Sunday , May 28 2023

Goes Black & Hubby Approves

My husband (John) and I (Susan) have been married for two years. I am only 20 and he is 22. He just graduated from college and has a very good job in his father’s business. He is the heir apparent and so his father has him doing all the jobs, both menial and others, that he needs to do to understand the business. He works very hard and is gone a lot of time, including week-long business trips. I get lonely and I had no friends in the large apartment house where we are now living. In the basement of the apartment, there are several washers and driers for the tenants to use for their personal laundry and I met a woman there who is 29 and recently divorced. She was married only two years and admitted that they got divorced because she fooled around. She said that she needed much more sex than she was ever able to get from him. She said that she was very active sexually before she married and should have known it would be a problem after they married. She has a foul mouth when we are alone and she said she just plain needed more fucking. She works as a waitress in a good restaurant in town and so is home most of the day until about 5pm. She is very pretty and gets hit on a lot at the restaurant. When the guy looks good, she goes for it and often is not home in the morning when we usually get together for coffee. The fun part for me is her telling me in great detail how here evening was. I get so hot hearing about all she has done that I masturbate all day after I’ve heard her stories.

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