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Great Romance, love and sex between mother and son

Sue wasn’t pretending to be asleep this time but still she couldn’t stop him.

He moaned as he felt her breast in his palm. His fingers were shaking as he played with the nipple, causing his mother to push her breast into his hand and let a little moan escape her lips. Their lips were almost swollen from the continued passionate kissing.

Finally, Sue pushed him away; her breath coming in short gasps. “Tommy, we can’t, we… we… have to stop.”

Her voice didn’t seem that convincing to Tommy. He pushed her back onto the ground, ignoring her weak protests and again brought his mouth to hers. His hand now worked her top up until both breasts were exposed to the cool late afternoon air, causing the nipples to harden even more. Tommy broke the kiss and pulled back, looking down at his mother’s beautiful full breasts.

“God, they’re beautiful,” Tommy said leaning over as if to kiss one.

“No, Tommy stop,” Sue said pushing Tommy away.

Tommy fell onto his back, his chest heaving, looking up at the sky. “I’m… I’m an idiot, Mom. I always spoil everything. I’m sorry.”

Sue sat up, pulling her top back down and looked at her son. She was so worked up that she was losing control. It’s my fault, not Tommy’s, she thought. I’m the adult and I led him on. Then a sigh escaped her lips as she looked at her son’s strong chest then down to the tent in his shorts.

“You’re not an idiot Tommy. You’re a wonderful son and I love you very much,” Sue whispered, then stretched out next to him and put her head on his chest. The side of her face lay on the hot skin of his chest. She could feel his heart pounding. Slowly as if she couldn’t control it, her hand began to slide down her son’s stomach. She marveled at his hard abdominal muscles and watched them ripple from her ticklish touch. When she reached his belt, she paused and then as if she had made a decision, she began to unbuckle his pants.

Tommy lay frozen, excited beyond his wildest dreams. “Mom,” he whispered.

“Shhhhh!” Sue said as she unsnapped his shorts and pulled his zipper down. She hesitated only a moment before she reached her trembling hand into his boxer shorts and grasped his hard penis.

Tommy moaned.

Sue’s hand pulled his hard shaft from his shorts and out into the bright sunlight. “Oh!” she said as she looked at her son’s tool. The head was swollen and dripping juice. The skin of his shaft felt warm, almost hot in her hand. Sue’s world was spinning around her as she began to move her hand up and down her son’s penis.

Tommy was shaking as he felt his mother take her finger and run it through the stream of clear juice coming from the dripping tip. Then she used it to coat the head until it was shining in the sunlight. She ran her fingers gently up and down his long shaft; bringing another long moan from him and another large bubble of juice. Her fingers dipped into the clear fluid and slowly, with her hand trembling, she brought it to her lips. Now there was a long strand of clear pre-cum juice connecting Sue’s lips to her son’s penis. Her head began to slowly slide down his chest.

She not going to… Tommy thought as he felt his mother’s head move.

Sue knew how wrong this was, how crazy, but yet she couldn’t stop. She coated the palm of her hand with his clear juice then wrapped it around the hot shaft. She inched further down his chest and watched as if it were someone else’s hand. It wasn’t real, she told herself. She couldn’t be holding her son’s hard penis in her hand.

Suddenly Tommy gasped and his hips pushed up.

Sue was startled when a stream of white juice shot from the head of his shaft, hitting her on the cheek and neck with great force. She squealed as it splattered across her cheek and down to her neck. Sue quickly recovered and squeezed her son’s penis, milking jet after jet of sperm onto his chest and stomach in front of her wide eyes. It splattered inches from her mouth. She could smell it. Sue squeezed her legs together as she felt a spasm run through her. Her hips moved in sync with Tommy’s ejaculation as her own climax overtook her.

Moments later all was silent except for the birds chirping in the forest and the labored breathing of a mother and her son. Then Sue lifted her head and fell back onto the ground, her chest still heaving up and down. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. God, if he hadn’t cum when he did, what was I going to do? she asked herself.

“I think it’s time we head back,” Sue said as she sat up. She looked down at his sperm covered stomach and shivered. She could feel the hot juice cooling on her face and beginning to run.

“Mom, I uh, uh, I’m sorry,” Tommy said, feeling like a fool for not controlling himself and squirting cum in her face. He looked shamefully at his mother’s wet cheek and the clear stream of cum streaking her neck.

“Here take your shirt,” Sue said, “it’s getting dark.”

Tommy started to put his shirt on but hesitated, looking at the glistening juice on his mother’s cheek and neck. “Do you want to use this?” he said holding his shirt out to his mother.

“No, I’m okay, let’s not soil your shirt,” Sue said. She felt the juice trickle down her neck and to the top of her breast. It was very odd but she wanted to feel his juice on her face. She just wasn’t ready to wipe it off. Bob used to love to squirt his juice into her face and she would leave it there until it dried.

As they turned to head back up the trail, Sue’s hand brushed her son’s. Without looking down or saying a word, Sue took his hand and squeezed it.

Tommy almost sighed in relief.

They walked hand in hand, back to where they had left their blanket. They retrieved the blanket and the rest of their belongings and drove home in silence. Both mother and son had a million thoughts going through their heads.

Chapter 6

The workweek was very busy for Sue. She had to work late several nights and she brought work home with her. Tommy had the playbook from his new school to read, so they didn’t have time to talk about the events of the weekend. Neither of them knew what to say to the other anyway, so it was a good time to assess their feelings.

Sue felt guilt about what happened. It felt like she had taken advantage of her son’s innocence.

Tommy was concerned that his mom would be angry with him for pushing her too far. Although, she didn’t act upset and their conversations at the dinner table seemed normal. Still, he felt juvenile for not controlling himself and squirting in her face. Yet, she had left his sperm there, refusing the offer of his shirt.

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