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Great Romance, love and sex between mother and son

The ride home was very quiet. Tommy couldn’t believe what had happened in the theater. It was like a dream. Damn, he practically had his hand on his mother’s bare breast and she didn’t stop him. Yet, he still felt embarrassed and like a cad. His mom had been nice enough to take him out and this is how he repaid her.

Sue couldn’t believe what she had allowed to happen either. Again, she told herself that it was just innocent fun. After all, her son did need some confidence building, she reasoned.

Tommy unlocked the door of their house, then stopped and turned to his mom.

“Thanks Mom… uh Sue, I… I… I… had a great time,” a little nervous stutter showing up in his voice.

“I did too Tommy, you are a great date,” Sue said sincerely.

Tommy stood nervously in front of his mom, his hand’s fidgeting at his sides. He almost had an overpowering urge to grab her and kiss her. He got control of himself and asked, “Uh… does… does… a guy get a kiss on the first… first date,” Tommy blurted nervously. His heart was beating wildly again. His knees felt like they were going to collapse. When his mother didn’t answer right away, he thought that he had blown it.

“Well, probably not on the first date, but because you were so nice I guess one kiss couldn’t hurt,” Sue said, her mind screaming No! No! The beautiful evening, the date and the wine were all working on Sue’s resistance.

Tommy’s heart skipped a beat. God, he was going to do it he thought. He was really going to kiss her. Suddenly, he was petrified.

“Well?” Sue said, her eyes closed, and her heart pounding now. This was so wrong, she told herself.

“I really… uh… you know, I… I… don’t know how.”

“Here,” Sue said, bringing her lips to her son’s.

His arms automatically went around her back. His lips were hard and pressed harshly into his mom’s soft lips.

“Wait,” she said and pulled back. “You don’t kiss with your lips like that. Wet your lips and let them relax,” Sue said in a motherly tone. Yet, this wasn’t a motherly act.

Tommy did as his mother asked. He felt her bring her lips to his again. This time he relaxed his and pressed into her soft mouth. Suddenly, he was very much aware of her breasts on his chest, her soft lips, and the smell her sweet perfume. His head began to spin.

Sue moaned as her tongue slid into her son’s warm mouth. It was a reflex action and automatic. She felt his tongue touch hers and a tremor ran through her. For a moment, she was lost in the sweet taste of her son’s mouth. Suddenly, she pulled her tongue out of his mouth. She had totally lost control for just a moment. She pulled her head back and took a deep breath, trying to calm herself. “Now that was better wasn’t it?” Sue said, as innocently as possible, an uncontrollable quiver in her voice.

“Great, let’s do it again,” Tommy said boldly, pulling his mother to him again.

Suddenly, Sue could feel her son’s hard penis pressing into her stomach. She shivered with excitement at the thought that she could still turn on a young man. Wait, her mind screamed, this is my own son. She knew that she had to stop this before it got out of hand.

“No! Stop!” Sue almost screamed. Then she realized it sounded harsh and, her tone softened. “One kiss on the first date. Don’t get greedy,” Sue said pushing her son away playfully.

“Au shucks,” Tommy said, with his innocent smile, trying to cover his excitement and disappointment. Then he turned serious. “God Mom, I had fun tonight. Can… uh… can we go on a date again sometime, please?”

“Well, I guess so, if you treat me real nice,” Sue said, pecking her son on the lips one more time before entering the house.

That night, Tommy lay in bed with his hard penis in his hand, thinking of his mom. All his fantasizes until now had been about girls at school. Now his mom dominated his thoughts. He could still feel her soft breasts on his chest and her soft skin under his fingers. If he could have only moved his hand a fraction of an inch lower in the theater, he would have touched the nub of her nipple. Even now, he could still taste her lips on his and feel her tongue in his mouth. It took only minutes for him to squirt his juice all over his stomach. He jerked off three times that night.

At the same time, Sue lay in bed with one hand squeezing the same breast Tommy had touched. Her other hand was forcing three fingers into her sopping hole. She climaxed over and over until her fingers and the sheets were soaked with her juice. Then, suddenly she burst into tears. God, what have I done? she thought.

Susan Ritter cried herself to sleep that night.

Chapter 2

The following morning Tommy saw his mother sitting in the kitchen drinking a cup of coffee. There was a very uncomfortable silence as he got himself a cup of coffee and sat down. The light of a new day made everything seem different. They each blamed themselves for what had happened.


“Tommy…” they both spoke at the same time, then laughed nervously.

“Sorry,” Tommy said.

“Tommy… uh… we uh… what… happened last night was…” Sue said, struggling with her words.

“I… I… know Mom,” Tommy interrupted. “I’m sorry, I spoiled everything,” he said, almost in tears, waiting for her anger.

Sue looked at him in surprise. “It wasn’t your fault sweetheart. It was mine. Let’s just forget it. It was probably just the wine,” Sue lied. “I shouldn’t have drunk so much.”

“Can… can we uh… go out again?” Tommy asked hopefully.

“I don’t think that would be a good idea.”

“I knew it,” Tommy said in an angry tone. However, he was angry with himself. He arose from the table with tears in his eyes and rushed out of the room.

“Tommy!” Sue called after him. However, he was already out of the house. Now Sue was heartbroken. She was the one that had messed everything up, she thought as her tears began to flow.

Later that evening, Sue tapped on Tommy’s door. She pushed the door open gently when she heard Tommy tell her to come in. He was lying on the bed looking at a sports magazine. “Tommy, can we talk?” she asked, sitting on the bed, her face tense with thinly veiled emotions.

“Sure,” he answered, rolling over and looking up at the ceiling with his hands behind his head.

“I’m sorry Tommy… sorry about… about everything,” Sue said struggling with her words. “God Tommy, I was the one that suggested the date. I’ve thought all day about it and I know it’s entirely my fault. We’re both lonely and we both miss Dad so much.” Suddenly, Sue stopped talking as her voice choked up. Then she began to sob.

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