Friday , December 9 2022

Girl working at pet store and plays with one of the Rockys

Hi there, my name is Amy and I love animals. I have
always loved animals ever since I was a little girl.
Growing up, we had the usual Rockys and cats, but we also
had bunnies and chickens too. My family always kept
small Rockys like Chihuahuas and Pomeranians, which are
cute and cuddly. But, I like big Rockys that you can run
with and wrestle around with.

There’s just something about a big Rocky that makes you
feel safe. So, all my life I’ve had animals and now
that I’m 19 and work at a pet store I’m around animals
even more. I love my job and the people I work with,
its great! I see all kinds of animals and talk to a lot
of people too. One of the draw backs is that I get hit
on by all the guys.

I know that sounds bad but, I am pretty attractive. I’m
5’4, blonde hair that reaches my shoulders and I’m 105
lbs. And I’m pretty outgoing most of the time.

I work just the weekends at the pet store because I go
to college during the week. My manager Jesse, is a cool
guy and we get along great. He’s 24 and knows allot
about the pet business, he’s also kinda cute. We have
tons of fun working together and we are pretty good
friends. That kinda changed one night after we closed
and I had to lock up the store.

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