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Grandma Madeline Sex Stories

My grandma Madeline was one of the best sex partners I’ve ever had. She passed away quite a few years ago and I’m ready to share our forbidden love stories.

Let me start by telling you a little about myself. I just turned 18, I was your typical teen. A bit shy, kind of a loner, grew up in shitty lifestyle. My dad was out of the picture, my mom, well my mom should not have been a mother.

She basically let me raise myself while she was out drinking, using drugs, sucking and fucking anything with a dick. Good times!

But because of being raised like that I grew up fast and became interested in thing most teens wouldn’t. I use to spy on my my mom when she would bring guys home. Loved watching her fuck those guys. Hear her screams and moans. I feel like I learn a lot from watching it.

I tested things I saw out on girlfriends I had or hookers I paid for with money I stole from my mom.

Well on to the best sex over ever had. So my mom got arrested a few days after my birthday and she was going to be gone a while.

My mom told me to call my grandma Madeline and stay with her till she got out. Grandma was the only person who gave a shit about me! Grandma would send me gifts or money every Christmas and birthday the only gifts I got mind you.

I wasn’t planning on calling my grandma i figured why call when i could be free with no adults around. I had various girls over for some good fucking, had some good parties with my buddies, that is until the cops showed up.

The cops decided it best to contact my grandma instead of taking me in. I was pretty drunk still when she showed up.

I could hear the cops telling her that they were going to take me to jail because i was a minor and drunk but since they knew about my mom they felt some pitty for me.

I could see the disappointment in my grandma’s face as she walked toward me.

“Michael, why wouldn’t you have called me and tell me about your mom?” All i could do was shrug my shoulders. Let’s just say the world was spinning and i was trying not to puke.

“Well do you have anything to say?” I tried to focus on her face. “Sorry Grammy, i need you” which seemed to get a little smile on her face.

After sitting for about 30 to 40 min while my grandma talked with the police and other parents showing up to pick up their kids, I sobered a little bit.

I sat there looking at the various parents looking at me with a disgusted look. All I could think was how much fun I had fucking some of their daughters or how I would fuck the shit out of the moms!

As I sat waiting to leave I couldn’t help but stare at my grandma Madeline. She still had it going on for a woman of 70. Still had a nicely shaped body, nice round ass, flat stomach, and a nice pair of massive 38DDD tits. Grey hair down to her mid back.

I guess you could say my grandma was old school mixed with new school. She loved wearing dresses all the time, cooking and cleaning. But she could swear with the best of them and drink guys under the table but knew her limits.

As my grandma walked toward me I watched as her massive tits bounced and her hair swayed back and fourth. I shook my head in disbelief! What the hell was I thinking, that’s my 70 year old grandma!!

“Let’s go you little shit, your mine now!” She barked. “Yes ma’am” I stood up and almost fell over. “Woooo easy there Michael” as my grandma caught me. I reached out grabbing her hand and her right tit.

“Shit sorry Grammy” i said as I steadied myself. Letting out a laugh and smacking my hand down “It’s okay let’s go home.”

On the drive home my grandma was asking 20 questions.

“Why did I throw the party”
“Why didn’t I call her”
“How was school”
“Did i have a girlfriend”
“Blah blah blah”

All I could do was shrug my shoulders or toss out a simple yes or no answer or I don’t know.

Once we got him my grandma helped me to a room. I feel on to the bed ready to just pass out.

“Silly boy get dressed for bed not in your clothes” all I could do was grunt.

“Fine roll over let Grammy help” I slowly rolled over trying to remember if I put on underwear or not.

Then all I heard was a deep gasp of shock as my pants were pulled off……guess no underwear.

Now I may have been a 18 year old but I had a 7 inch cock and a big head so I was no small fry.

I didn’t respond to my grandmas gasp i just laid there and grunted. My grandma continued to undress me, removing my shirt.

I slightly opened my eyes and could see my grandma just standing at the end of my bed staring at me. I was shocked and amazed at how long she just stood there looking at me in all my glory.

I felt my cock begin to grow. “Shit I thought what if she freaks out”

But the more I thought about my grandma staring at my cock it continued to grow. Soon I was fully erect, twitching at the taboo feeling I had.

My grandma began to breathe heavier and faster. She then quickly turned and walked out of the room.

I sprang up as soon as the door closed and sat in shock! I then laid back and grabbed my throbbing cock and began to stroke it. Long slow strokes feeling every inch of my cock as it pulsated in my hand.

I then heard a noise coming from the next room. I stood up and walked to my door and slowly opened it.

I could see a faint light on in my grandmas room. I slowly walked toward her room, still completely naked and with a raging hard on.

As I got to her door I could hear soft moans. As I reached the door that was not completely closed.

To my shock and amazement there was my grandma laying on her bed. Back arched, legs spread, finger fucking herself!! I didn’t think a 70 year old woman would ever finger themselves at that age.

My grandma reached up unbuttoning her dress, reaching back and unhooking her bra. She removed her massive bra releasing her Monstrous tits! Her tits appeared to still be firm with little sag. Big pink areolas and large nipples.

Her pussy had very little hair but I could see the glistening juices running out of her old pussy as her finger violated by her.

Her moans getting slightly louder. I reached down and began to stroke my cock which was dripping pre cum all over the hardwood floors.

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