Sunday , November 27 2022

Gloryhole Mommy

“Bull shit,” I called Ralph out. He was usually full of
shit. If ten percent of what came out of his mouth was
the truth that was a very good day.

“Seriously,” he said, more animated than usual.

“You’re telling me that you got a blow job at lunch time
at the adult store?” I asked, still not remotely
believing it.

“And she swallowed every drop,” he continued.

“How do you know it was a girl?” Joey asked.

I laughed, “Yeah Ralph, you probably just became a

“No, no, it was definitely a girl,” Ralph countered,
although the look on his face made it clear he wasn’t so

Joey laughed out loud, “Ralph got blown by a dude.”

Ralph protested, trying to remain cool, even though it
was obvious he had no idea, “No way, man, those lips
were all woman.”

“This based on your years of experience getting head,” I
quipped sarcastically.

“As if you should talk,” Ralph countered back, which was
a good point. I was a virgin. We were all virgins,
although according to Ralph’s many stories he got more
pussy than Cody Watkins, our star quarterback and
resident douche bag.

I shrugged, “I’m not the one making up the story.”

“Let’s go back tomorrow,” Ralph said, “Old man Garrard
said she is there every lunch hour.”

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