Wednesday , May 31 2023

Good Girl meets Bad Biker boy

Sandra was a good girl she walked threw the hallways of highschool with her pure white dress covering her dd breasts and slender neck, waist and her long legs, her blond hair in a bun, and she didn’t party or stay up late she just studied and did her home work.

Her friend Pamela teased her: Sandra your in 12th grade and still a virgin you never party you need to have fun.

Sandra said I don’t know Pamela…that would totally freak me out and anyway I’m seen as a good girl who makes good grades, goes to church ever sunday and stays at home doing homework.

Pamela yawned and said that really sounds like alot of fun…come on! just stay for a little while at the party tonight at my house my folks are outta town no worries.

Sandra said why Pamela? give me one good reason?

Pamela said your lonely aren’t you?

Sandra said yea, ok Pamela i’ll go.

The party was at a big white house Sandra went in. There were lots of people drinking beer, smoking cigarettes and who knows what else. loud music and a ball on the ceiling making lights go around the room. Pamela said have a beer. Sandra said no…thanks.

She went outside and sat on the porch staring off into the woods. She thought why did I walk up here…if i did get drunk what do i do stagger home.

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