Thursday , March 30 2023

Girlfriend tries to surprise her boyfriend

It was the day before my birthday; I was turning 26 years old. I worked hard that day with my boss and co-worker. We are electricians by trade. I am of Indian descent and both of them are Russian-Americans. I was feeling down and upset at my girlfriend. She is also of Indian background and is 23 years old. I wanted to spend some quality time with her; especially my house was available without my parents being there. They went on vacation and I wanted to take advantage of the situation. My girl was obligated to go out for her friend’s birthday that same day. So my boss Albert (Al for short) asked me after work ‘Hey John, what’s the plan for your b-day? Spending time with the girlfriend? “I frowned and answered no. He offered to grab some drinks and hang out. So my consolation was to hang out with my boss Al and co-worker Boris. These were two middle-aged men, but lay back and cool to hang with when drunk. I told them to come over my house. Al took up the offer and brought over vodka and beers.

From 5pm to 7pm we were getting pretty wasted from shots of vodka and beers. Somewhere in between I got a text from my girl Ashley ‘Hey babe, I hope you’re not mad at me? I promise I will make it up to you ; )”I ignored the text and drank more out of spite. At one point my boss was scrolling through my illegal cable box and found some free porn. He was excited about the new found entertainment and left it on. Al is divorced and is about 50 something years old, his friend and our co-worker Boris is married and is about the same age. They were engrossed in the free porn; I guess they don’t get much sexual attention.

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