Sunday , May 28 2023

Hairy Indian girl discusses her dirty smelly genitals

Here is a recent correspondence I had with a young lady who had read my stories and wanted to humiliate herself by telling me some of the most shameful and embarrassing things about her own private parts:

Hey!! I’m a young Indian girl and I would like to share my dirty details with you. You turn me on. I love your stories and loved the idea of being one of those women from your stories. I’m an absolute pervert and want to be treated just the way you describe it; if not more. I’m desperate to share the details of my Indian cunt and asshole. Been fantasizing about the cheap and filthy things you would make me say. Reply soon. Horney for you!!

Hi Simiran. Thanks for your great feedback. You sound like my dream woman! I would love to exchange emails with you and find out all about your exotic Indian cunt and asshole. Please tell me a bit more about yourself, your name, how you dress and what you look like etc. and promise I’ll ask you some very personal and embarrassing questions! Can’t wait to hear from you.

Hey Jim!! I’m so glad you replied, I’ve been rubbing myself thinking of you. Well I’m 24 years old, north Indian. Like most Indian women I have big brown boobs with deep dark nipples. My nipples are also big and spread out. I have a fat ass – actually more than fat, I’m a little conscious if it. I have long thick black curly hair. I’m very wide hipped with a large flabby ass. What makes it worse is my legs are thin and shapely making my fat butt stand out even more and as you would love, I m extremely hairy with random pimples and stretch marks. I have

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