Friday , December 9 2022

Grandma’s tale

A few nights ago I was watching adult television all by
myself, and getting seriously horny over a programme
showing a lesbian seduction. You will understand that it
is not always easy for a sixty-year-old woman to find a
female lover at short notice.

Sometimes when I feel this way, I am able to slip into
my sixteen year old granddaughter’s bed. Her mother
always tells me to use her daughter whenever I feel the
need. “So much better to keep it in the family rather
than trying to pick up some bimbo in a bar!” she says.
However this time Angela was away for a few days and
Serena was away working somewhere, so I was left all

Eventually, I gave in to my impulses and went to bed for
a masturbation session with only memories to excite me.
The image uppermost in my mind was of my friend Pam
Bennett’s daughter, Wendy. This is one lovely girl.
Still only sixteen, she has the maturity of an older
woman with the body of a teenager. I went to sleep with
my fingers deep in my pussy and the memory of the first
time I tasted adorable Wendy’s girl juice on my tongue.

Next day I awoke with the same lustful feelings. I know
that when I get into one of these moods, only a good
fuck with a teen baby will relax me. I was going up the
wall, and mid-morning I gave in and rang Pam. “Pam
dear,” I said, “Would you mind if I came around to see
you this afternoon?”

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