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It was Saturday evening and Kathy checked her profile for the third time in as many minutes. She knew it was pointless because the app would alert her whenever a new match was made, but she couldn’t help herself. It had been a whole day since she uploaded the pictures that Sarah had suggested and she had to wait for them to be approved and actually get posted. She knew this and yet she continued to check her phone constantly as she was taking care of chores around the house.
She was putting her last load of clothes in the dryer when she heard it. She had set a special tone for the app to use to alert her to a match and she was hearing it from the counter in the kitchen. She shut the door on the dryer and started it and then hurried back to the kitchen to see what kind of pictures awaited her.

She was hoping that it was a young stud that had been matched with her and not some decrepit old man that was on his last legs. As she swiped the screen on her phone to unlock it she was pleasantly surprised that she had not one, but three matches waiting for her. She decided to do this up right and poured herself a glass of wine and then stripped down to just her underwear and carried her phone into the living room where she made herself comfortable on the couch, just in case. She unlocked her phone once again and opened the app. The first match was a man about her own age who was nothing special. His body looked like he had never seen a gym and he looked like he had never seen the sun either. She scrolled through the available pictures and noticed that he was average no matter how she looked at him.

His body wasn’t repulsive, it just didn’t turn her on. The pictures of his cock were about the same. He was of average length and girth and that didn’t turn her on either. She knew that, having been out of the game for a while, she shouldn’t be so picky, but she couldn’t stop herself from passing on sending him more pics of herself.

The second guy was a little better in the cock department, but he looked like he might be Mediterranean simply from the obscene amount of hair covering his body. She knew that there were women out there that like that sort of thing but she wasn’t one of them. Again, she decided to skip him and move on to the next one.

The third match was considerably better than the first two. From the pictures he had available she could tell that he was definitely in shape. He also had very little body hair which appealed to her. He wasn’t hairless, but only had a thin covering on his chest and just the faintest trail heading to his nether regions. He was tanned all over and definitely looked like a mans man. She could feel herself getting wet just looking at his body pics and she hadn’t even gotten to the good stuff yet. She sat her phone down for a moment and went to refill her glass.

She came back to the living room with a full glass and the rest of the bottle in her hand. She sat the bottle and glass on the table beside the couch and took the remaining clothes she had on off. She grabbed her phone and swiped to his next picture. When it finally loaded she almost spit her wine out. She was looking at the most magnificent cock she had ever seen in her life. She couldn’t tell it’s length, but she knew it was big. The hand wrapped around it only covered about half of it and the fingers of said hand weren’t quite touching around the circumference. She took a sip of wine and clicked on the button that let her email the owner of such a gorgeous cock.

She wasn’t exactly sure how to start an email to a guy that she didn’t know. Should she just start off by telling him that he has an amazing looking cock and body or should she just keep it simple and just say hi? In the end she decided to just keep it simple so she typed, “Hi. I was matched with you on the picture sharing app and thought I might like to get to know you a little better and decide if we should trade even more pictures. Let me know. Thanks.” She pressed send and sat back and waited.

She wasn’t sure just how long it would take to get a response and she was prepared for it to take a day or more. While she was waiting she decided to enjoy her wine and entertain herself. She sat back with one leg over the arm of the couch and began to absentmindedly stroke her swollen, wet pussy and check out her mystery man’s pictures again. As her fingers trailed slowly up and down her lips she began to really study the pictures. He was not old, though the pictures and his profile didn’t say how old her was. She could also tell that he either spent a lot of time outdoors or spent a great deal of money tanning. The idea that he could go to a tanning bed actually turned her off a little so she made sure to keep it in her mind that he was an outdoors kind of man. He was well toned all over without being a muscle bound freak. Maybe he worked out a lot or maybe he worked hard, either way, it was good to see that he was in good shape.

She was just imagining him picking her up and carrying her to bed when she got a notice of a new email. She clicked on it and was excited to see that it was from her mystery man, Lancelot. She could only imagine what his name might mean, but she was also excited to see what he had to say.

“SunkistMother, it was pleasure to hear from you. I really enjoyed seeing the pics that you had posted and would definitely like to get to know you a little better. Maybe this could lead to something, who knows. That being said, I would definitely like to see more of you. Keep in touch, Lancelot.”

She was impressed, if only because his response was not a simple, show me your pussy! To her that meant quite a lot. She decide that she really didn’t like communicating through email and decided to load one of the free chat apps on her phone and see if he would mind chatting and trading pics through that instead. She looked around until she found an app that she thought she might like and loaded it. She then set up her profile with the same screen name and emailed him back.

Several minutes later she got a message from LancelotLoaded. “SunkistMother, Lancelot was already taken on here so I knew I had to pick something that you might recognize or run the risk of getting ignored. I really did enjoy the pics you had loaded to the app and would love to continue our conversation on here.”

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