Thursday , December 8 2022

Girlfriend and secretary team up on unsuspecting man at the office

Was she wearing knickers? I couldn’t help but wonder as
I watched my secretary, Carol, bend over to retrieve a
file. It could be a g-string I thought. Yes, that was
the most likely option.

For some reason my girlfriend had been a bit on the
jealous side when I told her about my new secretary. 18
years old and fresh out of school, long blonde hair and
glowing blue eyes. Her figure was fantastic, slim waist,
pert arse and a cleavage that was distinctly eye-
catching to say the least! That wasn’t why she got the
job of course, but by anyone’s standards she was

Of course, I told Marie, my girlfriend, that she was too
short for me. That made her feel a bit better, well, it
stopped her from going on about it so much anyway!

“There you go. You’ve got about an hour before the
meeting to flick though it.” Carol passed the file over
to me and waltzed out of the room, slim hips swaying.
What did height mean when you were horizontal anyway I

The shrill bleep of the phone dragged me out of a
pleasant day dream where Carol was lying naked on my


“Hi darling, it’s me!”

“Hi Marie.” Did she know what I was thinking or

“Just thought you’d like to know… I’m at home.” I
could guess what was coming here. I got up and tried to
lock the door without Carol hearing the key turn.

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