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He gets dirty with his girlfriend’s mother

“Come on in here, Jason, I’m in the living room,” Mrs. Johnson yelled to me through the open patio door as I walked up at the back of the house, with a sexy voice that really meant, ‘cum’ in me! She was wearing a simple white blouse that stretched tightly over her rather large bosom, and a pair of shorts stretched tight across her equally large behind, while she was sitting, or rather lounging, on the sofa.

“I just dropped by to see Sarah, Mrs. Johnson, is she here?”

“No, she went shopping at the mall with some friends, I gather. She’s not here, but I am, and I’d like to talk with you.”

Uh-Oh, I thought, what kind of trouble was in? I had been dating Sarah only a couple of weeks at the beginning of the summer after we both came back from college. I didn’t even think it would last long, frankly. Sarah was nice to be with, and a real cute body, with big soft tits and a nice ass, pretty much a younger version of her well endowed mother. We’d only just necked and felt each other up, though just over the weekend Sarah did give me a wonderful blow job in my car. She’d let me feel her pussy, but that’s it. I wasn’t sure if I get to fuck the little tease or not. So…what was bugging her mother?

“Uh, sure, I guess, is something wrong?”

“Oh, not, I just like to get to know my daughter’s boyfriend, that’s all. Its much better to talk openly when she not here.”

“Well I not sure I’m her boyfriend or not, Mrs. Johnson, we’ve just been hanging out and having some fun this summer.”

“Yes, I understand. Tell me about your fun with my daughter, Jason.”

“Well, ah, we just…you know, we’ve just gone to the movies and to some other high school friend’s houses, just kind of hanging out. We talked about going up to the lake at the state park one day when the weather was nice.”

“Yes, yes, I know all that, boy. Now tell me what you’ve been doing together after dark. I won’t be angry; I just want to know what my little girl is up to in the back seat of your car.”

OH, SHIT, I thought to my self! What kind of grilling is this? I haven’t fucked her daughter’s precious pussy!

“Nothing, Mrs. Johnson, really, we just kiss some and all! Nothing bad, ma’am!”

“Now, now, Jason, don’t tell me you’ve been sitting in your car with my big titted daughter and you haven’t had your hands all over those huge soft knockers, now have you?”

“Ahhh, well, uuhh, yes, we have touched each other….But that’s OK, isn’t it? I mean…Sarah wanted to.”

“Oh of course it is, Jason. I told you I’m not angry or anything. I just want to know. I want to hear from you what you’ve done with my daughter. Now come sit here beside me and just talk to me about her lovely plump body. It’s all just fine, but if you want to do it some more, you need to let me know if you like her. I just like to hear it from you.”

As I slowly moved over and sat on the sofa next to her she put her hand on my knee. It was pretty uncomfortable, but what was I to do?

“I, ahh, yeah, we’ve necked some, and I, ahh, yeah, she let me undo her, ahh, you know, her, ahh, bra, and I, ahh, well, I touched her breasts, and….”

“Oh, come on now, Jason, I’m not an innocent woman. You felt up her big tits and I would guess you’ve sucked on those nice hard nipples of hers, right? Now tell me all about it, and quit beating around the bush!”

I guess she liked to hear the dirty details, kind of like a second hand porno flick; a little kinky, but hey, all right!

“Yeah, I felt up those two big boobs of hers and sucked them both for a long time. And that got her pretty worked up and all in her, ahh, well, in her pussy! So she took my hand and let me know she wanted me to feel her up in that really wet cunt of hers. And after she cam a bucket, she undid my pants and sucked my cock. OK?”

“Oh, yes, that’s OK. It sounds like you really enjoyed it, didn’t you? Did she swallow your cum? All of it?” Mrs. Johnson inquired, as she was sort of wiggling her big tush around on the sofa, and her voice got all soft and a bit sexy.

“Yeah, she swallowed my cum all down, and it sure was nice. She’s a very good cocksucker.”

“Well, you see, I’ve taught her to do that, Jason. I don’t want her to be fucking all you little boys just yet, and I know that if you get your rocks off into her mouth you’ll be a lot less anxious to get your big hard dicks into her virgin twat.”

Boy, does this old lady talk dirty! And she had moved closer to me and put her arm up on the back of the sofa, and I wasn’t quite sure what was happening. But I could smell her womanly scent, and see the outline of her large tits underneath that blouse as it kind of pulled against her chest, and I sure was getting hard!

“So, you see, I don’t want you banging my little girl just yet, Jason. I know you have needs, we all do you see, but I want her to be a virgin for awhile yet until she gets very serious with some nice boy like yourself. You’re a nice young man, Jason, but I need to know Sarah and you really want to be together for a long time before you dip your babymaker into her fertile belly. I know about condoms and all, but a girl needs to feel a man’s real cock a few times, I think, and feel that wonderful cum juice flowing inside of her to really appreciate how wonderful sex is. You understand, don’t you, Jason?”

“Oh, yes, ma’am. I understand. I wouldn’t do anything to upset you, or Sarah. I do kind of like her, but, well, I’m in college and all and not ready to settle on one girl and all.”

“That’s fine, Jason; very good to know that. Sarah and I have talked about all this, and I know she’s given you a blow job, and that’s fine. You just keep that horny dicky out of her panties, OK?”

“Oh, yes, ma’am,” I say as she gently stokes the hair at the back of my head and I’m getting nervous!

“But I do understand a young man’s needs, Jason. You are a very virile healthy specimen of the male of our species, and you’re very cute, too! I’m sure you have your choice of attractive girls at your school.”

“Oh, ah, well, I, a…eerr…yeah, I guess so,” I stammer as this attractive older woman continued to touch my head and shoulder almost whispering in my ear.

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