie was turned onto her back, he ripped open her blouse and unclipped her bra from the front, her giant breasts were on display and swaying around her chest as he pumped her with his fuck-tool.

”So seven thirty, right?” I asked throwing back the last of my drink. ”Uh-huh,” she moaned. The friend at the bar walked over and before I could turn him down again, he passed me and began squeezing Stephanie’s breast.
”Either help this man out or get out of here then babe, I’ll call you tomorrow.” my sister told me before the friend filled her mouth with his short and stumped dick. I smiled and gave her a nod as I turned and left the bar. As I passed I picked up a card that read; ”This establishment is cleaned twice a day and twice at night by Eco-Co.” I smiled to myself as I dropped the card and walked out into the cold November air.

I loved a careless hook up in the middle of a bar as much as the next girl, but if I had to be wide eyed and bushy tailed by seven thirty tomorrow I didn’t really have the time to watch my sister get hammered at both ends.

I remember back when we were living at home I would have to share a room with her, she’d be at one side of the room with her boyfriend while I was on the other side of the room with mine. It was a strange relationship but an open and honest one, which we both valued. It wasn’t until years later that I would find out that during the night the boys would switch beds. She knew though, she always did. I should’ve been able to put it together, when my boyfriend who did like blow-jobs would suddenly want to 69 me in the middle of the night.

I got home at around eleven and dropped down onto my bed, I kicked off my boots and wriggled out of my pants when there was a knock at the door. My shoulders slumped as I crossed the room to the door, of course there would be someone at the door when I had to be up early.
I looked through the peep hole and groaned aloud when I saw my land lord standing on the other side. This months rent was due and I wasn’t going to be getting paid until tomorrow, ”Come on I saw you enter the building.” he called.
I opened the door and couldn’t have looked pleased because he took a step back, ”Look, I got a job and will have your money tomorrow.” I told him. But after a second I realised that he didn’t really care about what I was telling him, he cared more about what I was showing him.

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