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He learns to like the taste of his cum

It all started one day when I was young I just got through jacking –off to my favorite adult magazine. I had some cum on my hand and I stuck my tongue out and licked it up, I don’t know if eating my cum made me do it but I really got horny again and had to jack it off one more time. It was another 6 months before I started really eating my own cum. I always wanted to but after I would cum, for some strange reason I wouldn’t eat it. But it made me horny thinking about eating it while I jerked-off.

So what I did was I would jack-off in a small glass and put it in the freezer after a few loads of cum the glass was getting filled up. The first thing I did with the frozen cum was to chip me a piece of cum off of the frozen part and rub it into my hairless cock and balls. The cum is a good lubricate when you first start but it starts to dry on your cock and balls when this starts to happen just keep patting your cock and balls with your finger tips they will feel sticky until the cum dries and your cock and balls will feel like something is pulling on them after that, your cock, balls and hand will be so smooth you won’t believe it.

The second thing I did with the frozen cum was to chip me a piece of cum off of the hard piece and let it thaw and when I started feeling like I wanted to eat my cum while I was jacking-off I reached over and poured the cum into my mouth. I had cum going in my mouth and I shot my cum all over the floor. I never cum that hard in my life. I didn’t lick the cum off of the floor I would now but I did save it and put it back in my glass. After that I always had frozen cum in the freezer sometimes I would rub a piece of frozen cum on my lips as I was jacking off it always made me cum harder and more cum would shoot out of my cock.

When I was 21 I went out on a date with this girl I met in the local restaurant we went to the drive-in theater she was new in town, she only lived here for a few days as we was making out in the car she un zipped my pants and told me to take them off. I did and she gave me the best blowjob I ever had in this short life. She was messy and got my cum all over my dark blue pants (I didn’t notice it till I got home and my mother said what is that all over your pants, I told her it must be mayonnaise) We kept making out after she made me cum and I was trying to get my hands up her dress but she was fighting me off. I was so horny all I wanted to do was taste it so finally I over powered her and stuck my hand in her panties and HOLY SHIT I FOUND A 10 INCH COCK.

I jerked my hand back and she had her hands wrapped around my balls. I started to say something when she squeezed my balls real hard she got my attention. She said we was having a good time before you found out I have a cock I’m not asking you to suck me or fuck me all I wanted was some fresh cum to eat tonight, Do you want me to suck you off again? I told him/her I would love to cum again. Before the night was over I had sucked her cock, fucked her ass and let her fuck my ass for the first time. Hurt like hell till she loaded my ass with her cum. I never was fucked in the ass again till I was married.

The she-male and me fucked and sucked each other all summer then he/she moved away and I never saw her again. Well I fucked around a quit a bit I was looking for Miss Right. Then one night I went out with a girl named Cindy. We was so turned on to each other that after dinner we went straight to a motel. We went in and stripped are clothes off and started sucking each other off.

Then Cindy stopped and told me that she didn’t mind sucking cock and letting it shoot in her mouth but she will not swallow cum. I told her that would be OK she could spit the cum out after I cum. She said I’ll do the sucking if you’ll do the swallowing. And it became a routine thing that I would swallow all of my cum, and then she started making me eat it other ways. She’d jerk me off on her tits and have me lick them clean of all the cum.

We stayed in the motel for 3 days sucking and fucking each other. I knew me and Cindy was going to be together for a long time in three days she had me eating cum out of her pussy that was a big thing to her if I cum in her pussy or asshole I am to lick the cum out. I’d have to tell her that I liked eating come for her, that I thought cum was delicious, that I loved her pussy best when it was sloppy with cum, etc. we have been together ever since that 3 day fuck fest.

We got married a year later and on are wedding night when we got to the motel we was staying at I carried her through the door and stood her up and stripped her clothes off and laid her in the bed I went down on her pussy and started sucking on her clit when I noticed her pussy was really wet. I took my tongue and stuck it in her cunt hole and a big stream of male cum started running out of her pussy.

I looked up at her and she said, don’t look at me like that. You like my cunt when it’s sloppy and you’ve eaten plenty of cum in the past, so don’t make a big deal out of it. I said Yeah I have ate a lot of cum, but it was my cum. She said so what did it taste any different? I said no it tasted the same, she took my head in her hands and kissed my lips and said, I love it so much when you eat come from my cunt. I ask her where the cum came from and she said she walked in when the Best Man and one of the ushers was getting dressed and they both had there cocks exposed and they were hard and I was horny since I couldn’t have any of your cock last night I fucked both of them.

I knew this was a turning point I had just eaten her out after two men had fucked her. I had licked there cum out of my wife and swallowed it. Then I got on top of her and fucked her good. When I shot my load in her and rolled off, she sat up and swung one leg over me, bringing her knees to rest on the bed on both sides of my head. I looked up at her cunt and it was a mess cum matted up in her pussy hair. Baby, she said, you got some serious cum eating to do tonight. She reached down and slid her hand under my head and raised it until my lips touched her cunt.

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