Saturday , June 3 2023

Her affair continues – Cuckolded by Disgusting Neighbor

Manisha and I socialized fairly often, as we didn’t have any immediate family members both from her side as well as my side. Most of the people we interacted were our family friends or some business acquaintances; we didn’t have any close relatives who stayed in our area. Also, the social gatherings happened mostly at the club we visited regularly.

I knew quite a few people who would be more than willing to get into her pants and was wondering if they had made any pass on her. Anyway, I didn’t have to wait long. One of our family friends had invited us for a wedding reception in our club the following weekend. This was a chance for Manisha to pick up her prospective mate.

At the party I purposely gave Manisha lot of time to mingle with male guests. She bid her time equally among women and men, ensuring that she got to talk to the men when they weren’t around their wives. I was desperate to see something happen but nothing materialized that day. She did spend some time alone with a few men; with a few of them she took long walks along the lawn and the jogging track. But nothing much happened that night. It was more of casual talk and it seemed the men were just spending time with an interesting person rather than getting drunk.

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