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He forces his wife to fuck a well hung black guy

I always dreamed of watching my wife being fucked by a well hung black man. We role play in bed and one of our favorite “plays” is when she’s raped by a black man with a very large cock. I decided to set up the real thing without her knowledge because I know her and she would never agree to it.

Our anniversary was coming up and we decided to go out to dinner and then get a honeymoon suite for some fun. Without her knowledge I found a black man on Craigslist who was interested. I met him and told him that I wanted him to fuck my wife but she would pretend to fight him. He was ok with this but he wanted assurances and made me sign a paper saying this was a fantasy being play acted by the three of us. I signed the paper and then asked him to show me his cock. I wanted to make sure it was big enough. He showed me and I was impressed, it was at least 8″ long when it was flaccid. He said it grew to 10″ long and was very thick. It would be more than twice the size of my cock and I wondered if Kathy would be able to take it. We left to meet again tomorrow night at the hotel.

The next night we went out to dinner and had a great time. I tried to get her to drink but she only wanted water. We went to our room and I ordered champagne and we each had a glass. I had to do something because James was going to be at our door in 15 minutes. I didn’t know what to do so I told her I wanted to tie her to the bed and pretend to rape her. She said ok and got naked and then I got a towel and tied her hands over her head. I then gagged her with a wash cloth. I just finished when I looked at my watch and saw it was time. I checked to make sure she couldn’t get loose and then went to the door. James was waiting outside and I let him in. I went back to my wife and told her I had a surprise for her. James walked in and her eyes got very big and she started to shake her head and try to get loose. I held her down and told her that our fantasy was going to come true no matter what. I told her if she calmed down I would pull the gag from her mouth. She calmed down and I pulled the gag out.


“Honey, just this one time for me please. I’ve always dreamed about this and I know you did to. We play act this so I know you’ve thought about it.”


“OK, I’ll put the gag back in.”

“NO! I can’t breathe with it in.”

“Then your ok with James?”


“Yes fucking way! James, show her what she’s going to get.”

James took off clothes and finally pulled off his boxers and his soft 8″ cock was on display.

“What do you think honey? Do you want some of that? Honey? Hello? Anybody home? KATHY?”

“Oh my god, it’s so big. Mark, I can’t do this. I don’t want this, please make him go away. It’s too big for me. I can’t believe you really want to watch me being fucked by another man.”

“I’m not only going to watch you being fucked by James but I’m also going to film it. James, come over here, it’s time to start.”

“NO! NO! NO! I’ll scream if you come one step closer!”

“NO YOU WON’T!” I grabbed the gag and started to put it in her mouth. “Do you want the gag? If you promise not to scream for help I won’t gag you.”

She shook her head up and down and I took the gag out. “I can’t breathe you asshole. I won’t scream for help but this is fucked up. I don’t want this.”

James got on the bed with my wife. They were both naked. Kathy is a beautiful Italian woman of 42 years. She is 5’2″ 135lbs and has firm 36B tits and has curves in all the right places. She is a brunette and her pussy is shaved. James is a large black man who is around 25 and must be 6’2″ 220lbs and is all muscle.

James finally says “Kathy, I want you to enjoy this. Please let me make you feel good. I promise I’ll be gentle and you’ll enjoy this more than anything you’ve ever experienced. Your husband Mark must really love you to set this up and try and please you.”

“He’s a selfish bastard! He’s a sick pervert for wanting this. I don’t want your cock, I only want his.”

“Kathy, you’re a beautiful woman, I going to start now.”

I started the camera as James started licking her tits and then sucked on her nipples.

“Mark, please, please stop this. I’m begging you. James don’t touch me, leave my tits alone, please don’t suck my nipples.”

“Honey, I’ll untie your hands if you promise to behave.”


“That can be arranged before the night is over.”

His cock was hard now and she was mesmerized by its size and kept staring at it while it grew to its full length and girth.

“Kathy, I need to get you ready for my cock. It won’t hurt but I have to get your juices flowing.”

I told James “there’s some KY on the dresser.”

James got the KY and put it on his cock and stroked it until it was completely covered.

“No guys, I don’t want this, please stop. I don’t want his cock in me. Mark, it will destroy my pussy.”

“Honey, you had three kids come out of there, it will tighten up with time.”

James then forced Kathy to spread her legs by putting his body between them and applied some KY on his fingers and stuck them up her pussy.


James had pushed 3 fingers deep in her pussy and was moving them around getting the KY deep as possible.

“Kathy, I’m going to stick my cock in your cunt now.”

“NOOOOO! Please no, I’ll do anything but this; I’ll suck your cock and swallow but don’t do this. It is rape, my husband never told me about this. Mark, tell him, PLEASE, I’m begging you.”

“Kathy honey, this is now between you and me. I’ll go easy and you’ll love it.”

Kathy started to try and kick James but he just spread her legs and lifted her knees up and got between her legs and I got behind and underneath them so I could film the initial penetration. James placed his head against her pussy lips and pushed and his cock slowly entered her pussy.

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